The Rogue You Know

The Rogue You KnowGideon Harrow needed to get a necklace which will lead him to Lady Susanna Derring. From there everything goes wrong. All he wanted was the necklace but will be blackmailed into taking Susanna on an adventure. The adventure will get interrupted as Gideon has enemies who are after him.

Lady Susanna Derring wanted to have an adventure, to know love and to be free. She will get a chance when she meets Gideon though it will be more than she had bargained for as she will find herself on the run from several bad guys.

The Rogue You Know is the second book to the Covent Garden Cubs by Shana Galen. I really liked this book. As I started the book I was immediately pulled into the story and before I knew it the story was over.

I really liked Gideon’s character. I liked him pretty much right from the start when I read the first book and I liked him more in the second book. He was a good man, it just happened that he had a lifetime of bad role models. Gideon wants more but he is too afraid to reach for what he wants. Susanna’s character was a quiet girl but that was because of her upbringing. I liked that she broke away and wanted that adventure. Of course that adventure will turn very bad as Gideon was running from men who wanted him dead and Susanna gets dragged into that mess. I liked that she didn’t back done or run away crying. She braved through the situation with Gideon.

The mother of Susanna was someone that I didn’t really like nor did I dislike. Well I thought she was a little hard on her daughter but she had her reasons. I had guessed the reason as it was predictable but I thought Galen wrote the mother’s scenes well.

I will be finishing off the series with the third book but I haven’t gotten it yet as it just came out. Though I will be getting it soon, at least I hope.

Don’t Get Stuck at the Recital

Performing your musical talents is a Smythe-Smith tradition. Every year the sisters or cousins perform for all of the ton but it would help if any of them had any talent. Honoria is the youngest of the siblings and very much out of place with them but she finds her way in the world with trying to make the best at her situation but when fate drops in her brothers oldest friend. Honoria will think about a whole new possibility.

Marcus Holroyd is the only son and has been left on his own since the time of his mothers death. He had grown up a shy boy but had a great friend of Daniel Smythe-Smith. Growing up with Daniel’s family had felt like his own but never really his. But when he sees Honoria again he will start to see her in a whole new light especially after she saves him from fever.

Marcus and Honoria will set upon a romance that neither one admits until either can’t hold back to what they are feeling with the help of family.

Reading the series Bridgertons (which is a fantastic series) you will have already have heard of the famous Smythe-Smiths, and I love that Julia Quinn creates a series just for them. The novel, Just Like Heaven, is a sweet new series that follows just like the Bridgertons but Quinn gives Honoria her own voice and you fall for this completely sweet story.

The whole time I read it there was a smile that kept to my face as you read about her bantering to herself and to Marcus. Of course you can’t forget about the bad playing with the cousins which was comical and lightened the story even more.

Then when you came to Marcus you cheered when he found his own strength to show what he was feeling. I loved hearing his own words through the story and how Quinn expresses his thoughts progressing towards the act of love.

Now there is of course the unbridled lust in the story. This act though was tamed and towards the end giving the story a very sweet and cute plot with flirting and the possibility of more.

Just Like Heaven is the perfect start to the series Smythe-Smith Quartet and I can’t wait for the next one. Who will it be? My bet will be Sarah but I could be wrong.

When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn

After reading about Eloise I was eager to read about Francesca Bridgerton the next one to find her way to the alter, again. When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn is the sixth continuation of the series Bridgerton.

Michael Stirling is in love with his cousins wife. From the moment he saw her he loved her but it was too late. Francesca Bridgerton would now and forever treat him like a friend. He loved his cousin John and would never betray him but now John had passed. Still he could not be with Francesca until one night they kissed.

What struck me was this book was a lot more passionate than the others which I found interesting because it was the daughter who was wicked. She had the appetite that could not be ignored along with Michael.

I love how Quinn created the back story so you know how Michael feels watching the happy married couple. You feel for him and at the end was sweet with the letter. I like that Francesca is also different from all her family being a little more closed off, or really needs to do things on her own.

Quinn creates these characters to be lovable, smart and witty. The youngest sister is next which will prove to be entertaining.

The Trouble With Harry by Katie MacAlister

Reading the last book of the series Noble was fun since one of the characters from the first book was back, Harry. Katie MacAlister enlists Harry character to make a comeback in the third and final book, The Trouble With Harry.

Harry is a wealth lord in good health looking for a wife. Nothing seems wrong with that except Harry’s five children who do not want to change. These five children will be a challenge to Plum who will take Harry’s offer of marriage. The trouble is Harry and Plum are not at all honest with each other and the secrets will come out but not in the way either wanted. But will the secrets be what separates them or keeps them together.

Bringing Harry back was a blast to read. I loved his five little hellions and Plum’s ability to give them love and help them.

