Getting to know The Naked Gentleman

Going into Sally MacKenzie’s series Naked Nobility I knew I was reading part way into the series but I wanted to see how I would like it. The Naked Gentleman sounded entertaining to read as I thought it would actually be a comedy and I was right. MacKenzie writes to the reader with witty commentary and funny plots.

Miss Margaret Peterson wants to study plants she loves them and her ideal man will have an extensive garden in which she could explore. She thought she found the man but he did not show his interest so Margaret must find herself a man she could marry. Margaret lures the men out to the gardens and tries to find one that she likes but this will cause danger for her and John Parker-Roth is the one which will save her.

John Parker-Roth wants to be left alone. Being left at the alter is a blow to any mans character. All he wants is to garden but then trouble comes his way in the form of Miss Margaret Peterson. He saves her from an attack but gets himself into a bit of trouble when they are compromised. He offers but Margaret refuses. John should just let it be but everyone is telling him he must and something inside of John is saying the same thing.

As far as plot goes MacKenzie was very funny in how obtuse and smart Margaret really was. I love that they each have a love for gardening but that is not revealed until later.

There are a lot of other characters who have points of views and their own sections in the book. As the reader you will have to keep track of the characters but what I did like was how she split up the voices as they did not do a continual one long chapter with ten people talking. She had page breaks to let the reader know a different person was talking which helped.

The one thing in which I am confused is how MacKenzie does the order of her stories. Grace a woman who left John at the alter is married to her baron in The Naked Gentleman which is the fourth book. I looked ahead for the other books to discover in the fifth book Grace is just meeting her baron in The Naked Baron. So the timeline is a little confusing but I will see how MacKenzie plays it out.

From just reading this one book from the series I am looking forward to finding the rest.