Highland Sinner

Sir Tormand Murray is a lover of woman and many women would fall at his feet. Now Tormand has a problem as a few lovers he had been with have now been grotesquely murdered. Tormand is suspected but will not go down for something he has not done. He will find help in an unlikely woman.

Morainn Ross has been named a witch for all her live and has been kicked out of her town. Morainn makes a living with helping others with medicine but what keeps her alive is her visions. Now her visions are clear on the man Tormand and she feels it is her duty to save this man from death as it beats down his door and hers.

Highland Sinner has certainly reached a different level from the rest. Hannah Howell has spread her writing into the world of supernatural with this one. Although healing and visions have been talked about in the books this book goes into further detail. In fact this book focused solely on this for the plot.

I thought Howell did a nice job on making the supernatural world come alive and really horrific in the intense crime scenes.

Face The Fire by Nora Roberts

I was liking the direction in the Three Sisters Island series for the first two books of the series. In the last book, Face The Fire is a fantastic finish for the trilogy.

Mia Devlin is a witch known by all. She does not hide what she is or who, she embrasses it. But Mia is loved by all and she takes fate very serious. The love of her life Sam Logan walked out of her life ten years ago and it broke her heart now he is back. Sam is not just anybody he is also a practicing witch and knows he needs and wants Mia. He regrets what he left behind but now he is going to make up for it. Mia is battling her restuarant and rekindling he friendship and bond with her sister witches. Mia will need all the help to keep those she loves saves and to find if she can let Sam back into her life.

I liked that the witchcraft added to the elements of the story. Each story went further into the history of these witches who all went through tragedies. The present descendants all had a second chance to make up for their mistakes.

The relationship of Sam and Mia was fun to read. It was tragic and seemed real even with the realm of witchcraft in their corner. It made you angry and hope that they would find a way to be together.

The story Face The Fire was a sweet and thrilling story that finished up the trilogy of the Three Sisters Island.

Heaven and Earth by Nora Roberts

Coming off of the first book of the series Three Sisters Island I was brought immediately back into these three women’s lives but this time the witchcraft came out stronger. Ripley stars in Heaven and Earth by Nora Roberts.

Ripley Todd is a descendant of the witches back in the days of Salem. She knows it and most of the town knows it but she doesn’t want to admit it. Being the Deputy she is used to being strong but Dr. Booke, Mac, is going to test her strength. The friends will be put to the test as their powers are going to be needed.

It seemed to me that in the first book witchcraft was tamed now it is blasting out of the pages. I love Ripley’s character who is the Deputy and doesn’t want to admit she is a witch but now things are changing.

I think having Mac now in the books is comical with his klutzy style and very academic ways. The two of course have the heat and will do something about that but there are twists.

Roberts is bring the past to the present and the powers and spells are being used more now. They are needed to help fend off an enemy who was locked away.

Heaven and Earth was thrilling to read and a good continuation with the Three Sisters Island series.

Witchcraft by Jayne Ann Krentz

When you pick up one of your favorite romance author only to discover that a mixture of paranormal is thrown in it can be confusing.  Krentz though is known for her paranormal books just as much for her romance books.  But still for me Witchcraft was strange.

Mystery writer Kimberely Sawyer lives alone and likes it that way. But when she is threatened by a hooded figure wielding a dagger, and a blood-red rose with a needle thrust into its heart is left on her doorstep, she knowns she needs protection.

It seems like perfect timing when Napa Valley vineyard owner Darius Cavenaugh returns to Kimberely’s life, offering help and a place to stay.  But how did he know she needed him?  Was it the deep intuitive intimacy of a soulmate…or was it witchcraft?

I liked the book but as I said it was strange.  I wasn’t sure with what was going on only because it seemed that I came in through half way.  But the past is explained later.

Krentz for me has a unique style of writing and I am drawn to it.  Witchcraft had that wit, humor thrown into it and the characters were intriguing but it didn’t leave me jumping for joy.  But Krentz is still a favorite of mine and will still keep reading her books.

Flirt by Laurell K. Hamilton

The waiting is finally over for Laurell Hamilton has come out with her latest book on the Anita Blake series, “Flirt”.  I have since become a fan of Hamilton’s just after reading her first book of Anita two years ago.  From the very first book I was blown away from the series of Anita and Meredith.  The sensuality with the characters and plot were amazing to read.

The plot of “Flirt” starts with Anita getting offers to raise the dead by a man Tony Bennington but Anita didn’t want to do the job.  Anita rely’s on her instinct and something didn’t feel right but Mr. Bennington let it go and left.  As Anita went through the day she spends her lunch with her sweeties, Micah, Nathanial and Jason.  Anita needed distraction so the boys decided to flirt outrageously and even Anita went along.

The next day Natalie Zell came and wanted Anita to raise her husband only to cut him up.  Anita didn’t take the job and sent Mrs. Zell away with her large sum of money.  At lunch time Anita went back to the restaurant but this time alone.  She saw the same waiter and flirted but then things got out of hand when two werelions, Jacob and Nick, came to get Anita for a job.  She didn’t want to go but they had snipers waiting for her sweeties.  Forcefully they had to take Anita and had to be careful as their lions were battling with each other.  Getting to the house Anita saw that Mr. Bennington was the one behind this.  Anita decided to go along but tried her best to find a way out.  At the end Anita gets home with more than she left with.

This was one of the quickest books of Hamilton’s that I have read and devoured every page.  Her scenes were steamy and sensual.  I loved the outrageous behavior between Nathanial and Jason with Anita.  Micah is wonderful with him being reserved.  I liked the new werelions especially Nick but I did miss Jean Claude, Asher and Damien.  They need to come back and Edward.  Through this book I appreciated the plot since Anita went back to where she started and that was raising the dead.  It was nice to read about her doing the job.

Overall this book was fun, thrilling, and sensual to read.  Hamilton created another great book.