CompelledWhen Raphael was released from Mathilda’s magical cuffs, Cyn made a promise to Nick that she would help find them. Cyn will be confused about Nick as everything she knew about him had been a lie, but a promise was a promise. Cyn, Raphael and Nick will search together to find the magical cuffs which will lead them to a dangerous collector.

Compelled is a novella, number 10.5, to the series Vampires in America by D.B Reynolds. This one took a turn and was focused more on magic with Nick as a sorcerer, which was interesting. I liked this one, did not love it, but certainly liked it.

I suppose I am biased because I don’t want someone coming in between Cyn and Raphael. Nick was very flirty with Cyn and I was happy that she was in no way reciprocating those flirts. Cyn’s heart belongs to Raphael. I was happy to read that he really did not want to get back with Cyn since they were really never together but he was lonely. Nick’s character does get better towards the end of the novella. He is still sarcastic but he is changed as he was determined to change.  I will admit the story with his warriors was interesting, this also brings in four more stories that D.B. Reynolds will be writing. There are two of those stories already written for two of the warriors. I do hope that Nick will find his own person to love especially if he has been alone for thousands of years and I would like to know more about Nick and his powers. Also the war between sorcerers and vampires.

The collector was the dangerous element of the book. He was a interesting bad guy but it was a very short scene as it was a novella. What irked me was that Cyn has not learned to go into the dangerous places. She had caution a couple books ago but in this novella she was back to being reckless with no back up.

I am reading Lucifer next.

Runaway Vampire

Runaway VampireMary Winslow was on her last road trip that she had taken with her husband before he had passed away. Mary’s trip will soon get sidetracked when she ends up hitting something with the RV. Mary will find her life turned upside down when she helps the man she had hit and will find there was a whole knew world she never knew.

Dante Notte had been kidnapped with his twin but Dante was able to escape. He will land himself in trouble when he is injured but that will lead him to his life mate. Dante will stop at nothing to find his brother and keep hold onto Mary.

Runaway Vampire is the twenty-third book to the Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands. So with this series I have found the newer books just don’t interest me as much but I keep reading them because I have liked this series. This newest book was interesting. I liked it and in the beginning I was brought into the story pretty fast. Then I found myself slowing down. It wasn’t like it was bad or anything but the story for me slowed down and that made it harder to get through.

Dante’s character was a man on a mission which was to get away from his kidnappers and find his brother. I liked that even with his life mate around his priority was his brother. Although a lot of his time will go to Mary as she his his life mate. Mary’s character was a sixty year old woman who had a hard life in her earlier years. The bad years was her marriage to her husband but they had gotten over their troubles. I wasn’t loving how Mary had stayed in her marriage after her husband cheated multiple times but she forgave and that gave her a chance at happiness. Mary’s interaction with Dante was comical especially when she was an older woman who was looking at Dante with hunger in her eyes. She resisted but once she becomes immortal there is no stopping her character from jumping Dante’s bones.

The bad guys you really didn’t get to know much and I hope you learn more but that might come into play with the next book as that will feature Dante’s brother. It might take me some time to read it but I will get there.

Bound by Night

Bound by NightElena knew that she needed to leave before her uncle took his advances any further. She will escape to the broken down castle which was abandoned though she will find out that is not exactly true.

Drake lived in the abandoned castle all alone until he finds a woman seeking shelter. He will let her live there to protect her from her uncle, but he will find that there are other things that will become a problem with her being there.

Bound by Night is the first book to the series Bound by Amanda Ashley. I liked the book, it was a book that went by fast for me. I felt that in the beginning of the book the story resembled Beauty and the Beast, which I liked. So vampire books are all very different and I like when author’s give the vampires a little something different than the classic myths. Well most of the facts about these vampires were from the classics but there were a couple differences. One difference was that taking blood didn’t need to be done everyday or in their case every night.

Elena’s character was for the most part scared and a little weak but that was only till she found the courage to get out of a bad situation. She is resilient but in the world that she will be thrown into she wouldn’t be able to handle everything that comes her way. Drake’s character was a vampire that didn’t want to follow in his father’s path. He didn’t like the ways of the old. I liked that about Drake and loved that he wanted to be with Elena more than anything though there will be plenty of ways that will make it difficult.

I am reading the second and final book to the series next which will be with Elena and Drake’s daughter.

