Rock Me

Summer Michelle’s dream is to become a singer and she is getting a big break. It is down to two singers who will be the opening act for a big pop star, but then threats start to happen. Summer will be told that she will be given a bodyguard and it is none other than her old bodyguard, the man that she had an affair with four years ago. She hopes that they can get a second chance but will have to get Ben’s trust again.

Ben Hollander had been fired from his last job because he had been caught having an affair with a contestant. Now four years later he will be guarding her once again but he will not let it get physical. He doesn’t want to be like his father, though Ben will have to fight hard to resist as Summer will pursue him.

Rock Me is the first book to the series Bodyguard Bad Boys by Carly Phillips. Carly Phillips is an author I can rely on to write a fun and quick novel that has elements of love/lust and some danger in them. This was a great first book to the series. I have a definite soft spot for bodyguard books.

I was apprehensive because I thought Summer was going to be a diva and was the one to turn in Ben but quickly found out that was wrong. Summer was a young woman who just wanted to be a singer. She fell for Ben but things got in their way. I liked that they got a second chance to try again. Ben was definitely guarded but when you find out about his past it was understandable. I thought Ben should have put up a little more of a fight to resist Summer but he didn’t.

The threat was interesting because I had guessed right away the person but then I wasn’t sure as Carly Phillips wasn’t giving away too many hints.

Bedroom Games

Kandis Thornton was on the show for one reason, the money. She wanted to help her mother and the money would do that. Kandis had a plan going into the show but it will be blown away when she gets a partner, Brodie Short. Though as they work together Kandis wonders if something real could come from a fake show.

Brodie Short was wanting to be famous, that was why he was on these reality tv shows. His first show had him as a villain and he wanted to change that. He had become a flirt instead but his partner will have him wanting more.

Bedroom Games is the fourth book from the series Games by Jessica Clare. I really liked this novel. I am a big fan of Big Brother reality tv show and this was based off that popular tv show. Reading this novel definitely brought me back to the show especially with all the deals that are made between the contestants.

Kandis’s character was someone I appreciated because she was playing the game but even through all of it you could still tell the real girl beneath it all. I liked that she found lust with Brodie but she still kept her guard up around him. Brodie’s character was considered the villain from the previous book and I fully expected to dislike him but I didn’t. Within this game it is expected to sneaky and he did a good job, but you got to read his thoughts in the interviews and knew that he was starting to feel something that was real. Though all through the whole book I wondered if those feelings would truly last. I got the answer at the end of the book.

I am reading Body Games next.

In the Heat of the Night

In the Heat of the NightRory O’Roarke was trying to get his life back together after a failed marriage. He will find himself in a small town as a fireman again. He will also find Meg who will have him wanting to chance his heart again.

Meg Starling had left her small town to make it big but she was unable to reach her dream. She came back home but was still set on getting her own show. Though she will be distracted by Rory who was someone she wanted to be with.

In the Heat of the Night is the second book to the series The O’Roarkes by Katerine Garbera. I thought this was a good sequel to the series. It was a cute story of two characters reaching for what they want and learning to make the appropriate sacrifices.

Rory’s character was a man who had given it all up for a woman only to find out that life with the woman had not worked. Rory lost of a little of himself when that happens. He is trying to find his place again. I liked that he was finding it in the small town and letting himself feel again. Meg’s character was a determined woman who had been burned before with her career. She was not willing to let it go until she was a success. I did like Meg’s determination but it was almost forced because it was something she needed to do and wasn’t in her heart anymore. Their romance was steamy but sweet at the same time. What I didn’t like was that they each were asking the other to give up what they loved. It wasn’t fair to either of them. Though for one of them they were lying to themselves because what they had wanted was no longer in their heart.

There are still some O’Roarke’s that haven’t had their story told. I don’t know if those stories will be coming since it took about eight years for the sequel to come out. If the stories do come out I would be interested in reading them.

Dirty Rowdy Thing

Dirty Rowdy ThingHarlow Vega liked to experience life and took all that it had to offer especially having fun with guys but since her quickie marriage she hasn’t been successful. Then Finn Roberts will come back into her life on business. They make a deal to have fun while he is in town but when things start to get real between them they start to back off of each other and question what they want.

Dirty Rowdy Thing is the second book to the series Wild Seasons by Christina Lauren. I liked this book. It was a good addition to the series.

Harlow’s character is very loud and says what she wants, when she wants. I liked that she was protective and someone who fixed things for those she loved. She was perceived as a wealthy socialite by Finn when she was actually not a snob. Though one things Harlow does wrong is act first, think later which will get her into trouble. Finn’s character was quiet and had an attitude. He was always saying the wrong thing or he was bantering back and forth with Harlow. I actually liked the bantering but I wanted them to find that they were good together because initially it was like they were oil and water.

I found that they are actually very similar as they are the take charge kind of people. That is good and bad because they are both wanting to help or to take charge of the situation. They will work it out but it takes some time.

I am reading the third book next.

Crazy Thing Called Love

Crazy Thing Called LoveMadelyn Cornish has moved on with her life leaving the man she loved who had broken her heart. Now he is back in her life and her feelings are in danger of falling back in love.

Billy Wilkins had ruined the one good thing going on in his life. He will take his second chance because even though fourteen years have past he still loves her.

