Dirty Sexy Sinner

Jackson Stone had found out some life changing news, his whole life had been a lie. Jackson will find three brothers he never knew, one of them was his twin. He will try to make a relationship with them even as they were weary, though he will get some help from Tara.

Tara Kent had finally completed her business degree and had gotten a promotion at work. Her world will change once again when she meets Jackson, Clay’s twin.

Dirty Sexy Sinner is the fourth book to the series Dirty Sexy by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde. This last book was enjoyable and a good ending to this steamy series.

Jackson’s character was not the rich kid his brothers had thought him to be. He had his own crappy childhood that had not been filled with love. I wanted to give Jackson a hug when his brothers rejected him, but that was only at the beginning. These Kincaid brothers were not easily trusting. It was interesting that Jackson was Clay’s twin and pretty tragic with how Jackson had been taken away from his twin. Despite it all he turned out well adjusted, just like his brothers. Tara’s character was a young woman who had her tragedy early on in her life. She rose above her own tragedy and was able to make something of her life. I loved Tara’s spunk but she was still very insecure, Jackson will help with that insecurity.

The ending was very sappy but I loved it. The authors gave a conclusion to these brothers and their wives.


Get caught up with “My Favorite Countess”

Reading all about Simon and Sophie in Sex and the Single Earl you are introduced to Bathsheba who is the villain of the book. You pretty much despise the woman throughout and don’t really feel sorry for her but Vanessa Kelly changes that in My Favorite Countess.

Bathsheba Randolph is in need of a man of wealth. Her cousin is letting her stay there at the manor but their finances are in grave danger of being poor. Bathsheba sets out to seduce a new husband even though she has no real desire to do so. A husband is something she could deal without or a love affair but then she gets terribly ill sitting with her sister and a doctor comes into play.

Dr. John Blackmore was fascinated by Bathsheba from the moment he set his eyes on her. The moment she was violently ill he stayed and nursed her back to health ending their interlude with a passionate kiss that left them breathless. With intimacies shared and some on their way John wanted to be with Bathsheba. He knew she felt the same thing but the Countess was hiding things from him. He would use seduction to find a way to break through.

Having the book to be on  Bathsheba was actually pretty fun to read about. The seduction and passionate scenes scorched the pages but what will get to you is the story. She does not play the character of helpless damsal, she hides everything and that makes her character more intriguing.

I liked that as the reader you got to see her side of the story and saw she is not such a bad person after all only had a rough past.

My Favorite Countess is a delight to read and is all about looking beyond the rumors.