The Babysitter by R.L. Stine

It has been a while since I have picked up an R.L. Stine, almost six years now but I figured going back to read a quick book wouldn’t be bad.  I remembered as a teenager flying through those goosebumps and his other novels enjoying every page.  Now six years later I am finding the same fact to be true.  “The Babysitter” was a quick fantastic book to read.

The plot of the story is a young girl, 16, gets a babysitting job for thursdays and saturdays.  She would babysit their little boy for a few hours.  Jenny thought it was okay but as she stayed in that house she started to hear more and more noises, part were from the little boy Donny but the others were unknown.

In the news there were a few attacks on babysitter which didn’t sit well with Jenny but she let it go until the calls started to come.  Every night Jenny babysat a noise, a call or someone in a car was there waiting.  Jenny didn’t know who it could be.  Could it be the strange neighbor Willis, who wasn’t really a neighbor.  Or could it be her new friend Chuck who admits calling her and came over to scare her but not in the way she thought.  So who is threatening to come and get Jenny?

When first picking up the book I had thought it would be just like the story of the babysitter in the urban legends.  The person terroizing the babysitter was in the house.  It is the legend that all have heard over the years and has been made in to movies and other books.  But this one was a little different, there was more of a twist.

The twist in the story made it more believable.  I liked how Jenny was getting harassed more than just one night of babysitting.  But my thought was she should have told the parents sooner.  It was interesting that there were attacks on babysitters as well.  You would think that as babysitters attack you would not want to become a babysitter.

Finishing the book I reflected that this was actually quite interesting to read.  It was a fast pace thriller with suspenseful twist and turns.  A book that would grab your attention and not take to long to read.

Legacy of Lies by Elizabeth Chandler

Megan an ordinary girl living with ordinary family until she goes back to her roots.  Through this journey a mysterious past will be reveled and a surprising future.

“She had seen Scarbrough House only in her dreams.  Now Megan was here, visiting the grandmother she’d never met, and her newfound cousin Matt, too handsome by far, who wanted her to disappear.  Grandmother was so cold, so distant.  Why did she finally reach out to Megan after all these years?  And why was Matt so determined to call her his “almost” cousin?  For all her prophetic dreams, nothing could have prepared Megan for Matt’s astonishment when he first saw her…or the reaction of perfect strangers who looked at her with fascination-and fear…

Megan thought she knew who she was.  Until she came to Grandmother’s house.  Until she met Matt, who angered and attracted her as no boy had ever done before.  Then she began having dreams again, a life she never lived, a love she never knew…a secret that threatened to drive her to the grave.”

I loved this book with the twist and turns, the suspenseful plot and mysterious characters.  Megan an ordinary girl but when she gets to her grandmothers house everything changes.  Megan starts to see Avril who was her grandmothers sister.  She died long ago at age 16 but no one believed Megan that she was seeing her or no one was letting on.  As things start to be moved around the house grandmothers nerves are getting frazzled.  She hates Megan and is getting angry at Matt for taking Megan’s side.  Matt doesn’t want to but he pays as little attention to Megan as he can.  He is surprised to see her at the house but is he really.

As I read this book I was drawn from the very first page.  I loved the fact that Megan was seeing the spirit of Avril but as this happened her dreams were coming all too real.  Megan was understanding that she was the reincarnated spirit of Avril and she was not the only one walking around who was reincarnated.  I loved the mystery of reincarnation.  Megan dreamed of certain things, new things or had feelings that kept you going to the next page.

Further into the story the more questions I started to ask, “why was Megan summoned now?, why were they so frigded?,  is she going to die?, are they going to have a happy ending this time?,  who actually killed her?.  These questions kept me going to find those answers and I didn’t have to wait long with this fast paced book.

Elizabeth Chandler is a new author that I looked into by accident.  I saw her name and looked up her books to find that I picked up one of her books at a book fair, but did not read it yet.  This book is a teen book but fantastic to read.  She does not disappoint with the suspenseful reading.  You are automatically drawn into the book.

If you enjoy suspense, mystery, spirits, reincarnation, haunted houses, timeless love, twist and turns, and on the edge of your seat thriller then “Legacy of Lies” is for you.