Playing Games

Katy Short was only at the audition to help her brother but she will quickly be paired up with her brother for the reality tv show that was a race. Katy will be happy with the money that came with the show but things will get out of hand especially when her partner changes from brother to rock star.

Playing Games is the second book to the series Games by Jessica Clare. This series is clearly inspired by classical reality tv shows that are still very popular. This one was very much based on the Amazing Race and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a great follow up to the series.

Katy was a fantastic character. She was very genuine and I liked that as the race started she got that competitive edge. I also liked that she found something real in a reality tv show. The romance reader in me was cheering for Katy and Liam and hoping that they would find a happy ending. Liam’s character was a rock star that just wanted to write music. He was stuck on this show but he will be surprised by Katy and surprised that he found a connection with her.

The one thing that drove me was crazy was Brodie, Katy’s older brother. He pretty much betrayed his sister at every turn. Yet she tried to help her brother. If Brodie is in another story within the series I hope he isn’t such a villain, but more than likely he would be.

I am reading Ice Games next.

Dare to Touch

Dare to TouchOlivia loves her job though it can be difficult with handling the players. Her life will get more complicated when Dylan will show his interest as he starts to pursue her. Olivia will have to take a chance with Dylan but before she can be happy she has to get over her past.

Dylan wanted Olivia and knew that he had to take a chance. He will pursue her relentlessly and will finally get her to be with him. She will want a a fling but he will want more and will not stop till he gets Olivia to realize that she wants that too.

Dare to Touch is the third book to the series Dare to Love by Carly Phillips. I really liked this book.

Olivia’s character felt real. She looked to be a confident woman on the outside but she was a mess on the inside. She was insecure, had trust issues, and had a sad tragedy. I wanted her to find that love which would make her feel loved. It was clear that it was Dylan but before she could be happy she had to get over her past. Dylan’s character I liked. He was pushy but he was pushy to get Olivia. He wanted her more for just one night.

There will be a problem with Dylan’s friend Meg. They are just friends but Olivia will feel those old insecurities. I liked that Meg will not be a problem in fact she will be a main character in the next book.

So I am really disappointed in Olivia’s father. You already know that is not the best father but it feels like he doesn’t even try with his kids, in particular the ones he had with Emma. Maybe he will try harder but it feels too late.

I am reading the fourth book next.

Lord Dashwood Missed Out

Lord Dashwood Missed OutMiss Elinora “Nora” Browning had become an author the day the man she loved had cruelly crushed her dreams. Her pamphlet sold to many but now years later she will meet up with the man who was the inspiration and find that she still loved him, even though he still vexed her.

Lord Dashwood Missed Out is a book from the Spindle Cove series by Tessa Dare. This novella is number 4.5 in the series. I have loved this series since I started it and I was so happy that Tessa Dare decided to write another story. There will be another story coming out which will be a novel.

I really liked this novella but I will say that I kind of wish it was a novel. I felt that the story was rushed and I wanted the characters to be drawn out more. I think it would help because Dash was someone I really couldn’t warm up to for most of the novel. Well I did like him but I couldn’t understand his intentions. I wondered if he was out for revenge or he wanted to win back Nora. I did like how Dash made up for his methods at the end. With Nora’s character I liked how she was strong enough to put her feelings down on paper and just write. She was still naive but that innocent trait was enduring with her character.

What I really liked was that Dare put in the other characters from the previous books. You got to read how things were going for them and it looks like everyone is happy, which was nice to read.

The next novel from Spindle Cove series will be coming out in September and it will be with Charlotte. I don’t have long to wait.

Otherwise Engaged

Otherwise EngagedMiss Amity Doncaster has dealt with scandal from six years ago as it still follows her but she will be in a different danger when she steps into the wrong carriage. The murderer named the Bridegroom will almost gets his hands on her but she will escape. The danger will not be over as now she had to find this killer before she is threatened again, she will find help from Benedict Stanbrige.

Benedict Stanbridge was a spy for the Crown and was almost killed but because of Amity Doncaster he was still breathing. He will feel gratitude but much more for this woman. Benedict will have to do all that he can to save this woman from the murderer.

Otherwise Engaged is a standalone novel by Amanda Quick a.k.a Jayne Ann Krentz. I had originally thought that this was going to be a continuation of the series Ladies of Lantern Street but I quickly figured out that it was not. I wasn’t too distraught as I love to read her books and it has been a while since I got a new book from this period so I was excited to read it. Her books are like a guilty pleasure for me. They’re the books that I can always reread over and over. This novel was one that I really enjoyed and reminded me of her other novels with the intrigue, murder, investigation and the connection between the two characters. Yes it is a formula as most authors have it, but I couldn’t put it down. I needed to know who was the villain and there were several to chose from so it was hard to make an accurate guess which made the book entertaining to read.

Amity was a world traveler and an accomplished one at that. She has dealt with scandal and deals with it again in the wake of this murderer. She is brave and expresses herself with no difficulty which I liked about her. Then there is Benedict who was clearly a man of mystery and was good at his job being a spy. Those abilities of investigation would come in handy to help Amity. I liked their teamwork as it was a give and take partnership.

