CinderCinder is the first book to the series Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. This is a young adult series that I had heard about from a librarian. I had actually seen the cover when it first came out but I brushed it off because I don’t read a lot of young adult and it was dealing with cyborgs. I don’t read a lot of science fiction as it doesn’t really interest me but I was encouraged to try the book, so I gave it a shot, and I am glad that I did. I liked this novel. It was an adaptation of Cinderella but it was created in this fantasy type world. I will admit that at times I felt it was a little long but I got over those moments and continued to enjoy the book.

So the story Cinder is basically about this teenage girl who is a ward of this mother and her two daughters. Cinder is not just human but part cyborg. She does not remember her past but know that her parents had been killed and she survived a horrific accident. To make a living Cinder is a mechanic which is where she will meet Prince Kai. Though this is not a fairy tale where they immediately fall in love. This is a time of war and disease that is destroying the people.

I liked Cinder’s character. She was an interesting character being a cyborg and the mystery about her life beforehand intrigued me. I also liked Prince Kai and thought at times he could make a decision faster but then remembered he had all his people to think about, not just his feelings. The other main character is Queen Levana who is pure evil when it comes to getting what she wants.

There is a lot to this book and yes it can be predictable but I felt that Meyer’s wrote the story well. She leaves the book at a cliffhanger which I don’t really like. Its because I have to usually wait forever to read what happens next. Well I guess I was thinking ahead because I made sure to check out the rest of the series. I will be reading Scarlet next.

Saint Anything

Saint AnythingSydney, and her family, were dealing with the aftermath of Peyton, her brothers, mistake which destroys a life. Sydney knows that she has to play the perfect daughter, to fade into the background but she will then meet the Chatham family who really sees her.

Saint Anything is a novel by Sarah Dessen. I really loved this book. I have not read anything from Dessen for about five years. Its not that I don’t like her writing because I do. I thought Lock & Key was amazing. I think that Dessen is a wonderful storyteller. I think why I didn’t go rushing back to the author is the fact it is for young adults. Though why I should go back is because she gets you with the emotional turmoil that she writes well. Its not just teen angst, its deeper and you feel what those characters are feeling, and I felt for the character of Sydney. Though this was not doom and gloom, it was a journey she takes to rediscovery and Dessen did it right.

So the character of Sydney I loved. She was a daughter who was loved but she was almost pushed to the side. The parents only concentrated on their troubled son and didn’t see the daughter who needed them. They will get it together but it takes a lot for them to truly understand. I was happy the parents got their act together before something very bad happened to Sydney. I liked that Sydney started to live life for herself which was thanks to the Chatham family. This family I loved. They were dysfunctional but worked in the best ways. There were three characters of the family that stood out which was Mrs. Chatham, Mac, and Layla. The mom was courageous with all that she had to go through. Layla was kind and a vibrant young woman who made Sydney believe she could be more. Then there was Mac who was definitely the love interest. I liked that it was innocent and not a heartbreaking love, but a hopeful one.

Then there was the ending which was predictable, though I wouldn’t have it any other way.


AllegiantBeatrice “Tris” Prior has a chance to leave her home and go beyond the fence and she and Tobias will make that journey. She will discover there is even more alarming things on the outside that will bring forward secrets and betrayals.

Allgeiant is the third and final book to the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. Like the two previous book I liked the book but I felt annoyed with this one. First thing is that I felt this book is too much like the Hunger Games series and the Matched series especially in this one where there is another government doing an uprising. It was kind of like big brother with this government watching them. Then there was the whole divergence thing where it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, so it kind of lost its uniqueness with the new information being revealed. This then follows with the serums that will be used and tested especially on Tris.

I didn’t like the book for the deaths that happened either. I get that it was going to happen but it left me with an annoyed feeling when I was finished reading the book. It didn’t help that the person who killed the one person that I didn’t want to die was let go thanks to the serums.

The good things about the book were the answers that were finally given. You got to find out about outside the fence and what was really happening and how Tris’s mother was part of things. The idea of the serums were what started revealing new information about what happened long ago and what they were trying to bring back.

So overall the series was okay. I am happy that I tried it as it got me out of my normal genre of books.


InsurgentBeatrice “Tris” Prior had made her decision to join her new family but with every choice leads to a consequence. Tris along with everyone else will find themselves stuck in a war where everyone is against each other. Secrets that were hidden start to be revealed and loved ones will start to fall. To save those around her she must embrace her divergence no matter the consequence.

Insurgent is the second book to the series Divergent by Veronica Roth. I liked this book for the most part, but I will say I was confused in the very beginning. It hadn’t been too long since I have read the book but I guess I forgot. I had a hard time remembering the names in the very beginning but then as the story quickly went on the names came back to me. I obviously remembered the main names like Tris and Four. Some of the friends got a little confusing but as I said I remembered as I kept reading.

So I felt that this book was more about revealing and getting closer to that truth which had been hidden, and how this divergence in Tris was popping up with more people. This idea of divergence is interesting and Roth is expanding on it to give us more info. I felt the story was moving along at a good speed and it kept me involved in the book. There is a lot of action and some killing that needs to happen. There is also a lot of betrayal and some that I didn’t see coming along with lots of twists. Although some that you think are bad might not be as they know more about the bigger picture and what needs to happen. The twist right at the end was a good one especially as that is where Roth leaves off in this book. So Roth leaves you with a cliffhanger that makes you intrigued to know more about what is really going on in this series and how it all relates to Tris.

