Untamed by Nora Roberts

I find that when I pick up a book from an author I tend to take several of their books to read. Just one book is not enough for me. So I picked up Untamed by Nora Roberts. I was intrigued by the plot of a female lion trainer and a lawyer getting the reigns of a circus.

Keane a lawyer who just got the papers that said ¬†he was owner of his father’s circus. Then there is Jovilette “Jo” a female lion trainer who lives for the circus. She grew up in it now it could all come crushing down with the new owner who Jo is finding a little too¬†irresistible.

Putting this book down was out of the question. It was a simple plot but I was riveted by it and needed to know the outcome.

I like the concept of Jo as a trainer. I thought it was a thrilling plot that felt realistic. Keane was an irrestiable character as a hard headed lawyer with a soft side for Jo.

I think the entire time I was routing for the two characters in the book but each time you thought they would declare their love you were thrown. As the reader you knew Keane was attracted but he wasn’t following through. He kept her at a distance. This fact drove me a little crazy but kept me reading from the beginning to the end. And the ending was worth reading.