Strings Attached

Strings AttachedStrings Attached is a novel that was chosen for my book club which was co-written by Joanne Lipman and Melanie Kupchynsky. I really did like this book. It was inspirational and evoked many different emotions in me while I was reading this book. The emotions of sadness was definitely towards the end of the book but the happy or at least memorable were in the beginning and middle of the book.

So the story is about a Ukrainian music teacher Mr. K who calls up an old student, Joanne Lipman, who is a journalist. He tells her that his daughter, Stephanie, is missing. Joanne asks him to tell his story. You are then brought back to the beginning when Melanie, Mr. K’s daughter, and Joanne were five years old. You get a look into these two woman’s life and how Mr. K changed them to be gifted musicians.

This story reminded me about a teacher I had for two years in high school and she was the hardest teacher and did not back down. She gave me a low grading on a report and told me I was better than that grade. I wanted to prove her right and I worked hard. I improved and I believe if she wasn’t tough I would not have succeeded. Tough teaching is a touchy subject but I believe that those teachers are looking out to help the student. Teachers nowadays would not be shouting like Mr. K but they can definitely still strict.

The end of the book left me with tears in my eyes. It was a sad ending but written very well, though there were still questions I had like about Stephanie. Melanie’s sister was missing which you find out in the very beginning of the book. She does not survive and her body is found seven years later. Well I wanted to know what had happened. The book did not give me complete answers. I looked up who the killer was and found out it was the maintenance man in Stephanie’s building. I had found out this information in an article where Melanie Kupchynsky was talking about the book and I really respected why she did not put more information about her sisters disappearance/murder. Her reason was that she wanted to write about her sisters life not her death.

Strings Attached is an inspirational book that was worth reading, and I was happy to step out of my normal romance books.

Don’t Get Stuck at the Recital

Performing your musical talents is a Smythe-Smith tradition. Every year the sisters or cousins perform for all of the ton but it would help if any of them had any talent. Honoria is the youngest of the siblings and very much out of place with them but she finds her way in the world with trying to make the best at her situation but when fate drops in her brothers oldest friend. Honoria will think about a whole new possibility.

Marcus Holroyd is the only son and has been left on his own since the time of his mothers death. He had grown up a shy boy but had a great friend of Daniel Smythe-Smith. Growing up with Daniel’s family had felt like his own but never really his. But when he sees Honoria again he will start to see her in a whole new light especially after she saves him from fever.

Marcus and Honoria will set upon a romance that neither one admits until either can’t hold back to what they are feeling with the help of family.

Reading the series Bridgertons (which is a fantastic series) you will have already have heard of the famous Smythe-Smiths, and I love that Julia Quinn creates a series just for them. The novel, Just Like Heaven, is a sweet new series that follows just like the Bridgertons but Quinn gives Honoria her own voice and you fall for this completely sweet story.

The whole time I read it there was a smile that kept to my face as you read about her bantering to herself and to Marcus. Of course you can’t forget about the bad playing with the cousins which was comical and lightened the story even more.

Then when you came to Marcus you cheered when he found his own strength to show what he was feeling. I loved hearing his own words through the story and how Quinn expresses his thoughts progressing towards the act of love.

Now there is of course the unbridled lust in the story. This act though was tamed and towards the end giving the story a very sweet and cute plot with flirting and the possibility of more.

Just Like Heaven is the perfect start to the series Smythe-Smith Quartet and I can’t wait for the next one. Who will it be? My bet will be Sarah but I could be wrong.