Final Target

Final TargetMelissa Riley comes to her sisters country home to find her sisters patient, the Presidents daughter Cassie, who is in a catatonic state. Melissa has a gift which will connect her and Cassie and make a bond. She will be able to communicate with Cassie in the shared dreams but trouble will come to find Cassie who witnessed the bloodshed that put her in the catatonic state.

Michael Travis is ruthless and gets the job done especially when it is profitable. He will be making a deal with the President which involved keeping Cassie safe and stopping the man who was behind it all.

Final Target is the fourth and final book to the series Wind Dancer by Iris Johansen. I have loved this series since I have read them years ago. There is action, drama, betrayal, violence and love all in the mix. But the act of love is hard for the characters especially in the previous ones. I will say that as a whole the series was great. This book was great just not my absolute favorite of the series, but it was well written and it pulled me in the action that took place in the book.

I liked Melissa and this different ability she had. These dreams and visions she had was interesting and it made the book more for me. I liked how she had created that bond with Cassie and one with Michael, which was really Cassie’s bond. Michael was shifty at times but you knew he was a good guy. He just was a little ruthless when it came to getting things he wanted. I like how Johansen spins her story but I felt that with the romance that happened between Melissa and Michael was really more of an after thought. For me I thought the romance wasn’t even needed because the story for me was all about the dreams and these bad guys that were after them. You did not need for Melissa and Michael to start something during that time period. Of course I still liked that they were together and had that happy ending as it resulted all the characters to have a good conclusion for all the good guys.

The Wind Dancer by Iris Johansen

The first book of the trilogy The Wind Dancer brings a legend which will travel through the past to the present and will be hunted by many.

The Wind Dancer:

The Wind DancerIn Renaissance Italy, intrigue is as intricate as craved cathedral doors, but none is so captivating as that surrounding the prized Wind Dancer, the lost treasure of a family-and of the man who stop at nothing to recliam it.  Lionello Andreas is bound by his vow to guard the exquiste statue.  But to recover what is rightfully his, he will need the help of a thief-one he can control body and soul.  He finds his answer on the treacherous backstreets of Florence, in a sharp-witted young woman whose poverty leaves her no choice.  But in the end, the allure of the Wind Dancer, and the ruthlessness of those who would possess her, will catapult them both into terrifying realm where death may be the most merciful escape…

I was throughly impressed with the intense and complex characters along with the plot.  As far as the book it was not overly long, around 400 pages but worth reading each page.  You read so fast it goes by in a blink of an eye.  I love Johansen’s style of writing and how she gives twists to her books without you guessing all that is going to happen.

I have read Johansen and love her books.  Within this book I noticed there was a lot more tragedy with the characters which I liked.  I like when characters have a happy ending, and they do, but I like to see them fight for that ending.  It is not handed to them on a silver platter.  The tragedy which befalls upon the characters is the plague which the villain makes sure spreads through the town and to the people who matter most.  But he under estimates Sanchia.

The added part with the plague was interesting to read.  I have always been fascinated with that time period and liked how Johansen added in some historical facts.

The characters were amazing to read about.  They had such drive and complexity that you do not always get to read about.  Sanchia is a strong character right from the start and tragedy only helps that strenght grow.

Lion is another fantastic character because of his ruthless nature but there is kindness there and Sanchia brings that out of him along with the roughness.

Lorenzo is another character who is there but is a quiet character who holds the fate of the Wind Dancer in his hands which will be seen in the next book.

As I finished reading I couldn’t wait to find the next book to the series.  I had to find out when the Wind Dancer would show next now that it is in the hands of the French.

This is not your average romance book.  Johansen delivers intrigue, adventure, tragedy and betrayal while love in waiting to be discovered.

A worthy beginning of the trilogy of the Wind Dancer.  I recommed this book.