Last Night with the Duke

The Duke of Griffin needed a chaperone for his sisters and he immediately found one with Esmeralda Swift. He was determined she would be the right one. The problem was he started to feel things for Esmeralda and he needed to be clearheaded with a possible threat to his sisters.

Esmeralda Swift was working hard to keep the agency afloat. When The Duke of Griffin comes for employment her prays are answered. Though the job will get tricky when Esmeralda will start to have feelings for her employer.

Last Night With the Duke is the first book to the series The Rakes of St. James by Amelia Grey. This was a cute romance that was very quick to read.

I thought that Griffin’s character was wonderful. He was a rake but those were the old days. Now he just wanted to make sure his sisters had a chance in society. I liked that he took the situation seriously and wanted the best for his sisters. I also liked that his wanting of Esmeralda was more sweet. He didn’t act the rake he had been and rush her to the bedroom. Esmeralda’s character was all about business and keeping herself and sister safe from the poorhouse. She took her work seriously and I liked that she didn’t given into Griffin the moment the attraction was known between them. It was sweet as they became friends, then something more.

The scandal that happened with Griffin and his friends was a mistake and one that was making things difficult. It was cruel but no one had been ruined. Now with Griffin’s sister’s making their coming out he had to protect them from possible threats of ruination. I will say the threat was more overplayed in the book, that I had wondered if anything would happen.

The next book to this series will be coming out December 2017.

The Duke in my Bed

The Duke in My BedBray Drakestone was part of a club that were reckless. One night one of the club members, Nathanial, dies and Bray makes a promise on Nathanial’s death bed that he would marry Nathanial’s sister. Bray made the promise to ease the mind of Nathanial, never did he think to actually marry the girl. Though two years later it seemed that Bray would have to follow through, but Miss Louisa Prim would not have him.

Miss Louisa Prim was heartbroken when her brother had died in an accident. She was even more furious when she was promised off to one of the men there that night. Louisa waits to hear from the Duke but it takes him two years to come to them. Louisa will not have him especially as she had to care for her sisters.

The Duke in My Bed is the first book to the series The Heir’s Club of Scoundrels Trilogy by Amelia Grey. I really liked this book. I thought it was fast paced, had some humor, and of course passion. I think what pulled me into the story was Louisa and her sisters.

Louisa’s character was the strong willed sister who did what she had to for her sisters. She protected them, loved them, and wanted them to make something of themselves. I loved that Louisa declined Bray’s proposal, well it really wasn’t a great proposal to begin with. Now I did find that Louisa was a little too quick to judge Bray. She already had her mind made up when it had come to Bray and she only really saw the faults in him. That will obviously change. Bray’s character was a carefree gentleman who had no thought to settling down. Bray doesn’t do a good job with Louisa and her sisters, but only at first. He does try and help out which showed that he was changing and for the better. It wasn’t like he was really bad, just inexperienced when it came to family.

I am reading the second book to the series next.

A Kiss for Midwinter

A Kiss for MidwinterMiss Lydia Charingford has lived through her own scandal and had come out with no one knowing anything. Then she will meet up with the man that had been in that room with her parents five years ago who knew the truth of her pregnancy. She will find out that Grantham will not tell anyone but a wager will be made between them.

Doctor Jonas Grantham has wanted Lydia for over a year but he had gotten nowhere with her. She does not like him but Jonas will find a way for them to spend time together so he could try to win her over.

A Kiss for Midwinter is a 1.5 novella in the series Brothers Sinister by Courtney Milan. First off I really loved this novella. It had been a while since I read the previous books to this series (The Governess Affaire and The Duchess War) so I decided to read them again to get back into the series. That prepared me for Lydia who was a very cheerful girl except she really wasn’t, she was faking that cheer to pretend to be alright. She doesn’t realize that she has suppressed all those emotions until Doctor Jonas Grantham reminds her of that time in her life.  Now even though it was hard for Lydia to realize I liked that Jonas was there to see the truth. I liked the real Lydia much better who wasn’t just this cheerful girl that seemed naive. Then there was Jonas. He was sarcastic and had a strange sense of humor but he was a very good man. He cared for his patients and went out of his way to help them. I liked how he went about spending time with Lydia and also that he thought her strong, not weak as some might have thought.

When I checked out these first three books/novellas to the series I also checked out the rest that have come out, which are the book from two to five. Next I will be reading about Oliver Marshall in The Heiress Effect which I have been wanting to read.

And Then Comes Marriage

And Then Comes MarriageMrs. Miranda Talbot was a widow who was finally living life for herself, though that will get interrupted by the Worthington’s. She will find herself being courted by two men at the same time who were brothers and twins. Miranda will have to be the one to decide which twin she wants.

And Then Comes Marriage is the second book to the series Wicked Worthington by Celeste Bradley. Well its been awhile since I read the first book to this series but I remember it well, especially with the chaotic family, the Worthington’s. There was a part of me that wondered if I wanted to read this book because I wasn’t liking the idea that the twins were going to fight over the same woman or that they would fool. I didn’t like the game but I decided to stick with it because I was curious, and I was happy I did because overall I liked the book.

I knew that once I started the book I would read it no matter what and it wasn’t a problem because Celeste Bradley writes this story well. You will go up and down with these characters with either loving them or thinking that they are being idiots. There is one of the Worthington’s that drove me crazy which was Attie. She is a little weird but I will definitely be interested to read Attie’s story if Bradley writes it.

