Love Gone Wild

Love Gone WildMarissa Vanderson is a sheltered wealthy heiress that had a tragic past but she has had enough being protected. She wanted to live her life and experience things. She will enlist the help of a bartender, Dane Sinclair, but she will soon find out that there might be dangers out there that she wasn’t expecting.

Love Gone Wild is a novel by Michele Bardsley. This was a hard book to write a quick summary because there are many parts to it. For me I thought the story was humorous and wacky at times with the situation that comes up. At times the story was a little too silly for me but overall I liked it, just didn’t love it.

From how I wrote the summary it could be considered that Marissa was just a pampered heiress but she wasn’t allowed out of the protection of her parents because her brother had been kidnapped and her older sister killed all when she was a child. That part threw me when I started the book because the cover pretty much looks like a normal contemporary romance novel. Well there is certainly romance that Marissa tries to make happen between Dane and herself. Dane feels this romance but he doesn’t want to be with Marissa because she was a heiress like his ex-wife. That fight will only last so long for Dane.

Well Marissa has a list that she wants to cross off before her birthday which was a list her older sister had helped create. Dane is helping Marissa cross things off that list. Now that sounded fine but then the plot changes from Marissa to a serial killer and then to a US Marshall and another woman who is following Marissa. Needless to say the plot gets wacky as I said above. Though don’t worry because all these plots will interconnect in a surprising way.

Just One Kiss

Just One KissJustice Garrett  is back in Fool’s Gold, a town he stayed at briefly when he was a teenager but he knew that this was home especially with Patience. He is coming back to make a life for himself in this small town and will find that Patience has not changed and his attraction is still there.

Patience McGraw has had dreams all her life but things have gotten in the way. Now she will have a chance to open a small coffee shop. Patience will be thrown however when the boy she had a crush on, now a full grown man, comes back to Fool’s Gold.

Just One Kiss is the eleventh book to the series Fool’s Gold by Susan Mallery and she brings a little more dangerous action to the book. Justice left the town because he was in hiding from his father and was placed in the witness protection. We think the danger is over but Justice will have danger surrounding him thanks to his job as a bodyguard. There is a twist towards the end of the book that brings danger to Justice and Patience. Now Patience seems very meek and a little shy but there is more to her character. She is strong for herself, her daughter and her mother, even Justice when she needs to be. I love that she always has her own fashion sense that is very quirky with color and cartoon characters.

Now I have been on the path of Susan Mallery reading one to eleven and I really loved each one. It was a complete heartwarming/heartbreaking stories that always ended with the couple in love and looking toward the future with plenty of obstacles that the couples had to work through. Mallery keeps producing books with the characters she introduces and now she is bringing in more tough guys like Justice, Gideon, Ford and Angel. She also counters these men with female characters who you know will be connected to these guys later on when they each have their own story. I am looking forward to more of her stories, but I am taking a break right now and letting the series grow once again.


ShiverSamantha Jones works to survive. She has to as her four year old son depends on her. Sam will go to work as normal in her repo job of cars when the unexpected happens, in the trunk a man’s body is found. She thought him to be dead with all the blood but then he asks for help. She will have little time to think as she is quickly pulled into a dangerous situation.

Daniel Panterro or to his enemies Rick Marcos. Danny is undercover from his FBI job but something went wrong. Danny finds himself being beaten to death and left for dead only to have a woman come to his rescue, but the danger is long from over.

First off I have to say that I loved this book. I have never read anything from Karen Robards but I was blown away with the action and the quick moving plot from Shiver that had you wanting more. This is quick fast pace book that is purely an action adventure and suspense thriller, you will be racing to finish to the conclusion. I had a feeling I would like this book from the description so I made sure to read it in the morning so I could finish it in one sitting. It was a good thing as I couldn’t put down the book.

This is a story that is already in the process of being told with the situation Danny is in but it is easy to follow. I thought that Danny’s character of the FBI agent was believable. He would not give up his name no matter what throughout the mission. He gave away little to help Sam and Tyler cope. Now Sam was a strong woman that was determined and clever. She did what she needed to survive which I loved about her. I think that both of these characters for me seemed real.

The villain was of course was a twist like any good thriller. This was probably a more violent book I have read but it is done without over doing it, so you know exactly what is going on. Robards keeps the plot simple and fast paced, and gives us an ending which wraps up the whole story. I often read more books from series so its nice at times to read a book and know that you just read the conclusion of the story. Shiver will not be the last book I will read from Karen Robards especially with the long list of novels she has written.

The Witness

Since picking up my first book from Nora Roberts I have come to find her as a go to author to read. The Witness is her two hundredth book. From reading the description before I read it I was intrigued with the events that Roberts would embark on.

Elizabeth was a young girl of sixteen her whole future was laid out before her by her mother. Elizabeth had enough. At sixteen she made several choices that would leave her life in chaos and one she would have to fight to survive. Twelve years later Elizabeth was nowhere to be found only Abigail Lowery. Abigail will soon find her life in turmoil with an arrogant man and his son and then with a man threatening to break through and find a place in her heart. But none of that can come too until Elizabeth is put to rest.

Brooks Gleason is the sheriff of the town. He loves his parents and sisters and life but something is missing. He has stopped any kind of longing for the girl he used to think he loved and now someone else has captured his attention. Abigail he knew has had trouble in her past. He wants her to open up and to trust him. Brooks will break down one boundary at a time to get to her heart and to convince her they belong together.

Flipping from the first page to the last I could not put this book down and yet I had to as there was something also happening around me for the last two days. That alone drove me crazy as I needed to find out about Elizabeth/Abigail and Brooks. The waiting to finish the book was annoying but the result was absolutely perfect. I loved this book!

The suspense first of all was fantastic as it built throughout the entire book from the first page to the last. Roberts is a storyteller through and through. In The Witness there almost seemed two stories with Elizabeth and then Abigail and I was enthralled to want to read both.

Within in the novel I liked that Roberts also broke up the story with different sections devoted to Elizabeth, Abigail and Brooks.

Now aside from the fact that this books plot was amazing the plot was something I wanted to devour quickly the characters were riveting. The characters played through the intrigue and suspense along with the betrayal and hope Roberts interweaves. The characters of Elizabeth/Abigail was a survivor and someone who deserved to find that justice. I liked that Brooks was that man. He seemed a little at first too kind hearted, well too easy at being more with Abigail, but of course I loved that about him. Roberts goes into his history which will then have his behavior make sense. Also with him helping Abigail he was the perfect man to have.

The villains were dynamic and played to the characters they were. Roberts gave them the edge and charm within the pages. You hated them throughout and hoped a justice would be brought down upon them.

I recommend this book of Nora Roberts to read.