Ride Wild

Cora Campbell had been running when she found a way out with the help of the Ravens. She gets a shot at starting a new life with Slider who has her working as his kids nanny. Things will get complicated when she starts to have feelings for Slider.

Sam “Slider” Evans had been burned by the love of his life. He lived his life now only for his children. He will start to live again when Cora becomes part of their life.

Ride Wild is the third book to the series Raven Riders by Laura Kaye. I liked this book. It was a fun, fast, sweet, and steamy book.

Cora was sweet and looking for a second chance. I liked her character, she was ready to begin a new chapter for herself and I really liked that she wanted to do the things on her own. She wanted independence but was not afraid to ask for help. Slider’s character was a great dad but he needed help. I liked that he softened up when Cora was around especially when he let go of the past.

Within the story there wasn’t a lot of action. There will be some trouble with the Raven and some bystanders will get into trouble. The Ravens will have to help the ones they love.

The other characters of Sam and Ben, Slider’s son’s, were adorable. They wanted the best for their dad and they were a cute addition to the story.

Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little DreamRachel Stone had a plan which was to come back to where she had lived with her late husband and find the five million dollars he had taken from all his followers. Rachel will not be welcomed into the town but will find help from an unlikely man, Gabe Bonner.

Gabe Bonner wanted to die but he could not do that to his family. He was just doing things to keep himself moving and not really living life, then he meets Rachel and her son. He doesn’t want them around but he will notice the longer they stay the more he felt alive.

Dream a Little Dream is the fourth book to the series Chicago Stars by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. With every book I keep thinking that I will like one story better than the other, but that hasn’t happen. I really love each story so far, I can’t get enough of these books.

This book was about healing. Rachel needed to heal from the pain of being an outcast that she lived with thanks to her husband. Though she was a fighter and would do anything to help her child. Gabe has pain from losing his wife and son a few years ago. I felt my heart breaking for Gabe especially right int he beginning when you find out what he keeps in his nightstand. Obviously these characters were going to be together and heal each other but Phillips doesn’t make that journey easy for them. There is a lot of mistrust and guilt that is between them. I did like though it was Rachel who got to Gabe. She didn’t pull back and be calm around Gabe like his brothers did. That was a big part that allowed him to heal.

There was some bad things happening to Rachel. It was because others blamed her for the way her husband had acted. You knew who the person was pretty easily but there was another that will be after Rachel. I thought it was someone else because of how they acted, but I was wrong. There is another twist but this one will be happy.

Ethan’s story, Gabe’s brother, is also being told in this one. I liked Ethan but he fought too much of what he should be doing. I liked that he does accept his path and of course the relationship with Kristy. Kristy’s character I loved because she was the plain woman that decided to change for herself. She will get the man she had loved, Ethan, but she makes him work for it.

I am reading the fifth book next.

All I Ever Wanted

All I Ever WantedCallie Grey was in love with her boss but her life will turn upside down when he will become engaged to the new employee who brought in a big client. Callie was distressed and found the way to get him back was to make him jealous with dating the vet, but things will change when she will start to feel things for Ian.

Ian McFarland was the new vet in town and his business was going downhill. He will ask Callie for help but he was reserved about asking as she was much more impulsive and that scared him. He will take a chance furthering a relationship with Callie but is afraid to get hurt.

All I Ever Wanted is a novel by Kristan Higgins and I really like it. I have read three books from this author and have loved them. Her writing feels real like I could see these people in real life. The same can be said for Callie and Ian. I liked Callie and her reckless feelings that were overwhelming for her and made her sad and happy. I even liked her impulsive behavior but at times these emotions got her in trouble. Now Ian was a man who played on his emotions as well but they were moody. He never really smiled but he will get a reason to once he lets go and starts to open up.

The romance is subtle as there is fire but it is not overwhelming that is until they come to a point where they both trust each other. Of course there will be a downfall when the trust is tested and not everything will be going towards the happy ending. One factor was Fleur. I disliked her for the sole reason of her trying to ruin Callie’s relationship all because this woman has low morals and low self esteem. I wanted Callie to stand up and she did it just wasn’t to be vengeful. Then there was also Mark who was a good guy but really oblivious to what was in front of him. I didn’t like he was trying to get Callie back just for the company and trying to use her love to entice her back. He wasn’t cruel just a man who thought about his work as it was his life. Although I don’t like him so much as he almost ruined what Callie and Ian had going on.

With reading this book I smile thinking of these characters and can’t wait to find my next Kristan Higgins book to read.

Only Yours

Only YoursMontana Hendrix found a calling when working with therapy dogs in hopes to help those around her like a boy who needs confidence when reading or a burn victim who needs comfort. She wants that story book ending but it seemed to not be going her way that was until she bumped into the new doctor, but he was not someone who was going to be easy to love.

Simon Bradley wanted to help patients and as many as he could and especially those who had scars. His heart closed up at an early age and permanently when his mother harmed him, but now there is Montana who is trying to open his heart once again. He wants to resist as he doesn’t want to feel it breaking from rejection.

Only Yours is the fifth book to Fool’s Gold series by Susan Mallery. I can’t get enough of this series. This was another great heartwarming and heartbreaking book especially when it came down to Simon and his story.