I have in my possession the third and final book to this series. I didn’t want too much time between these books so I wouldn’t forget what was going on, and since it was available I figured I better snatch it up.


MatchedCassie believes in the society and the choices they make. She knows that at her matching ceremony she will be with the boy she loves. She will be paired with Xander but the next day reviewing his information a different boy will appear on her screen, Ky. The society can’t be wrong but something was going on and the more time she was spending with Ky the more she liked him.

Matched is the first book to the series Matched by Ally Condie. My cousin was the one who was pushing me towards this book. Before her I never heard about this author or the book. Well this is a young adult book which would be a reason I wouldn’t know but I was happy to have been told. I liked the book for what it was. Was it amazing? No but it held my attention.

The basic summary of the book is that this society runs its people. You are monitored with what you eat, what you do, what your career will be, who you will be with, how many children, and even when you die. Basically they control your life. You would think that people would make an uproar about this but thanks to these little pills people are either calmed or memories are erased. I liked the character of Cassie for asking questions and defying a little even it was just to talk to Ky and become closer. I liked Ky’s character as well but with him being quiet I felt he was hiding something, nothing bad but it was like he knew more.

Well this book definitely has an element of Divergent and I would say The Giver. These are survivor stories where the strong or the different had better not stand out as you will be a target. Now saying that there is definitely that young teen love that is involved and some teen drama but thanks to how these characters are supposed to be acting that teen drama is not a lot. The teen drama is usually why I avoid most young adult books, there are of course authors who are exceptions that write in this genre.

What I thought was interesting was the role they were playing with the interaction between Cassie and Ky. The secret will come out in the end but another mystery will come forward with who is really behind it. That I am sure will come forward in the second or third book and as I have concluded that I liked this one book to the series I will be going for the other two. I am curious how Ally Condie will continue and end this series. As this series is a trilogy I only have two books to read and they are already out so I wouldn’t have to wait too long just until the books are returned.

Safe House and Sanctuary

Safe House and SanctaryAfter reading the first two books of the series 1-800-Where-R-You I was ready to start the third and fourth book that are in this book titled Vanished by Meg Cabot.

Safe House

Jess is back in school and finds that something is different. A girl was murderer over the summer and people blame Jess for not being at home to help them find her. Jess will have a chance to help this time when another cheerleader goes missing.

Safe House is the third book to the series. I have noticed with each book the situations get a little darker and more dangerous. Plus Jess’s power is growing but still doesn’t work always when she needs to have it. I thought Cabot did a good job with how Jess finds these girls and how it was her powers that helped her even though she was not sleeping.

Meg Cabot keeps Jess with her spunky attitude and I felt that she was more of a Nancy Drew in the book but one with attitude. Rob is still by her side and it looks like he is getting used to the idea of liking Jess but he is still worried.

In this story there was more of a mystery with who killed the cheerleader and it really could have been anyone in the town. I wasn’t sure for the most of the book who the killer was which I liked and I thought it was interesting to read how Cabot wrote the story with misdirection.


On Thanksgiving evening Jess and her parents will find out that her neighbor, a teenager was missing. That night Jess will find him in the cornfield. Another kid will go missing and Jess takes it upon herself to look for him which will land her in hot water along with Rob. They are going after the cult the True Americans and they wouldn’t do down with out a fight.

The fourth book is Sanctuary and as I keep reading I love the series more and more. I love revisiting authors and their books, and since it has been over ten years since I have read the series it was fun to revisit the Lightning Girl.

The danger was all from this cult and it looked that Jess and Rob were in even more danger as they tried to get close to the cult. Cabot escalated the amount of danger for the characters which was entertaining to read. This matured the book to a point as with more dangerous situations Jess grows up just a little more.

So the end of this book I was happy as Jess was finally getting her happy ending with Rob and I couldn’t be happier. Jess was even going to work with others like her with the FBI. This is how the series ended and I liked it but I wanted more. But the series doesn’t end because in 2006 the fifth and final book was written giving this series a look into the future with Jess out of high school. I am reading Missing You next.

The Mediator-Haunted

The Mediator-HauntedSusannah will find that someone from her past will be showing up and causing problems. She is annoyed by Paul Slater but knows that he understands certain things about them that she needs to find out.

Haunted is the fifth book to Meg Cabot’s series Mediator. I say it every time but I love this book. The growth of this supernatural powers is fascinating to me as I have always loved this topic. I liked that within each book Cabot gives us more to read about mediators and what powers come with that gift.

We are learning more and more thanks to Paul as that is really the only thing I think he is good for. So we learn that Susannah and Paul can shift which basically lets them go from one realm to another. This is an interesting concept especially when there is another little talk about transferring souls which opens many new opportunities for the last book.

Okay so Susannah screws up in this book and lets herself feel like a teenager especially when she is vulnerable. All of it is PG rating but this will cause problems with her and Jesse as Susannah is not always truthful. But thanks to Cabot there will be one more book which will give Jesse and Susannah a shot, even though the ending looked like they were doing pretty good, and to explore more about this shifting that was learned. Twilight is the sixth book and I will be starting that one next.