Time Was by Nora Roberts

Time Was is the first book of the series Time and Again by Nora Roberts. Now when I heard time traveling I wasn’t sure I would like it. Science fiction is fun to read but sometimes that subject doesn’t always hold my interest but with Time Was I was pleasantly surprised by the plot.

Caleb Hornblower was a pilot from the twenty third century. He crashed in Oregon but instead of his time he ended up at the twentieth century. A woman in a primitative log cabin gave him shelter, food and company. He was going to leave once he fixed his ship but found that he kept stalling as he got closer and closer to this woman.

This was about a time traveling man but in the end it was all about a romance between two people. I loved this book. The characters were fun and plot kept you involved. It was a fresh piece of work.

I liked that he was from another time it intrigued me to read further and I fell in love with the characters.

The plot was fun as Roberts created her own past and future. ¬†She slipped in a few facts that made you smile knowing how the future was a good one for Libby’s family.