I have been looking at the book, Quicksilver, on the shelves for a month wondering if I was going to pick up the book. Anything by Amanda Quick I will read but with series I hate the waiting process especially if there is a inclusive ending. Fortunately with Quick’s books there are always endings which will leave you satisfied but even with no cliff hanger it is sometimes torture to wait for those books to arrive.

But with Amanda Quick she is worth the wait. Quicksilver is the second book to the Looking Glass Trilogy and it is riveting to read.

Virginia Dean is in a dilmena when she wakes up next to a dead body but trouble does not end there as she can’t remember how she got to be in the bed. Virginia will be saved the a man she met once but would never forget.

Owen Sweetwater hunts down killers and he is hunting one now only to find Virginia Dean in the mist of a very big problem. Owen helps out Virginia and asks for her assistance. He knows she has true power and he needs that help with finding a killer.

The arcane society took more of a step back and let those who still have paranormal powers take the stage. I liked the characters of Virginia Dean and Owen Sweetwater. They are written well and intriguing as they use their powers and how their lives are intertwined. Virginia’s powers seeing through the mirrors is haunting and you want to know more. I liked also Owen and how his family is explored through the story. There is wit that is hinted through the story.

The plot is like many of the arcane society but there is something about the characters that makes you want to read and see how their fates with end.

I like how Amanda Quick (really Jayne Ann Krentz) has several identities and how they are cross refrenced through the series she writes. It was clever of Krentz to create series that travels through the past, present and future. I have yet to really get into the future series but I guess at times I am still stuck in the past as the Victorian Period is just where I love to read.

Quicksilver was fast and thrilling to read and a great addition to the arcane society books.

Rendezvous by Amana Quick

The Earl of Graystone is looking for a wife there is a list he requires which is why Augusta Ballinger is confused as to why she is picked by Graystone but she is. Graystone and Augusta do not see eye to eye but will find comfort with each other. Augusta sooner than Harry.  But there would be troubles with their relationship as Augusta is prone to frivolous nature on her side of the family and needs to keep the memory of her brother alive as an adventurous honorable man. Harry will help but everything he is finding leads to her brother being a traitor. Will Harry find Richard to be a traitor and break Augusta’s heart?

First reading the book I wasn’t blown away by Amanda Quick’s in Rendezvous. You were brought right into the plot but the character of Harry seemed a bit dull. Then you start to read the book and understand how the characters are supposed to develop and help each other out with their flaws.

The further you read into Rendezvous the plot thickens to a new mystery and new and old ones will be solved.  This book will thrill the read as they try to solve the mystery of the spy Spider.

The River Knows by Amanda Quick

Quick’s book will come at no surprise as two characters will find love in the mist of murder and blackmail.

Anthony Stalbridge is hunting for his fiancee murder. He knows that she did not kill herself jumping from the bridge. His suspect is Elwin Hastings. He will come closer to the truth with the help of Louisa Bryce. She has he own reasons for searching Hastings. Anthony will help Louisa with her search and they will find companionship within each other.

Amanda Quick writes very playful characters that are entertaining to read and interact well. Anthony’s family is a delight as they are not the usual set of society and Louisa is not the usual widow.

The plot keeps the reader involved as the blackmailer is slowly unmasked and those who were thought to be murdered by one was not who you thought.

The River Knows is a great mystery romance book that will take you back to the Victorian time.

Reckless by Amanda Quick

Gabriel was too be her knight or that is what she thought at sixteen when he tried to help her sister but everything went wrong. Now eight years later Phoebe finds a chance to meet her knight once again and ask for his hand in this quest. Will Phoebe get her knights love or will she be carried away by another. Or will her family get in the way of this quest and her love.

Amanda Quick’s Reckless was fun to read as the main character lives in her world of medieval knights and quests. I like how all the characters are connected somehow and intertwined into the story.

It is interesting to see how the villain of the story is after the same thing but looks can be deceiving because there is more to the quest of finding this simple book.

Wicked Widow by Amanda Quick

Madeline Deveridge is all too aware of the whispers behind her back, the rumors that she dispatched her husband to the next world and concealed her crime.  But Madeline has a far more pressing problem than being called the Wicked Widow.  She fears that she and her beloved aunt are being haunted!  And all the evidence points to one improbable culprit: the ghost of the her late husband.  Of course it is impossible but Madeline cannot take chances.  So she dares summon the only person with the power to help her uncover the truth-Artemis Hunt.