I thougth MacAlister did a good job in the last book. It was funny with a lot of wit but there was also suspense. I love that Harry is insistently attracted to Plum and both have a good hearts to work out their difficulties.

It was also fun to read about Nick, Noble’s oldest boy who was now a man.

The Noble Series was a fun modern version of the victorian period with a lot of wit and funny scenes that will leave you happy with the results.

Noble Intentions by Katie MacAlister

I was thoroughly impressed with Katie MacAlister’s first book, Noble Intentions, of the series Noble. I have read the book Steamed and one other just to get a feel for the author. So now I am going towards her series. In the series Noble I found myself wanting more as I read it.

Noble Britton or Lord Wessex is a man thought as a murder. His wife was killed and he was the prime suspect. Now he is looking for a new wife someone who is patient. He finds Gillian Leigh who is anything than what he thought he wanted. She was unconventional and penniless but they would suite each other perfectly and help find the murderer.

The first book I couldn’t put it down. The characters that MacAlister created were perfect and created magic.

Gillian’s character was hilarious to read. She was witty, funny, said what was on her mind but undeniably she was a klutz which was perfect.

Noble was a riot with his stubbornness and desire he feels that can’t be controlled when he is around his wife.

I loved how MacAlister created the scene with the suspense of a murderer still out there and how the two main characters created such a steamy romance after they had married.

This was a blast to read and I am excited to continue MacAlister’s series with Noble Destiny the second book of the series Noble.

Mistress by Amanda Quick

Quick is always one to make me become invested within her books.  She has a way that lets you into the characters lives and go through what they are feeling which is why I keep reading her books.

When Iphiginia Bright discovered that her beloved aunt Zoe had fallen victim to a sinister blackmailer, she jumped at the chance to help.  And her plan-to lure the villain into the open by posing as the latest paramour of the notorious Earl of Masters, a man rumored to have disappeared at the hands osf the blackmailer-was nothing short of inspired.  But in the midst of the glittering ball, surrounded by ardent admires, the newly transformed Iphiginia would suddenly come face to face with the last man she ever expected to meet: the darkly sensual Earl of Masters himself.  And now, the intrepid poseur is in even more danger, as she battles the blackmailer and a totally unexpected threat to her heart…for Marcus Cloud is not devastatingly seductive-he’s determined to make this beautiful deceiver his own.

I was impressed when I read the book.  I guess it was the sheer fact that her character, Iphiginia, was able to do what she needed to be.  Romances are now getting to the point that the women are strong.  A man is good but to survive is not always the need.  It’s nice to read at times but really I like most romances no matter who thinks they are in charge.

Mistress was actually humorous which was a nice addition for Quick.  Her books hold wit but not real comedy.  This one had some of those moments that were a little comical.

The men are all strong willed men who do not like to show weakness.  Masters does that.  He shows his weakness by having those rules which ensure that he wouldn’t be miserable.  Iphiginia of course shows that he is miserable especially without her.

Intrigue, navieeness, seduction, mystery, romance, and adventure all combined creates an enjoyable novel.

The Unscrupulous Uncle by Allison Lane

The story of Cinderella hits close to home in this romantic novel by Allison Lane.  Our “Cinderella” is Catherine and is very much like her.  She works for her family, horrible cousins and aunt and uncle, but she doesn’t have any helpful mice around.  Catherine does have some friends to help her out but her Prince Charming is anything but.

The Plot of Unscrupulous Uncle:

Catherine Braxton had adored Damon ever since she was a little girl, and Damon was her older brother’s best friend.  But that was long ago.  Her brother was gone now, slain in war.  Catherine herself was an orphan in a household of rapacious relations who had reduced her to shocking servitude.  And Damon had become the Earl of Devlin, engaged to the most beautiful belle of the ton.

Why then had he come to see her after eight years?  Why did he claim he wanted to wed her, when it was clear he passionately loved another?  Was Damon paying a secret debt to her brother at cruel cost to himself?  Or was he intent on making a fortune by taking Catherine to be his wife?  Catherine had to find the answer-even though it might break the heart she had long ago lost to him…

Well as I was reading this the thought came to me that this is the tale after Cinderella gets her man and finds out that he is not as charming as he appears.  That there is not a happy ever after.  Of course in the romance world that usually is not existent.  Romance and happy ending usually go side by side with the ups and downs the characters must endure.

I have to say I really like the characters.  Damon pissed me off throughout most of the book because he was so blind.  Why couldn’t he really see what was happening?  And why couldn’t he be nicer to Catherine?  But then love is blind.

Catherine was a great character as well because of all that she had to endure from her family, husband and all of society.

I wasn’t expecting to like this story as much as I did so it was a nice surprise.  Allison Lane created a hit with The Unscrupulous Uncle.