A Scot in the Dark

a-scot-in-the-darkMiss Lillian Hargrove was ruined by society’s standard. Knowing that she had only a little time before she was publicly disgraced Lily was planning her escape. The only problem was her guardian showed up and was insistent that she not run from her problems.

The Duke of Warnick hated everything English but he was determined to make sure his ward was taken care of. Warnick would make sure Lily was protected through a marriage. Though with feelings starting to form it was hard for Warnick to have Lily go with another.

A Scot in the Dark is the second book in the series Scandals & Scoundrels by Sarah Maclean. I ended up liking the novel. I thought it was cute but it was tough at times to keep with it, especially in the beginning.

Lily’s character was one that I grew to like. I thought she was interesting but she kept wanting to leave and express her misery. I understood why she was sad but it seemed that it went on a lot. She got better when she found herself challenging Warnick and really discovering what she wanted in life.

Warnick’s character was a man that didn’t want his dukedom. He was against it and against everything English. I actually really liked Warnick and wanted to know about his past as Maclean kept bringing up his shame. I wanted to know what he did that made him that shameful. The shame which kept getting brought up was a little much at times but once I found out what had happened Warnick’s character made sense.

The relationship between Lily and Warnick was driving me crazy. They were at some point arguing with each other, wanting each other and feeling ashamed for their own particular issues. All of these things are not bad, it was just expressed a lot. It helps when Maclean gives a little more explanation about the characters past.

The next book to this series comes out in June 2017.

Dukes Are Forever

Dukes are foreverEdward Westover, Duke of Swarthmore has lost his brother in an accident and Edward was bound on revenge against the murderer. He would stop at nothing to get his revenge against Benton and he will succeed, he just didn’t know that through the revenge he would encounter Kate Benton.

Kate Benton loved her home and would do anything to protect it, especially against her father who took everything away. Kate will be stunned when she hears she had been given as a ward to Duke of Swarthmore. She will try to make the best of things but it will get complicated when she starts to feel things for Edward.

Dukes Are Forever is the first book to the series The Secret Life of Scoundrels by Anna Harrington. I really, really liked this book. Right from the start I had gotten into the story and I wanted to know what would happen next.

Edward was a solider through and through and even though he was rough around the edges, at least in the beginning, I really liked him. He shows his good side with trying to be kind and doing what he could to help Kate. Now he could have consulted her on a few things but he was doing it to help. Now Edward did have his fault which was that he was too angry and wanted revenge. Kate’s character was a loving girl who wanted to believe in the good and to help. Kate was also stubborn and protective especially when it came to her farm and the people that worked there.

The villain was obviously the father. He was a user and he used his daughter especially as he preyed on her kindness. He was a character that would never learn from his mistake or change.

I was able to pick up all three of the books at once so I am off to read the second book next.


CinderCinder is the first book to the series Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. This is a young adult series that I had heard about from a librarian. I had actually seen the cover when it first came out but I brushed it off because I don’t read a lot of young adult and it was dealing with cyborgs. I don’t read a lot of science fiction as it doesn’t really interest me but I was encouraged to try the book, so I gave it a shot, and I am glad that I did. I liked this novel. It was an adaptation of Cinderella but it was created in this fantasy type world. I will admit that at times I felt it was a little long but I got over those moments and continued to enjoy the book.

So the story Cinder is basically about this teenage girl who is a ward of this mother and her two daughters. Cinder is not just human but part cyborg. She does not remember her past but know that her parents had been killed and she survived a horrific accident. To make a living Cinder is a mechanic which is where she will meet Prince Kai. Though this is not a fairy tale where they immediately fall in love. This is a time of war and disease that is destroying the people.

I liked Cinder’s character. She was an interesting character being a cyborg and the mystery about her life beforehand intrigued me. I also liked Prince Kai and thought at times he could make a decision faster but then remembered he had all his people to think about, not just his feelings. The other main character is Queen Levana who is pure evil when it comes to getting what she wants.

There is a lot to this book and yes it can be predictable but I felt that Meyer’s wrote the story well. She leaves the book at a cliffhanger which I don’t really like. Its because I have to usually wait forever to read what happens next. Well I guess I was thinking ahead because I made sure to check out the rest of the series. I will be reading Scarlet next.

Surrender Becomes Her

Surrender Becomes HerMarcus Sherbrook was a trustworthy man and was almost the perfect man except for the incident when his ward had fled and ran to India with a man she married. Now his ex-ward, Miss Isabel Dunham was back after a decade of being away from England. Marcus will find out that she is being blackmailed and he will do anything to help her.

Surrender Becomes Her is the third book to the series Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I was pulled in but I will admit that it was not right away. It took me several more pages to get to know these characters, even though you already knew Marcus, but once you really got to know them I was hooked and wanted to continue on until the end.

