Practical Magic

practical magicFor two hundred years the Owens women have been talked about and their unusual powers that are part of them. It had been said that any Owens woman who falls in love will only be with that man until he meets an untimely death. It will take Gillian and Sally to break the spell that had been with their family for two hundred years.

Practical Magic is a novel by Alice Hoffman. It surprised me that I had not reviewed this book before. I have read this book many times and have loved it since the first time I read it. I have liked stories with witches since I was little which has lead me to enjoy paranormal romances.

Sally and Gillian are sisters and enemies at times which I find it true to a lot of siblings. I know at times that was how it went with mine. Well I never thought of my younger brother as an enemy but he knew how to push my buttons and I did the same to him. There were times in the book that I didn’t like Gillian but underneath it all she is a good woman and good sister. Sally was always the good sister, anyone could see that, but there were times when she was a little controlling of the situation. She needed to protect everyone which wasn’t a bad thing.

The spell aspect was throughout the book. I liked how Hoffman wrote the Owens using their powers. It wasn’t always spells but more with how the Owens were feeling. Their emotions took over and caused some effect to objects or to those around them.

Now I will say that I had watched the movie first because I didn’t know that there was a book at that time. When my mom told me that there was a book she insisted that I borrow her copy. The movie and book are obviously very similar but there are differences. In the book the daughters of Sally are older than in the movie. I enjoyed that more as you got to see them grow up some and read about the difficulties they encountered being part of the Owens, just like their mom and aunt. In the book you also got to know more about Sally and Gillian. In the movie you get to know the characters but the book expands on the details.

I think that both movie and book are well done, and enjoyable to read and watch over and over at least for me.


StardustTristran Thorn desires the woman he loves, Victoria but she does not share those feelings. He goes on a journey over the Wall to prove his love and bring back the fallen star they both had witnessed. Tristran will travel over the Wall but will discover much more on his journey to the fallen star.

Stardust is a novel written by Neil Gaiman. When first hearing this title it was when the movie premiered. I saw the movie in the theater and soon after it came to DVD I bought it. The movie was in my opinion fun with a good amount of humor and adventure. I was told about the book from my cousin and then I happened to find it at a book sale. I figured since I loved the movie I would most likely love the book.

So I tried the book and it was good. I was thrown by the added facts that the movie definitely did not include from the book. Tristran had a sister and a mother (stepmother). At the end Victoria wasn’t as bad and the ending for Yvaine and Tristran was a little different. Those are to just name a few, but with the difference this was still a good fantasy genre book that was inventive and fun to read.

Desire the Night

Desire the NightGideon has been enslaved by a witch for several years. He is given human women to drain and the witch will then take his blood which keeps her body young. Gideon is desperate to escape and will soon find it possible with the next woman who is thrown into his cage.

Kay Alissano had no idea where she was when she woke up in a strange room. She will find herself trapped with a vampire and soon realize that she is his next meal but will soon find that with Gideon she will not have to forfeit her life.

Desire the Night was an impulse pick up as I walked the aisle of the library. I decided to give Amanda Ashley a try and found that it was a good book. It wasn’t mind blowing with tons of action or sex but it was a satisfying sit down book that I read pretty quickly. The plot was quick and the characters were easy to follow along with and you knew which ones to hate and to cheer for.

I found myself though asking is this going too fast? Should there be more detail with the characters especially the love that blossoms almost instantly without any supernatural help between Gideon and Kay. It’s a little unbelievable but still there are good transitions through the book.

What I did find annoying was the role of the father, the Alpha werewolf of Kay. He was way too dominating with his wife and daughter. He was a character you didn’t really like but didn’t hate either. The mother was the tragic one and at the end you were glad that at least she found a way out of her own hell even if it was a tragic way.

Now even though I found the father annoying I have a feeling I will be reading more from Amanda Ashley in the future.

Temptation of the Warrior by Margo Maguire

From the first page of the book I wasn’t sure I would like it to be honest. Temptation of the Warrior looked to be a story in progress in the very early days. I felt like I was coming in as it was already in process and felt that I could not follow. This book is the second and final book of the series Warriors. But then you start to read more and you are traveling to the future to the nineteenth century. My interest started to peak and began to read.

Merrick Mac Lochlainn is the chieftain of his clan and must travel 1000 years in to the future to England to find the stone which would save his people. He arrives at England in the nineteenth century only to see a woman in need. He saves her only to have his head knocked. He looses his memory only to see flashes.

Jenny Keating is in trouble with these men attacking but a man comes to the rescue only to get hurt in the end. A pack of gypsy’s come and help them and Jenny lets them think that this man is her husband. She would explain to the man when he woke but she finds that he has no memory and instantly the man is tempted to lay with his wife. Jenny will have no idea what this man is after but she will be the key as they are looking for the same thing.

After getting into the story you are blown away by the characters. I loved how the plot unraveled and you got to understand the characters that much better as the story went along.