Crazy Thing Called Love is the third book from the series Crooked Creek Ranch by Molly O’Keefe. This is the first book I have read from the author. I started the book and was intrigued but then I lost interest with the hockey which is a good portion of it at least in the beginning. I am not saying the book wasn’t good because it was, but it was a slow read. Then you get halfway through the book and the characters are more developed, there is more going on and you are getting a better picture of what their lives were like. You feel for Billy as he is trying to get his life together and you feel for Maddy but in the back of my mind I am thinking that she needs to let go of the past and start anew.

I liked the addition of the niece and nephew which brought Billy and Maddy together and a look at what their pasts were like back then.

I think I would be interested in reading more from Molly O’Keefe. Maybe try another one of her series to find out what they are like.

Sugar Rush

Sugar RushLeilani “Lani” Trusdale fled New York and settled back home to be with her father and to start up her own bakery store. Lani will feel that everything is falling into place until the man she had secretly loved comes flying back into her life.

Baxter Dunne needed Lani in his life. He thought he was doing the show which would help her store though it appeared everything he did was screwing up. Baxter would not give up on Lani but will soon find that she is not the same woman he knew in New York.

After reading the series Keyes Sisters from Susan Mallery which was about a bakery shop I picked up four books to Donna Kauffman’s series Cupcake Club. When picking up the books I hadn’t realized it but both series all are about desserts. This got me thinking of Christmas cookies that I helped make with my mom this past year and of course now making me want some of them.

So back to the book Sugar Rush from Donna Kauffman which is the first book to the series Cupcake Club. I thought it was a cute book with a simple story. Once you get into the story the characters are very well developed and I liked that Kauffman lets you into Baxter and Lani’s lives especially Baxter and how he got his start. I will admit I thought I would dislike Baxter due to Lani’s opinion about him but from the start he was a good guy at least from his comments he thought in his head. He meant to do things right but they always got screwed up. Lani needed to take a chance which she does with Baxter eventually.

There is an uplifting ending that gave Baxter and Lani a future on this island of Georgia and mentioned the next woman who would be in the second book Sweet Stuff. I am interested in how Kauffman will keep going with these desserts and if they are to be in the bakery or a new location. I will find out next as I pick up the second book.

Twice The Temptation

After reading two books from Cara Summers I found myself looking for more. So far the books I have seen from her are the Harlequin Romance series. I decided to continue on that route with Twice The Temptation. This is a collection of two short stories, Playing with Reese and Saving Brie, from the series Forbidden Fantasies.

Playing with Reese

Reese Brigtman is on the road to becoming a big success as a televised chef that is if her producer would ever make up his mind on the location. Mac Davis wants it all to work for his show and has now the perfect location. Now all he has to do is convince Reese to use her house. The only obstacle is singles weekend, an old flame and a couple of ghost.

Saving Brie

Brie Sullivan is witness to a murder and now is down a bodyguard but soon Cody Marsh takes the position. Together they go into hiding at the haunted house of Haworth. Things don’t go as plan as there are several difficulties they will face, one being taken with desire and wanting nothing else. It doesn’t help that this is the singles weekend all about fulfilling fantasies.

I have to admit I liked the stories. They were complete stories but sometimes wished there were more details within the story. Each story was about 120 pages. They were quick, steamy and had a fun plot. I am interested in reading about the other two sisters who came before Reese. The ghosts were a fun element of the story which gave it a little of the paranormal romance.

L.A and Napa Collide

Christie Ridgway’s book Crush on You is the first book of the series Three Kisses Trilogy. Reading the summary I was interested. There was something about the book that makes you interested and want to know more.

Alessandra Baci is known as the Nun of Napa through the town because of a tragedy which left her with a broken heart. Five years have past and Alessandra keeps up her vibe through town but there will be one man who will threaten to break what she has been holding on to.

Penn Bennett is known in Hollywood and is back with his half brothers in Napa. Starting a new job was not in this break but he ended up with that and working with the Nun of Napa. Penn doesn’t believe in Alessandra and finds ways to rattle her. Working with her on saving the winery seemed like the solution as he knew she needed him. But Penn will start something much more.

The book was slow to begin. Christie Ridgway brings you into the story but it is slow going. I liked the characters and you get to know them but not as much to stay completely invested. Then as you are diving into the story you get that connection. Penn and Alessandra’s characters start to make sense and you want to see how it plays out.

I liked the other characters of Gil and Clare being told at the same time. The one thing that I didn’t like was Alessandra’s weakness to stay the same but through the plot she grows and changes into the woman and all is changed at the end.

Who’s the next Bachelor?

The was the question that Erin had to come up with. Who’s the next bachelor for their Prince Charming? It was a hard job but Erin loved it but something happens on this trip as they come upon to the broken down castle with Dylan as its innkeeper.

Dylan Chrisholm is the owner of the broken down land and doesn’t want anything to do with the Prince Charming show that is until he sees Erin. Sparks fly as they get close. Dylan and Erin are not ready to take the plunge but it could be coming whether they are ready or not.

The Great Scot is the second book to the series Chrisholm Brothers. Donna Kauffman creates the plot that many have used before but it was twisted with many witty characters, two of which are fighting the attraction.

Kauffman pulls off the hot and heavy scenes that aspire as Erin and Dylan are together but the story of their past pull off the story. The reader will be intrigued about the past and where these characters come from.

The Great Scot is a steamy squeal for the oldest Chrisholm brother.