Marcus was a gentleman and a man you could trust. He was a good man that wanted to do right and was not a passive one as he knew how to fight. I liked that even though Isabel vexed him he was there to help her no matter what. Then there was Isabel who was holding a secret that she carried. I figured out the secret pretty early on or at least guessed the right secret. Isabel was a strong woman and would do anything to protect those she loved. I liked that she stayed true and did the best she could with the life that she had chosen for herself.

The villain was clearly Whitley who wanted to blackmail Isabel but there were more involved on another quest for the French, there was more to the story. I liked that the gentleman who was never named was not much of a traitor as the other man. My guess is the man’s identity will be resolved in the fourth book, Passion Becomes Her, which I will be reading next.

If the Slipper Fits

If the Slipper FitsAnnabelle Quinn was orphaned as an infant never knowing her parents just that she was illegitimate. Annabelle will have a chance to leave her position as a teacher and become a governess. She jumped at the chance as this place treated her more like a servant. She will find joy helping the young Duke but will find that the Uncle of the Duke was catching her attention especially with his seductive ways.

Lord Simon Westbury had taken his nephew over as a ward when Nicholas’s parents were killed in an accident. Simon had not seen his brother in over ten years due to a betrayal and had become jaded. When the new governess is brought in he will find his eyes following her and wanting her to be his mistress.

If the Slipper Fits is the first book to the series Cinderella Sisterhood by Olivia Drake. Olivia Drake plays off the fairy tale Cinderella which I really liked. It has been a while since I have read a book by Olivia Drake and I remember liking her but when I read this book I really loved it. Her writing is fun and lighthearted.

The characters of Annabelle and Simon are well written and I liked them both right off. Simon seemed standoffish due to his past with his brother who is deceased but he does come to term with it and becomes a better man. It takes Annabelle to make him see that and change. Annabelle was like the Cinderella especially with her glass slippers. It was kind of funny as those really didn’t have any real part in the book that is except towards the end. I liked that it was the slippers that will be taken from Annabelle as she found the man she will love. So maybe the slippers are a way to bring love especially by a woman, Lady Milford, who wants to play matchmaker.

As the shoes were taken in the first book I have a feeling that you will read about them in the second book, but maybe not. I will find out as I have the second book, Stroke of Midnight, and I’m reading it next.

Goddess of the Hunt

Goddess of the HuntLucy Waltham needs to stop Toby’s proposal but she needed to practice seducing him. She immediately turned to her brothers best friend Jeremy. She only wanted to practice but it turned to much more where she was starting to feel things for Jeremy even though they were polar opposites.

Jeremy Trescott, Earl of Kendall was at his friends house on holiday. He never expected his friends sister to start kissing him in his bedroom. Jeremy pushed her away but now her lips were sketched into his brain and he only wanted more. He wanted Lucy to feel things for him and not Toby.

I am new to Tessa Dare and I wanted to try out the series Spindle Cove but none were available, so I went for another book from the series Toby and Isabel Trilogy, Goddess of the Hunt. I have to say I thought this was a great intro to how Dare writes and draws you into the book. She has a way with the words she uses and how she creates her characters. I was drawn quickly into the book wanting to know how Lucy’s plan of seduction would obviously fail when it comes to Toby but succeeds with the unlikely Jeremy. I thought there was humor between Lucy and Jeremy when it came down to the banter between them but it quickly sizzled with every look Jeremy sent towards Lucy. I loved how awkward but yet bold Lucy became in the book and how Jeremy was cold to most people but turned on the heat when he put his sights on Lucy.

The rest of the characters Dare gives you insight on how they act especially as Toby and Sophia’s story will continue with the other two books of the series. Now with Toby I liked his character but I was annoyed as he was a little too selfish and that he was aware he was hurting Lucy’s feelings. Things will all work out well with the exception at the very end with the little surprise which will continue to the second book in Sophia’s story. I was left intrigued and looking forward to continuing this series.

The Tycoon’s Rebel Bride

The second book, The Tycoon’s Rebel Bride, comes out strong. Maya Banks gives the next brother a chance at marriage in the Anetakis Tycoon’s series.

Theron Anetakis is a Tycoon along with his brothers. He lives in New York where he is heading their hotel project. Theron is getting to the point where he wants a family. His plan is to propose to a good Greek girl, Alannis. But his plans will go wrong when his brothers ward shows up and Isabella is nothing liked he remembered.

Isabella “Bella” Caplan has been in love with Theron all her life. At first it was an infatuation but now its love. Bella’s plan was to seduce Theron into loving her but now there is a hitch to her plan, Theron is going to marry another woman.

As a sequel to the Anetakis Tycoon series I loved it. Theron is all business while Bella is all fun. They complement each other. I was wondering how Banks was going to solve the proposal of Alannis and was pleasantly happy with the outcome. Love of course conquers the characters but it is a struggle.

I also liked how Bella grew up in the book but she didn’t loose her spunk. And how Theron loosened up to find what he really needed. Readers will love to read about how their love came to be.