Finding Foster in “Unexpected”

Through my usual browsing of the stacks in the library of the fiction section I come across a new author, Lori Foster.  I have never heard of her or seen any of her books but I thought to try one of her novels.  On looking at the cover of  “Unexpected” I was intrigued by the image and hot pink color of the book.  Those who say “don’t judge a book by its cover” are right but sometimes it happens.  If I see something visually appealing I will pick it up and examine further, that is the idea of marketing.

“In this deliciously sensual novel, bestselling author Lori Foster creates an unforgetable heroine in Ray Vereker, a female Rambo with quick reflexes, sharp instincts, a hot body, and a bad case of morning sickness…”

After reading that small insert I wanted to know about Ray and the other leading character Eli Connors.  After reading the first few pages I could not put the book down.   I was intrigued by Ray’s character.  I liked that she was a very strong, independent woman who didn’t need any help, well at least according to her.

Eli’s character was just as strong and had his own dynamic attributes to combine with Ray, which makes good reading.  The scenerio is that Ray is hired by Eli to get Jeremy, his brother, out of Central America.  Both of them make it there with the help of Buddy who was an old mercenary friend of Ray’s.  Through bumps in the road and an unwavering attraction between Ray and Eli they come to Central America and rescue Jeremy but the troubles do not stop there for Ray and Eli.  There will be another bump in the road that will have to be shared with the two of them and family.

Overall I thought that this book was something new and refreshing to read.  I am looking forward to continuing reading her books, starting with a series of five books named visitation: “Say No to Joe?”, “The Secret Life of Bryan”, “When Bruce Met Cyn”, “Just a Hint: Clint”, and “Jamie”.   I am hoping that this series will be enjoyable as “Unexpected” was.