Brilliant, relentless, reclusive, Artemis has made it his business to keep much of his private life hidden.  No one knows that he’s the owner of the Dream Pavilions, London’s favorite pleasure garden, or that he’s a master of an arcane society.  Curiosity brings him out on a fog-shrouded night to meet the infamous Wicked Widow, but his amusement quickly flees when he realizes that Madeline has learned enough about his affairs to wreak havoc on his carefully ordered existence.  He must secure her guarantee never to divulge his secrets to anyone, even if it means helping her track down a phantom.

As soon as the bargain is struck, Artemis and Madeline find their arrangement complicated by a searing desire, and the frightening realization that the ghost poses a very real danger.  Now they must plunge into a world of intrigue and ancient mysteries, where a tantalizing passion-and a calculating killer-will not be denied.

With every book Amanda Quick delivers I have to find and read.  I love her style of witting.  That cool witty, interesting characters with mystery and passion thrown all into the mix.

Her character of Madeline and Artemis were perfect together as they make their way into this mystery.  I like the passion that they created within the book.  And the intrigue of once again the Vanza is captivating.

Wicked Widow the third novel of the series Vanza by Amanda Quick is fun to read and entertaining as Madeline and Artemis have to find a way to get help each other and tangle themselves into a passionate web of mystery and lust.

The Major’s Mistake by Andrea Pickens

After fending off the advances of a malicious lord, Lady Miranda is discovered in a state of dishevelment by her husband-Julian Grosvenor-who believes she’s been in a tryst.  Betrayed and hurt, Julian accepts a major’s commission with the army and goes to war, but not before initiating divorce proceedings.  Disowned by her family, Miranda is taken in by her ex-husband’s aunt-and soon gives birth to her son, Justin.

Seven years later, Julian returns from service as a titled marquess and enters Miranda’s life once again.  Though shocked to discover that he is a father, he plans to raise Justin as his heir, but Miranda doesn’t want her son to inhabit the aristocratic world that shunned her after the divorce.  As Julian and Miranda try to decide what’s best for their son, former passions are reawakened.  But if they are to love once again, they must first learn to forgive.

Reading Regency Romance novels can be boring, can be entertaining or very predictable.  That is the nature of the books.  I confess I have been reading them.  But most of the books are so generic.  The book The Major’s Mistake is predictable but I found myself riveted by the book.  I was appalled by the Miranda’s predicament and happy for her triumph.  She is a strong character that I found myself wanting to see happy.

The tale is like so many that have been written but in this case I was drawn into the characters and their situation.  Andrea Pickens did a good job creating characters for this time period.  A man broken by betrayal and a woman suriving the best she could.  A fast pace romance book filled with betrayal, trust, kidnapping, and finding love again.

Unveiled by Kristina Cook

“Determinedly unwed, Jane Rosemoor has turned away countless suitors because she is secretly fearful of the mysterious malady that afflicts the married women of her family.  But when she crosses paths with teh sinfully handsome-and insufferably arrogant-Earl of Westfield, she is rendered delirious by his kiss…and outraged by his proposal.  His young ward requires a woman’s influence and he himself needs an heir.  It is an offer so unabashedly rude, yet so unaccountably tempting, that her only choice is to turn down flat before the earl can seduce her into changing her mind…

Hayden is stunned by Jane’s refusal-after all, he’s offered to rescue her from spinsterhood and make her a countess.  He doesn’t want romance: hard experience has taught him that love is the surest path to misery.  Yet despite his best efforts, he is falling hopelessly for Jane, a situation that proves increasingly awkward-especially after one scorching encounter that neither can forget.  Confronted with passion impossible to ignore, will two stubborn souls close the door on love-or unwell their hearts?”

I loved this book.  I could not put the book down.  Kristina Cook is a wonderful writer.  She has a cool style of writing which is fun.  The book tells of the Victorian style of romance novels but it wasn’t expected like most regency books, even though I still love the books.  Cook tells of two people who should be together but both are not allowing each other.  I thought there could be a chance that it wouldn’t happen but thankfully there was a happy ending as with most romance novels.

Cook brings a refreshing victorian style romance novel to the pages for readers to enjoy.