Now as I was reading I had the idea of Beauty and the Beast in mind when it came to Montana and Simon. Montana is beauty but due to old relationships she found herself insecure about the real beauty she was. Simon was scarred due to his mothers abuse when she pushed him into the fireplace the fire still going. He thought no one could accept him. Love finds a way but there are many obstacles that are forced in their path which are all self made.

On the rest of the plot the side characters were wonderful as always to read about. The mom, Denise Hendrix was comical to read about with her dating scene but what was interesting was to learn more about the man Max. Now I have to say I loved the therapy dogs, CeCe and Buddy, and how they brought joy to the kids who needed them. I have seen those type of dogs in action and it was really amazing to watch.

The last sister who is part of the triplets will be next in Only His with Nevada.


StayAllie Larkin is the newest author we read for our book club with her first book Stay. We were able to have her talk with us during Skype which was fun as it always gives us more insight into the book. Not all authors are always available so we were lucky to have the opportunity to get her to talk to us.

Savannah ‘Van’ Leone has loved one man for the last six years but he sees her only as a friend. It all comes crashing down when he marries her best friend. Feeling sorry for herself Van will find herself ordering a dog over the internet after one too many drinks. Things will start to look up from there as she finds a friendship with her dog Joe and a man coming into his life, but trouble will still be coming Van’s way as she has to learn to stand up for herself and see how things truly are in her life.

I have to say within the book there were a lot of characters that kept me saying no I don’t like their attitude but then they change or rather Van sees beyond her own problems and really look at the people who have been around her. Van will grow up in this process and get herself in order and not be saved by the knight in shinning armor even though Alex would be a good knight. So I did like that she changed her own path. I also loved the dog Joe. He was a wonderful addition to have and funny as he was bought online on a drunken night. I also liked that the romance was there but not overwhelming as it did not seem necessary until the end very which was wonderful because it gave us what we were looking for.

Overall this was one of those books that is the perfect summer read. Its a quick paced book with fun characters who were a little off but had some complexity to them. You are left with a happy ending which was nicely wrapped up in a bow. The ending was a little too perfect  for Van but through all the trials she went through I was happy for her. Now as the romantic I loved that she found the happy ending she was searching for.

Immortal Ever After

Immortal Ever AfterValerie Moyer had no idea where she was only that she had to get out.  She understood that she need to fight to survive but at the last moment she was rescued and  brought into a new world that she had no idea about.

Anders went to the home because of a police call knowing that a rogue was up to no good. He didn’t expect to find cages of women and one who  fought the rogue nearly dying herself to be his lifemate.

Since starting the Argeneau Family series I have been hooked. Immortal Ever After is the eighteenth book to the ever growing series from Lynsay Sands and it was very enjoyable to read. The series started out lighthearted and with humor following the characters. Lately they have been getting more serious but with a character like Anders it would make sense as he is more stoic to all those around him and not known for his humor, but he is a good man. Also as the plot surrounds a kidnapping of women it is okay to have a serious side. Now saying that there are some humor filled moments especially when Valerie and Anders will interact. I liked Valerie’s character as she is very strong and has backbone when dealing with dangerous situations.

Sands brings us back with old characters who have found their lifemates to interact along with Anders and Valerie. I like the process as you never really forget those characters as they are always around or at least mentioned. This is a great way of doing it as her series seems to keep going. I love that Leigh and Lucian were also very much in the book. They are a favorite of mine. Still waiting for Justin Brinker to find his lifemate. He has been constant in the series but so far no lifemate yet. In the book I also liked how the dog Roxy was part of the plot as it went back to how Anders liked dogs from the previous books.

Can’t wait for the next installation of the Argeneau Family series.

Animal Attraction

Soon after reading the first book I went out in search of the second book from Animal Magnetism. I was happy to find out that Jill Shalvis wrote about Dell and Jade in Animal Attraction. 

Dell Connelly was the local vet along with his brother in the small town. He had his pick of any woman and usually did that is except for one and now she was leaving. He couldn’t understand what was stopping Jade but as news about local robberies of pet clinics started happening he started to realize. Dell found a way to help Jade and keep her close.

Jade Bennett had been a wounded animal at least that is what she told herself. After a string of pet clinic robberies she found herself scared. She was leaving soon but she wanted to get ready and Dell would be her answer.

I liked the continual theme Shalvis is going with in the series Animal Magnetism and that is healing. One or both of the characters from the books have need healing and are are helped throughout the story. The second book stays true to that theme.

Finishing up the book I wanted to know more with what will happen to the characters afterwards of course that will be found out later in the following stories.

Now as I read I absolutely fell in love with Jade and Dell’s character. Jade was described perfectly by Shalvis especially due to her past. I liked her story line as sad as it was. Dell was also one that had a sad past but it worked for him. I liked that Shalvis made him a playboy who never really got too close except of course with Jade who was unattainable.

Animals followed along in the story line as well as the last one and once again it was a sweet addition. The animals mirrored their masters who also needed help.

I can’t wait for the next story in Animal Magnetism series but sadly it has not come out yet. I hope soon.