After Midnight

After MidnightCaroline Cabot was given a note that her sister had found a suitor in London. She did not find that suspicious until her other sister Portia said that Adrian Kane is a vampire and that their sister is in grave danger. With an invitation from Kane they will travel to London and find if the rumors are true.

After Midnight is the first book to Kane/Cabot Vampire series from Teresa Medeiros. First off I absolutely loved this book. Medeiros wrote the story well and immediately you were pulled into the story without a problem. Usually Regency romances are the everyday variety but she puts on a little spin by including vampires in the story.

You will fall madly in love with the characters especially Caroline and Adrian. Caroline I loved with how she took on responsibility of her family and sacrificed so much for her sisters. Caroline seems like a wallflower but she is strong and resourceful. All the sisters are really like that, well I didn’t think Vivienne was going to be like that with her need to be with Adrian but all things work out best for everyone, mostly. Then there is Adrian who has a few little surprises up his sleeve which I liked as it kept you on your toes. The mystery behind the character of Adrian left me wanting more. The whole story left me wanting to read more of all these characters.

I think that this is the first book in a while that I was not guessing what would happen in the book. I was just reading the novel and being absorbed into Medeiros world of Regency and Vampires. I have the second and final book for this series as I really need to know what is going to happen with Julian Kane.

Bespelling Jane Austen

Bespelling Jane AustenBespelling Jane Austen is a collection of four stories from four different authors all using some of Austen iconic characters to tell their story with a paranormal spin to them. I read all of them but for me, since I have been following Austen’s story Pride and Prejudice, I navigated towards Susan Krinard’s story Blood and Prejudice. From the title there can be no doubt that Darcy and Elizabeth will be the main characters, but of course there is a little change going on with Mr. Darcy.

The four stories were cute and quick reads that used Austen’s characters well in fun and quirky ways. There is nothing really serious with these stories leaving you entertained. I am now looking at Steve Hockensmith to further this paranormal experience with Pride and Prejudice.

The Lady is a Vamp

After catching up to the whole series it wasn’t long until another book had been added to this ever growing Argeneau Family. The Lady is a Vamp is the seventeenth book.

Jeanne Louise Argeneau works for her family in research and development and likes her work but lately things have been off. Her taste of food is leaving her which depresses her and now she is being kidnapped. It doesn’t take Jeanne long to figure out why this man would do it. Jeanne will though finding herself helping especially as she find that this man is her lifemate. She will construct a plan to keep them a family but nothing ever goes as planned.

Paul Jones is in need of help from a vampire. As he works for them its easy to find one but has to choose the right one. He struggles with his kidnapping of Jeanne but ultimately its his daughter who needs this. Paul will grab Jeanne for his daughter but he will soon find that he wants her for more.

The Lady is a Vamp for me had me thinking about the first book of the series as a person is kidnapped and needs that particular person for help. Of course this time roles are reversed. As usual I start Lynsay Sands book and end up loving it as her characters are witty and quirky like most of her plots. It reads very quickly and there is a heartwarming side to the book especially with the little girl and her situation.

Now Lynsay Sands will have a happy ending like all the others but she throws in a twist at the end having you yelling at the book. You will want to throw the book down but the upside is you are greeted to a little family reunion and the situation will definitely make you laugh at what they do.

I was certainly happy that Jeanne Louise finally got her own book as she was talked about but there was something I didn’t understand. Justin who has been in the series has never found a lifemate for himself. In this book he can’t read the little girl, thought it was due to her tumor but afterwards could he? It would be interesting if she were to be his lifemate but that part was just unclear. I suppose I will just have to wait and find out.

The Reluctant Vampire

Drina Argenis is from the spanish side of the Argeneau family and is being summoned to help out a new problem with a young immortal. The real reason is Marguerite is setting her up to find her life mate.

Harper Stoyan is grieving the loss of his lifemate. He thought he would never feel happiness again but then Drina walks in. Harper tries to resist but they come together as they are lifemates. Harper is unsettled with this sudden news but he finds that he wants to have a life with her. Though life is never easy as trouble will find their way.

I really liked The Reluctant Vampire. I thought it grabbed my attention and held on throughout the entire book. The idea of the immortals being glorified babysitters was funny to read.

Drina was very engaging to read about. I loved her lighthearted attitude and how she immediately cared for the young Stephanie. Harper was fun to read as he lightened up throughout the book. I liked that the fact that Sands brought back Stephanie in the series to play as matchmaker. I can’t wait for when Sands will have Stephanie old enough to have her own book and to elaborate on the no fangs.