So the brothers, they were very different but very much the same. I liked their banter back and forth but knew that trouble would come between these brothers when they went after Miranda. The ending is sad for one of the brothers but I would bet that he will have his own story, that will get his own happy ending. Now Miranda I felt sorry for as her life was completely shaken up, in a way it was good for her but it wrecked havoc on her reputation. I wasn’t sure in the beginning if I would like Miranda I will admit, but it was very clear that she was not a villain. She did not want to have both brothers, she only wanted one and she will get the twin for her.

I have the third book out which is with Elektra, and I will be reading that one next.

To Wed a Wild Lord

To Wed a Wild LordLord Gabe Sharpe is a daredevil when it came to racing and because of that a friend of his was killed. To make amends he will try and help out of the Waverly family by marrying Virginia Waverly. He will find it challenging when all the woman wanted to do was race him but thanks to a wager he wins the right to court her.

Miss Virginia Waverly wanted revenge against the man who had killed her brother. The problem is when she looses the race he gets the right to court her and she will learn that maybe Gabe was not totally to blame for her brothers death.

To Wed a Wild Lord is the fourth book to the series Hellions of Halstead Hall by Sabrina Jeffries. Another great book from the series. What had kept me invested was the relationship between Gabe and Virginia. They were at odds but there was more to the story. I wanted to know what had happened that day between the friends. Jeffries keeps you with questions right until the end of the book but there are hints that are written throughout the book with what had happened.

Gabe was a daredevil and a risk taker but was a good man as he tried to do the right thing. Virginia was a good woman who only wanted to know the truth and to right a wrong. Together they should not have worked since there was that animosity between them, well at least on Virginia’s side. Virginia was mentioned in the third book and she certainly showed her dislike towards Gabe. In the fourth book Gabe and Virginia make it work and there is definitely passion between them. I also liked that they shared a common like which were horses.

I felt that in this book the murder of the parents took a step back in the book. It was not mentioned as much the others were. Though the answers that are needed will be given in the fifth book which I will be re-reading next and then finish up the series with the sixth book.

A Hellion in Her Bed

A Hellion in Her BedLord Jarret Sharpe was the family gambler and was good at it. With his grandmothers decree he made another proposal to run the brewery for one year to avoid marriage. It worked and Jarret was in charge but his gambling ways will find him in a enticing proposal with Miss Annabel Lake.

Annabel Lake was in need of some help with her family’s brewery and she had to wager to get that help from Lord Jarret Sharpe. She knows that she is risking a lot with the man especially since she was withholding information from him but she needed the help.

A Hellion in Her Bed is the second book to the series Hellions of Halstead Hall by Sabrina Jeffries. This was another really entertaining book from the author.

Jarret was a good man and was driven especially when it came to card games. He will take the wager which will be his undoing. It wasn’t like anything bad would happen to him but it would show him a woman that he just might want more from. I liked Annabel. She was a determined woman who did what she needed to do. She had sacrificed a great deal to have the life she lived. They were similar in this aspect.

Secrets are part of this book. First is with the parents murder and then with Annabel. You already knew the secret Annabel was holding but I was wondering how Jarret would take the secret. It could have gone several ways but you will have to remember that Jarret is a good man, so there was only one way it could have gone.

The idea of the parents murder was thought to be solved but yet it appears with every book something else will be uncovered and you are left with more questions. There will be answers to the mystery but of course that comes at the fifth book. I like and don’t like that I know the answer but it is fun to read how the mystery is being revealed.

I will be reading How to Woo a Reluctant Lady next which will be with Minerva.

Secrets of an Accidental Duchess

Secrets of an Accidental DuchessOlivia Donovan looked to be a fragile woman and she was with the malaria that she survived from years ago. The fevers still come to her and weakens her but inside Olivia she wants to break out and be brave. She wants to experience life. She will find herself waking up to a new life with Max.

Maxwell “Max” Buchanan is soon to be a duke and has lived a life like a rake not caring about many things. He will place a bet to seduce Olivia but when he meets her he forgets about the bet altogether. He will just want to get to know Olivia and to be with her. He will get his wish but there will be danger that threatens to rip them apart.

Secrets of an Accidental Duchess is the second book to the series Donovan by Jennifer Haymore. I really liked this book. The story flew by for me and I was into this plot as the villain was pretty horrible and the situations were pretty dangerous for the safety of the characters.

Olivia was a weak character with her health though she was strong in her personality which shinned as a caring person with a passion that was sizzling below. Max was a rake but when responsibility comes to him he changes. He was changing already by his interaction with Olivia. The two of them were doomed to start as you know that business with the wager, between Fenwicke and Max, was going to come back and hurt the couple. Though that hurt will not stay too long to keep them away from each other and I was happy for their happy ending.

The villain was clearly Lord Fenwicke who liked to cause pain. In this book there is without a doubt of spousal abuse as he uses his wives body as a punching bag. Though Lady Fenwicke is not the only one that Fenwicke wants to cause pain. He wants to hurt Olivia for not accepting his offer as a mistress. Then there was Fenwicke’s hatred for Max as he was jealous. Fenwicke is a dangerous man when he wants something and will use any kind of violence to get what he wants. Well in this book the villain does not win but he came close towards the end.

I am reading the third book next which will have Meg coming back. She was thought to have died at sea so I am excited to find out what had happened to her and how she will be reunited with the man she loved.