The Vampire Who Loved Me

The Vampire Who Loved MeJulian Kane has been away from his family finally understanding there was no hope for him or his lost soul. He especially had to stay away from Portia Cabot who was too good for him but she was never far from his thoughts even after all this time. He will fight the temptation but it will only hold him off for so long.

The second and final book for Kane/Cabot Vampire series from Teresa Medeiros was once again fantastic and follows along the path of the first book. I was once again drawn into this regency world where vampires are no long myths.

Now Adrian was a fantastic lead in the first book. Julian holds the darker side of the character but nevertheless he still is a good man even though there is plenty of doubt and betrayal. Portia never truly gave up on Julian which I loved and it looked like neither did Julian. What was different with this book was the involvement of vampires. There was definitely more vampires or scenes with them which gave more to the book. There is the happy ending that you long for but it was not an easy task. I thought the scene which all the action at the end was well written by Medeiros.

Ending the short series I know that this will not be the last series read by Teresa Medeiros and I can’t wait to find another series to read from this author.