The villain as I said above could have been a handful of people which left me guessing and trying to solve the plot as I read. This is something I like to do and when I can’t figure out the murderer before they are revealed I know that the author did a good job with writing the story.


NotoriousSusanna Burney is in the business of deceit but it will start to unravel as her past comes to haunt her. James the only man she loved was going to be an obstacle to complete her job and she knew not to let her guard down but her heart wasn’t going to listen.

James Devlin has been wooing the young heiress but there is no love between them. James wants money and some station in his life than what he has been. James will be sidetracked when his ex-wife will be back in his presence and looked to be up to no good. James will find ways to be around her, to seduce her and to find that passion they shared, but James will make the mistake letting his heart get back involve.

Loving the first book of the series Scandalous Women of the Ton I wanted more. I had taken what books there were available at the library which were the fourth and fifth book. Notorious is the fourth book to Nicola Cornick’s series. I got to know the character of James in the first book but he wasn’t featured as a main character, you remember him all the same. I loved James character as the seducer when he wanted to be which shows its side every time Susanna is around. Susanna I liked her character but hated what she had to do. Her story didn’t make me want to cry as much as Joanna’s story had but still Susanna’s story was horrific in a similar way. I liked that she recovered well to a point but there was a second chance for them.

Now the villain is someone who for me just showed up out of nowhere. His name is Thomas and from the sound of it he was in the previous story. Notorious can be read out of order as you can put everything together easily but you sometimes miss those little facts of other characters who already were part of the story. I am interested in finding out more with the villain. There was also another villain in my opinion who was the Duke’s son. His actions depict that he is a villain with what he does to Chessie.

The ending will make you want to melt with what happens between our two main characters. I will say that I do love reading so far this series. Notorious was worth reading and once I read the fifth book I know I will have to look for the remaining books of the series.

Whisper of Scandal

Nicola Cornick has been an author I have acquainted with before but with only one book. I went to my library and found several books to be interesting which all happened to be of the same series. I like reading series in order but since these are the only ones available I thought I take a stab at them and revisit Nicola Cornick. I did though start with the first book of this series Scandalous Women of the Ton which is Whispers of Scandal.

Whisper of ScandalLady Joanna Ware is the darling of the ton and does her best to keep it that way but all is about to be threatened once again as her husband will reach her from beyond the grave. Joanna will be given a chance to take care of her husbands illegitimate child but she must cross the arctic to do that, she could not do this alone. She will be forced into having Lord Grant help her and she will be forced to feel things for Alex that she long buried.

Lord Alex Grant was to deliver a letter to the lawyer and be done with it but he stayed as the lady baffled him. She was not exactly how his best friend had described her as he found out the longer he stayed around. Alex will fight hard through the cold and danger that will surrounds them but will find it that feelings will change towards Joanna.

Since I have only read one book from Cornick I am not an expert on her writing techniques but I can say that I think she does a fantastic job on character description. When reading I tend to get lost in books, especially if they are well written. I found myself doing just that in Whisper of Scandal. Lady Joanna is by far my favorite character as she shows so many sides of her character but they are all the same woman. I love that she is brave and strong but almost broken from her last marriage. I wanted to almost cry as everything as her life was being torn apart once again by her dead husband. Cornick creates David Ware to be the villain even though he is dead. You will truly hate this man with how Cornick writes what he does to hurt his widow over and over. Alex was one you grew to really love. You knew he was not like his friend David Ware but he was still cruel with his assumptions. I liked how he changed over the book and found love and acceptance once again. Of course Cornick does put an obstacle once again in the couples path that leaves you to believe Alex is not our noble and caring hero as we thought he was but  Cornick will weave in a happy ending into the story which will melt your heart.

There are several side characters that drift through the book which I thought added to the drama of the book. I liked the Captain Owen Purchase who will be in the fifth book I picked up. Having him in the first book and getting to know him a little I am excited to know more and hope he finds that love he found with the wrong woman once again. At least someone who can love him back. I also liked the cousin Devlin as a young adventurer. He seemed like he was almost playing a role and that he would never get to close to any woman with his heart that is. Once again I looked ahead and found that Devlin is also to be staring in the fourth book.

Finishing up the story I wanted more from the author and the characters. I wanted to know where it would go. I looked ahead at the summary of the second book even though I don’t have that particular one in my possession, only the fourth and fifth book, I wanted to know who would be next. I found that it was Lottie the so called friend. I have to say I am not excited to read her book when I find it as her character was deplorable. She annoyed me throughout the book especially as she slept with Joanna’s late husband, well she sleeps with most and doesn’t care about feelings, at least that is how it is looked. Of course I am sure she will have redeeming characteristics but right now I guess I will stew in the  harshness of the character she has portrayed.

What I will say is Cornick does an impressive job on making you feel while reading the book and how the characters are not one dimensional. She is an author I would recommend and one to keep reading.