Lover Reborn

Lover RebornTohrment otherwise known as Tohr has been mourning the loss of his mate since her untimely death. He has become a shell of himself. Tohr will have to move on when he is told that his beloved is stuck and in order for her to move on to the Fade Tohr has to find love again.

Lover Reborn is the tenth book to the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. This was a very good book. I thought that this story was well written with how much heartache there was with Tohr. You believed that he was in pain over the loss of his mate.

Tohr had disappeared for several books because of that pain and when he had come back to the Brotherhood he was not the same. I was drawn to Tohr’s story. I wanted him to find that happiness which is exactly what he had to do to save the mate he had lost. That was a horrible thing that Tohr had to try but as many know that with every death you have to move on. Tohr gets some help from an angel who is definitely not the typical kind of angel. I found Autumn an enduring character. She was a victim that was staying a victim in her own torment. Though I don’t think she was ruining everything that could make her happy. For some of those moments she was trying to spare Tohr some heartbreak.

The villain in this book was Xcor whose mission is to kill the King. They will get ruthless but they are still not the Lessers who are the ultimate enemy with the Omega as their leader.

So the situation with Tohr’s mate is that she is in the “In Between” which is like purgatory and she is fading. If she doesn’t go into the Fade then she will just disappear. It was a heartbreaking situation as Tohr was losing his mate all over again. Well don’t worry everything will work out how it will need to be.

I am reading the eleventh book next.

Lover Revealed

Lover RevealedButch O’Neal has been working for the brotherhood as a civilian but that will all change when he is taken by the enemy. During his torture Butch will change and change to what he was truly born to be.

Marissa was an outcast among her kind as the newest king had rejected her service. Marissa will soon find a new purpose to her life and find a man that has her wanting more.

Lover Revealed is the fourth book to the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward. Really loved this book, it was another great addition to this series. I had read the first three books awhile ago and could not get enough of them. So I decided to pick up more of the books to the series and will have a marathon of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Alright so the character of Marissa was shy and quiet within the other books, she was almost submissive as these woman were supposed to be. Within the other books I never really disliked her just thought that she was a side character, but in this book I liked her a lot more. In this book she gets her voice and comes out of her shell. Then there was Butch. In the first book I thought he as a cocky and a little arrogant, well he is still that but by being with the brotherhood he has become a better man.

I liked the fighting that happened within the book especially because that was how everything started to change when it came to Butch. The lessers are the enemy of the Brotherhood and they are at constant battle. Butch will get a lot more up close and personal which will lead to some strange changes.

So the mystery of Butch and how he might be part of the brotherhood was interesting to me. You don’t find out all the particulars until the very end. I was happy that Ward did give an explanation why there was so much misery in Butch’s life.

I am excited to continue the series with Vishous.


OutlanderClaire Randall was on her second honeymoon in 1945 when she will find herself walking one day along the ancient stone circles transporting her to the past. Claire will find herself in Scotland that is being torn apart by war and were being fought by the Highland clans in 1743. Claire will be in danger during this time that she does not belong but to survive she must. This survival will lead her down the path of many Scots but there will be one that will spark a desire in her, the gallant Scot warrior, James “Jamie” Fraser.

Outlander is the first book to the series Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I was strongly encouraged to try this book several months ago but with my pile of books to read I had too many to get through. Now that my pile is a little less I picked up the book. It was also because there is a series that has been created based on the book/series. It aired right at the end of July. I recorded all the episodes at the time without watching. I wanted to read the first book before I watched the first episode. After I finished the book I pretty much went to watching some of the episodes and will say I was hooked with how they created the series.

Alright now back to the book. I thought it was a good book to read. I was very entertained by this story but there were times that it dragged on which was not as great. Now I know that you have to have that to build the story and to let you know the characters. So that was needed but it did slow down the book for me, but I wanted to stick with it.

Claire was an interesting woman and a survivor. She does adapt well to this new environment but there will still be some bumps in the road with how she handles certain things. I can understand her need to survive which means to go along with the past and find a life there. Jamie I really liked but then I didn’t like him at times as he was a little too harsh with Claire. Then again this is back in 1743 and Jamie is a Scot warrior so it felt like that was how it would have been. I liked at the end Jamie was very understanding with Claire and the secret she was carrying.

What I liked was I felt I was back in that time period in 1743 Scotland with the amount of description Gabaldon writes. The dialogue was done really well with all the characters. I liked that Claire sounded like an outsider.

I finished the book and thought I would be definitely interested in reading more because there is still a lot to figure out. Will she get back? Will Claire ever see Frank again? What about Claire and Jamie, will they be having their own happy ending? Of course with this being a series I am assuming there will be plenty of things that could happen to them.

Highland Barbarian

The Murray Family continues with Highland Barbarian.

Sir Artan Murray was on a mission to get Angus’s niece, marry her and become the heir. It was going to be simple until he found out that she was getting married to another. Artan will charm his way in and soon will take matters in his hands and kidnap his soon to be bride. Things will not get any easier after that especially as there will be those who will want to take Cecily back.

Cecily Donaldson knew it was her duty to marry this man her guardians had picked for her. Then she  meets Artan and her heart betrays her. She will find herself falling for him until he kidnaps her. Cecily will fight for her freedom especially when she finds out what Artan gets when he marries her.

I definitely liked this story from Hannah Howell. Artan’s character was a warrior throughout but one that had compassion. He saw what needed to be done and did it. Of course kidnapping his potential wife was not the best way to do it.

Cecily was the perfect woman to many as she always had a smile on her face and said little to upset her clan. I loved that she became more when she was with Artan. She became stronger and more sure of herself yet there was still a part of her that had to please those around her.

The Murray clan is definitely one to read so far and I have to wonder who will be next in the ninth book in Howell’s series?

In Bed with a Highlander

Maya Banks is a new author who after reading I found myself wanting to know more, to read more of her books. She delivers her book, In Bed with a Highlander with a plot which will make you want to know more and follow through with the rest of the laird’s family in the series.

Ewan McCabe is the oldest brother of his family. He is the laird of a poor clan. He is a great warrior and will find himself in trouble as his son disappears but comes back with a young woman. A woman he can’t stop thinking about. But who is she as her identity is being kept secret. All he knows for now is his son swore to protect her and his enemy wants her.

Mairin is the illegitimate daughter of the king. She has been hiding and seeking for the perfect man to marry one who will protect her and her would be kingdom. But Mairin is trapped with no way out. Her salvation is in the arms of a warrior, Ewan. She is drawn to him but wants to leave so she will not bring any harm to their door but it is too late. She has found herself with Ewan who is not letting go.

Ewan is the atypical warrior male. Mairin is the spirited female. They are a match in every way that is right. Banks delivers these characters to have tension, fury between them and not to mention passion. They heat up the pages with their sexual scenes but what I like the most is how defiant Maririn is too her warrior husband. She keeps him on his toes which is enjoyable to read.

The little boy Crispin is a perfect warriors son but will his innocence still. The uncles/brothers were also fun to read and I can’t wait as they are the man characters in their own book.

I found myself really wanting to finish In Bed with a Highlander to see how Mairin and Ewan’s story ended. Maya Banks starts off the series well and readers will want to read the rest of the series.