The Cowboy Takes a Bride

The Cowboy Takes a BrideJoe Daniels lost his wife and now his best friend in a matter of two years. Still grieving Joe is trying to get his life together and then Dutch’s daughter, Mariah, shows up. Being an ex bull rider Joe is strong but Mariah will have him falling to his knees.

Mariah Callahan is now unemployed and found out that her father who she was estranged from passed away. Soon afterwards she will find herself saddled with a ranch her father owned. She will find life to be very different in Texas and more challenging especially with her next door neighbor.

The Cowboy Takes a Bride is the first book to Lori Wilde’s series Jubilee, Texas. I liked the book. It was a very fast paced story for where I just kept flipping the pages. Its funny because I haven’t read anything from Wilde in several years but from this book I can tell she is a good writer. She creates her characters to have some spunk and created like real people. The heartache over a lost one is very real and touching. I guess I will have to revisit some of these authors I have neglected. Its difficult when you are reading and finding new authors all the time.

I thought that Mariah’s character was well written as she was a woman who needed a new beginning, she just didn’t know where that was going to be. She goes toe to toe when she needs to be but there is still that element of damsel in distress she has. Now as a cowboy Joe is up for helping her but getting too close was not in the picture as he was still mourning his wife. Of course they will clash but come together to find that they both have a chance at happiness.

What I noticed in the book was that Wilde racks up the guilt that these characters are feeling but I feel that was done well as it is only human to feel that way. She is giving the characters realistic feelings that are going to pop up when a tragedy happens or you are trying to move on.

On a side note there was a character Ila who was Joe’s sister in law and I swear she was acting a little too devious for me. Like she was planning something to happen to get Mariah out of the running. Well as you see how my mind works thanks to suspense novels and movies, she wasn’t a bad guy just a heartbroken woman who wanted her own happy ending. Don’t worry she gets it right with another man in this book.

Now instead of waiting several more years I have another Lori Wilde book to read next which is the third book of this series Jubilee, Texas.

Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts

The second book, “Bed of Roses”  in the series Bride Quartet was a delight to read with the characters of Emma, Mac, Parker, and Laurel are resurfaced.  But this time it is Emma’s turn in this quirky story of four best friends.

Childhood friends have been obsessed with the wedding business since there pretended their own wedding as children and now they function their own wedding business.  Emma is the florist and caters to the needs of the brides, even if it is a little crazy.  Of course this leaves life a little hectic to handle especially with a man in her life.  Right now she is concentrating on doing her work, until feelings are uncovered again for her friend Jack Cooke.  She always had a thing for him but never could touch him because you did not mess around with friends ex’s, of course he really wasn’t but Emma didn’t know this.  So Emma is there talking to Jack and he turns her around and plants a kiss on Emma’s lips and quickly Emma participates.

Jack couldn’t believe what he was doing when he kissed her but he was thinking about it for so long.  Of course since she was his friend and like a sister to Del he couldn’t be with her.  But Jack in this case took a chance.  After a week of neither one talking Emma came over and demanded why he didn’t do anything.  After the shock wore off the two of them hit it off.  Emma was happy, Jack was happy, the girls were and even Del came around but threatened to hurt Jack if he hurt Emma.

All was going well until Emma found that she wanted more and was afraid that Jack wouldn’t.  Secretly Jack loved Emma but he wasn’t there yet to tell her.

The second book was fun to read and I really liked how the women worked in their job and stayed so busy, very realistic when working in the wedding business.  I also liked how Nora Roberts set up the next two books and who Laurel and Parker could possibly end up with.