Vampire Dead-tective

Vampire Dead-tectiveLiz was a normal woman working at a 9 to 5 job with a roommate that was a little eccentric. Her world will be flipped upside down when her roommate will be killed and people want her dead and the ring that had belonged to her roommate. Liz will quickly find that there was another world out there, a supernatural world, and she was now part of it.

Vampire Dead-tective is the first novella to the series Dead-tective by Mac Flynn. So first off I liked the book. I had gotten it free on amazon for the kindle. I thought it sounded interesting with a vampire and human having to work together.

The story held some humor with these two characters. Liz was a normal human who thought that vampires didn’t exist. She asks a lot of questions, gets no answers, and I believe is in shock pretty much throughout the story, though I couldn’t really blame her given the situation. Then there is Vincent who is the vampire. He is sarcastic and mean with a strange sense of humor. He doesn’t want to be around Liz or to be tied to her. I would think that if his life was at risk then he would be a little nicer to the person who could end his life.

So what I found interesting with the story was the ring that both Liz and Vincent wore which tied them together. You find that out pretty quickly. Then there is the special abilities that Liz acquires which I would assume she will get better using as the series goes on, at least I would hope.

It looks like the series is with five novellas which you can get on amazon, though only the first one is free. I know that I will be back to read more from Mac Flynn especially as I would like to find out what had happened to Tim, Liz’s roommate, and why he had taken off the ring that had helped end his life.

Vampire Most Wanted

Vampires Most WantedBasha Argeneau or known as Divine has been running from her family for a long time. She is fearful that she will be caught and killed along with her son. Divine will be caught by a family spy and find truths that had been hidden from her.

Marcus Notte was working for Lucien and his job was to locate Basha. He will find her but it will shock him that she will be something more to him.

Vampire Most Wanted is the twentieth book from the Argeneau Family series by Lynsay Sands. I have read all of the books to this series and am always wanting to read the next installation. I liked the book for what it was but I have to say that it took me longer to get through than most of her books. I think for one there was little to no humor that Sands usually would write especially in the beginning of the series. This book was more dire in the situation and more violent which I don’t mind but I felt that I had to force myself to read. I guess for me the beginning was slow and I wanted more to happen a little faster. Once I get over half of the book I do find myself picking up the pace because now it seems the story is moving along. It is still without much humor but the truth is becoming clear and Basha’s past is being revealed which I thought was interesting and horrible at the same time.

Sands write Basha’s past well and you feel for the character with all that she goes through. When you find out all that had happened to Basha you feel horrible for her as no person should be tormented that much. She only grows stronger as she finds the truth. I am happy that there was a light at the end of the tunnel for Basha and Marcus, and for Basha and her family.

What I thought was interesting was the mention of nanos which is usually present was not so much. Sands focuses more on the no fangers which were the bad guys and one that will be a problem as he is not caught at the end. You know that he will be trouble as he has been in the past but now his identity is known and you know he will be visiting again in the book as he will more than likely become a bigger threat. I will just have to wait for the next book to find out.

One Lucky Vampire

One Lucky VampireNicole Phillips is a successful artist but going through a divorce that is leaving her with too many problems. She will get some help with a new cook/housekeeper but she will be getting more than she realized.

Jake Colson is on a job thanks to a family member but it is not the normal security job. He has to play a role to help protect an artist who is being threatened by her ex-husband. He will keep an eye on her but his lust will take over even when the accidents gets too close.

One Lucky Vampire is the nineteenth book from the Argeneau Family series by Lynsay Sands. I have read all of the books of this series and it keeps me going with every book I have read. Lynsay Sands brings this series with a interesting twist with the nanos. This was another good book to read. She keeps growing the series with new family members and it looks as if she is giving more options going to the Notte side of the family. There is a side of me that still loves the very beginning books the best but no matter what these books are very entertaining.

I liked Nicole’s character in the book. She was an artist and stressed over all that she has been happening to her with the divorce. I liked that you found out more info on the soon to be ex husband which gives several answers to several situations that happened. Now there is of course our hero who is Jake. He was turned only seven years ago and doesn’t really like it. He does understand more now and stops hating what he is.

There will be plenty of sex between Nicole and Jake once they understand they are life mates and it doesn’t really stop. Their relationship goes fast pretty quickly but that is like most of the couples in the series. It gets a little humorous with Jake’s family intruding on them. I thought that getting to who is behind all the accidents took a while to have it all wrapped up together. There is a twist with this person that kept you guessing towards a different direction.

