Lori Foster’s, “Say No To Joe?”

So since reading “Unexpected” I have checked out all Lori Foster’s books in the series of Visitation.  The first book is “Say No To Joe?”  Reading the back of the book I knew that I would be hooked, bad boy lusting after the one woman who would not give him the time of day, yeah I knew that I would like this book.

The characters of Luna and Joe will end up making you smile, blush and cheer.  I fell in love with Luna’s character due to her free spirit and drive to stay away from Joe Winston but in the end we all knew that was a sinking ship.  Joe’s character made you want him to stick around.  He played that tough guy but down underneath all the exterior he was a guy that needed to help others and be loved by the right woman.  Very touching in the way of a good romance novel.

The book itself I thought was a great story line that left you following along hoping for a happy ending.  The story line itself is Luna who is a psychic’s assistant is left two young children of her cousin, Chole.  Luna gets the help of Joe Winston, ladies whom she was trying to avoid.  Together they help the children belong to which the town has so shunned them.  And of course in the middle of everything we have strange cars following Joe and Luna, people breaking in to the house, and warnings for them to leave.

I liked the fact that the book helps set up the next books.  You meet the minor characters but will play their own major role within the next book.  So you can read the book and there will be a little information regarding what happened to the characters previously.  This is a great tactic if the reader does not have all the books in order.  Of course I try to read all of them in order regardless.