Margo Maguire creates a steamy plot and characters with Merrick and Jenny pretending to be husband and wife.  I liked that the strong warrior was at a cross roads as he did not know who he was but he knew what he felt for Jenny.

Readers will be cheering for Merrick and Jenny to stay together and to find the stone to save Merrick’s people.

Face The Fire by Nora Roberts

I was liking the direction in the Three Sisters Island series for the first two books of the series. In the last book, Face The Fire is a fantastic finish for the trilogy.

Mia Devlin is a witch known by all. She does not hide what she is or who, she embrasses it. But Mia is loved by all and she takes fate very serious. The love of her life Sam Logan walked out of her life ten years ago and it broke her heart now he is back. Sam is not just anybody he is also a practicing witch and knows he needs and wants Mia. He regrets what he left behind but now he is going to make up for it. Mia is battling her restuarant and rekindling he friendship and bond with her sister witches. Mia will need all the help to keep those she loves saves and to find if she can let Sam back into her life.

I liked that the witchcraft added to the elements of the story. Each story went further into the history of these witches who all went through tragedies. The present descendants all had a second chance to make up for their mistakes.

The relationship of Sam and Mia was fun to read. It was tragic and seemed real even with the realm of witchcraft in their corner. It made you angry and hope that they would find a way to be together.

The story Face The Fire was a sweet and thrilling story that finished up the trilogy of the Three Sisters Island.

Heaven and Earth by Nora Roberts

Coming off of the first book of the series Three Sisters Island I was brought immediately back into these three women’s lives but this time the witchcraft came out stronger. Ripley stars in Heaven and Earth by Nora Roberts.

Ripley Todd is a descendant of the witches back in the days of Salem. She knows it and most of the town knows it but she doesn’t want to admit it. Being the Deputy she is used to being strong but Dr. Booke, Mac, is going to test her strength. The friends will be put to the test as their powers are going to be needed.

It seemed to me that in the first book witchcraft was tamed now it is blasting out of the pages. I love Ripley’s character who is the Deputy and doesn’t want to admit she is a witch but now things are changing.

I think having Mac now in the books is comical with his klutzy style and very academic ways. The two of course have the heat and will do something about that but there are twists.

Roberts is bring the past to the present and the powers and spells are being used more now. They are needed to help fend off an enemy who was locked away.

Heaven and Earth was thrilling to read and a good continuation with the Three Sisters Island series.

Charmed by Nora Roberts

The third book to the series The Donovan Legacy was Charmed. The guarded Ana will now have a challenge in her new neighbor.

Ana Donovan is no stranger to heart break. She told the truth of who she was and was rejected. From then on she only wants to be alone but then Boone Sawyer comes into her life and she knows he could get through to her. Boone is a writer of fairy tales but does not believe in magic. The two go with their attraction but it is tested when Boone learns the truth about Ana.

Ana’s story was enchanting to read. I love that she works with herbs to make potions to heal those around her. From the beginning I wondered what her power was going to be and it only made sense that she had the power to heal with her hands but there is a consequence since she takes that sickness into her.

The epilogue is perfect as Roberts wraps up the new families of the Donovan Legacy but the series is not over there is Liam which has not been talked about in detail so he will be a mystery.

Entranced by Nora Roberts

Sebastian Donovan stars in the second book, Entranced, of the series The Donovan Legacy.

Sebastian is a witch like the rest of his family but his trait is reading minds of others. This is helpful when kids are missing or he has to help someone without them knowing. Mel or Mary Ellen will reluctantly ask for his help on a little boy that has been kidnapped. Mel doesn’t believe but as they work closer and closer together she will start.

After reading the first book I was intrigued by Sebastian’s character. I thought Roberts created an entertaining character. The plot was intriguing with the detective work.

I liked how Sebastian used his powers to give an insight in the kidnapping but it didn’t come easy. He had to consistently find knew clues to gain more insight. Having a male witch to read was also something different. It usually is only female witches so it was a nice change.

Captivated by Nora Roberts

Witchcraft is fun to read about. I love reading the supernatural world. Nora Roberts creates a family of witches in the Donovan Legacy. Four cousins are part of this series as they will find love. The first story is Captivated.

Morgana Donovan is a self proclaimed witch who owns her own business. Then trouble comes in the form of Nash Kirkland. He is a screen writer interested in doing research on Morgana who thinks she is a witch. Things will heat up and Morgana will tell him the truth but will Nash believe it. If it is destiny it will happen.

This book at first was something I had to get into. I will admit that. I heard witches and thought it would be cool. They do have powers but this novel is based towards more romance. So the witchcraft is interwoven through the story.

Personally though I loved how Roberts created this unique type of family. She creates this pair with a uniqueness that is appealing to read. I like how Morgana is whimsical and Nash is stubborn. The other two characters who will have their own story are Sebastian and Ana which show promise of creative story plots.