The Vampire Who Loved Me

The Vampire Who Loved MeJulian Kane has been away from his family finally understanding there was no hope for him or his lost soul. He especially had to stay away from Portia Cabot who was too good for him but she was never far from his thoughts even after all this time. He will fight the temptation but it will only hold him off for so long.

The second and final book for Kane/Cabot Vampire series from Teresa Medeiros was once again fantastic and follows along the path of the first book. I was once again drawn into this regency world where vampires are no long myths.

Now Adrian was a fantastic lead in the first book. Julian holds the darker side of the character but nevertheless he still is a good man even though there is plenty of doubt and betrayal. Portia never truly gave up on Julian which I loved and it looked like neither did Julian. What was different with this book was the involvement of vampires. There was definitely more vampires or scenes with them which gave more to the book. There is the happy ending that you long for but it was not an easy task. I thought the scene which all the action at the end was well written by Medeiros.

Ending the short series I know that this will not be the last series read by Teresa Medeiros and I can’t wait to find another series to read from this author.

After Midnight

After MidnightCaroline Cabot was given a note that her sister had found a suitor in London. She did not find that suspicious until her other sister Portia said that Adrian Kane is a vampire and that their sister is in grave danger. With an invitation from Kane they will travel to London and find if the rumors are true.

After Midnight is the first book to Kane/Cabot Vampire series from Teresa Medeiros. First off I absolutely loved this book. Medeiros wrote the story well and immediately you were pulled into the story without a problem. Usually Regency romances are the everyday variety but she puts on a little spin by including vampires in the story.

You will fall madly in love with the characters especially Caroline and Adrian. Caroline I loved with how she took on responsibility of her family and sacrificed so much for her sisters. Caroline seems like a wallflower but she is strong and resourceful. All the sisters are really like that, well I didn’t think Vivienne was going to be like that with her need to be with Adrian but all things work out best for everyone, mostly. Then there is Adrian who has a few little surprises up his sleeve which I liked as it kept you on your toes. The mystery behind the character of Adrian left me wanting more. The whole story left me wanting to read more of all these characters.

I think that this is the first book in a while that I was not guessing what would happen in the book. I was just reading the novel and being absorbed into Medeiros world of Regency and Vampires. I have the second and final book for this series as I really need to know what is going to happen with Julian Kane.

Bespelling Jane Austen

Bespelling Jane AustenBespelling Jane Austen is a collection of four stories from four different authors all using some of Austen iconic characters to tell their story with a paranormal spin to them. I read all of them but for me, since I have been following Austen’s story Pride and Prejudice, I navigated towards Susan Krinard’s story Blood and Prejudice. From the title there can be no doubt that Darcy and Elizabeth will be the main characters, but of course there is a little change going on with Mr. Darcy.

The four stories were cute and quick reads that used Austen’s characters well in fun and quirky ways. There is nothing really serious with these stories leaving you entertained. I am now looking at Steve Hockensmith to further this paranormal experience with Pride and Prejudice.

The Lady is a Vamp

After catching up to the whole series it wasn’t long until another book had been added to this ever growing Argeneau Family. The Lady is a Vamp is the seventeenth book.

Jeanne Louise Argeneau works for her family in research and development and likes her work but lately things have been off. Her taste of food is leaving her which depresses her and now she is being kidnapped. It doesn’t take Jeanne long to figure out why this man would do it. Jeanne will though finding herself helping especially as she find that this man is her lifemate. She will construct a plan to keep them a family but nothing ever goes as planned.

Paul Jones is in need of help from a vampire. As he works for them its easy to find one but has to choose the right one. He struggles with his kidnapping of Jeanne but ultimately its his daughter who needs this. Paul will grab Jeanne for his daughter but he will soon find that he wants her for more.

The Lady is a Vamp for me had me thinking about the first book of the series as a person is kidnapped and needs that particular person for help. Of course this time roles are reversed. As usual I start Lynsay Sands book and end up loving it as her characters are witty and quirky like most of her plots. It reads very quickly and there is a heartwarming side to the book especially with the little girl and her situation.

Now Lynsay Sands will have a happy ending like all the others but she throws in a twist at the end having you yelling at the book. You will want to throw the book down but the upside is you are greeted to a little family reunion and the situation will definitely make you laugh at what they do.

I was certainly happy that Jeanne Louise finally got her own book as she was talked about but there was something I didn’t understand. Justin who has been in the series has never found a lifemate for himself. In this book he can’t read the little girl, thought it was due to her tumor but afterwards could he? It would be interesting if she were to be his lifemate but that part was just unclear. I suppose I will just have to wait and find out.