Some Guys Need a Lot of Lovin’

Some Guys Need a Lot of Lovin'Marcus Weston was a paramedic and beloved coach of the football team for young kids. He was happy with his life then a brush fire will change everything for Marcus when one of his players will die in the fire.

Juanita Slattery was moving to a small town for a couple months to work. She never expected to find her one night stand in the town or that he was a man who needed therapy. Juanita will know to stay away but with Marcus she will not be able to help herself.

Some Guys Need a Lot of Lovin’ is the third book to the series Outback Heat by Amy Andrews. I liked this book. This felt different than the others, it had a more emotional pull with how Marcus was feeling.

Juanita’s character was a strong driven woman who was very independent. I liked that she was like that but also that she was a woman to make her own decisions. She didn’t let the man dictate what she needed to do. Though I did like Marcus’s take charge attitude when he was with Juanita, although Juanita had that same take charge attitude. Marcus’s character was a happy go lucky guy and someone who was a bit of a player. Though it was interesting to read how it all changed with him. I thought Amy Andrews did a really good job writing about Marcus’s PTSD. I could believe that his character had it. The ending was heartbreaking but it was what was needed for Marcus.

I am reading the fourth book next. I am looking forward to Ethan’s and JJ’s story.

One Night with a Hero

One Night with a HeroArmy Special Forces Sgt. Brady Scott was back home from the military trying to start his life again. Brady knew he was holding back which was why he was trying to get therapy for his problems that were from his past. Brady will get sidetracked when a one night stand comes into his life.

Joss Daniels has had a rocky childhood and things in her adult life weren’t going so great. Joss was determined to give herself a stable life and low risk, though when she meets Brady she can’t help but take a chance.

One Night with a Hero is the second and final book to the Hero series by Laura Kaye. I really liked this book, I liked it better than the first book. I guess it held my attention throughout the book and I thought that the characters had drawn me in to the story very quickly.

Both of the characters are connected with their childhood traumas. Joss had grown up in an orphan while Brady lost his mother and in turn lost his father who had changed into a anger driven man. I liked Brady for the most part but he took too long to realize that he had screwed up, though he did make up for his mistake. I loved how he tried to woo Joss back, he did it right. Joss’s character I liked as well. For her I thought she should have given him another chance to explain, but of course that didn’t happen, at least not right away.

I only have one more book in my list to read for Laura Kaye, at least for the moment, Hearts in Darkness, which I will be reading next.

Bad Boys Online

Bad Boys OnlineBad Boys Online is a collection of three short stories written by Erin McCarthy. This is my first book from the author and I will say it was really good, it was fast pace, straight to the point, had some humor, and non-stop sex. It was amazing how much sex was involved with the characters but as that was a big part of the stories it made sense.

Hard Drive, User Friendly, and Press Any Key are the three titles of McCarthy’s short stories. Each are dealing with a computer and how that started the steamy interaction between co-workers or best friends. This definitely falls into the erotic romance category and yet there is humor as its wildly out there but is still believable for the most part. What I did like about the stories were the characters. They were all developed well enough for such a short story and what kept the stories going was the straight to the point style McCarthy wrote. For me short stories can be hard to get into but there are authors who write them well, McCarthy gives the reader a punch on the sensual scenes and funny characters.  So if you want some steamy scenes and humor filled plot try out Bad Boys Online.