When I first started the book the names were familiar but I couldn’t place Harper until I remember him from Elvi and Victor’s story. I liked that Sands brought him back. She gives a good twist with his previous lifemate and of course the villain who is not the person you expect.

Nicholas Notte will be next to find a lifemate thanks to his mother.

I Want You To Want Me

Erika Todd has taken cue from her friend and has moved to New Orleans for a new start. As a sculpture working anywhere was not a problem, the problem was bumping into Vittorio who was also living in his brothers building. Erika knows that this is the man from the psychic reading but is frustrated when he gives her the cold shoulder. Of course the cold shoulder thaws and she will get her wish.

Vittorio Ridgewood is avoiding these woman like the plague especially as they started to die around him. That is why when he sees Erika he puts her at arms length but eventually he can’t stop what he feels and gives in. Vittorio will keep her close as he knows that danger could take Erika away from him and as its almost too late does he realize the villain.

I Want You To Want Me was a great sequel to the first in the series New Orleans Vampires. I liked that Kathy Love followed up a story with Ren’s brother Vittorio. I loved how she put the two characters of Vittorio and Erika together. Both were wary of each other but there was desire that pulled at the right strings.

It was interesting with Erika who was dreaming these horrible nightmares that would later come to the forefront. I liked that Love gave Erika a paranormal ability to a point, it gave a connection for the two characters.

Love keeps the story though lighthearted with humor and fun plot but this time adds in a little mystery. Of course throughout the book you understood who the bad guy was once Love gives certain info but you are left wondering why until the end.

The Renegade Hunter

Nicholas Argeneau is on the run for fifty years now for murdering an innocent woman. As an ex rogue hunter he is good at getting away but when an innocent woman is trouble he helps and this time he finds his own trouble. The woman he saves is his lifemate and this time he doesn’t want her to die so he will keep away but when he does things keep going from bad to worse. Nicholas has to stick close to Jo for her own safety.

Josephine ‘Jo’ Willan was stunned to be attacked at her sisters party only to be next kissing her hero and wanting more from him. Jo is soon thrust into troubles regarding the immortals and finds all about them. She wants a life with Nicholas and will fight to save him from himself if necessary.

So going back to reading the series I found myself once back into the immortals. For some reason it disappeared in the eleventh book but its back with the twelfth, The Renegade Hunter. Lynsay Sands gives Nicholas a chance to clear his name and join his family once again.

I like that Nicholas was a tortured immortal but did right by those who needed help. You knew that something was wrong about him killing an innocent and Sands will explain but not all the way. There will be a cliff hanger leading us into the next book to find out why his stepmothers were killed, why Annie was killed or for him to be executed.

I was happy to read that Jo was Sam’s sister. Not remembering their last name I was surprised to read the book. I was excited to see Sands was going to bring the sisters into the series so Sam would be able to keep her family. The party at the beginning was humorous with Sam’s attempt at matchmaking for her sisters.

Now I will admit before this book and The Immortal Hunter I didn’t remember reading about Nicholas which is why I wish the book had a family tree. The ones before had them. Its hard to keep track of all the Argeneau family.

Can’t wait for Armand’s chance at finding a wife that doesn’t meet a tragic end.

The Immortal Hunter

Decker Argeneau is an enforcer for the council and is good at his job. He thought it was over when they found Grant but it turned out he wasn’t the rogue they were looking for. Now Decker and Justin will find themselves going after a group of rogues now know thanks to an immortal who used to be on their side. Decker will find Dani and problems will follow as she is the lifemate and her sister has been taken.

Danielle “Dani” McGill had been taken along with her sister. She thought the group of men were crazy but she knew they were definitely dangerous. Getting away with her sister was the only thing she could think of, but then she is saved and her sister is still kidnapped. Dani will have to put her life and her sisters life in the hands of Decker and Justin even if they think they are vampires.

The eleventh book, The Immortal Hunter, of the series Argeneau Family was yet another great book by Lynsay Sands. If you haven’t notice once I find an author I like I devour all their books. Now as I read this I truly liked it, it was just a little slower than most. There was a lot of action following the same procedure as the others but I felt something was missing.

I think it could have been the characters were now giving a new dilemma and it was drawn out a little too much. But I liked the new concept of the no fangs. It was different and gave new possibilities to the series.

The book followed right after The Rogue Hunter so rereading it was a good option for me. I liked Decker as a character of the Argeneau family (I need a family tree to know whose kid is who) and the same with Dani. The missing sister was a good plot and Sands will have a twist to show that the bad guys are far from over as the ever growing series continues.