American Heroes will leave you breathless in The Heat Is On

Jill Shalvis is an engaging writer that will leave you breathless with her steamy scenes and quirky plots. Having only read a couple of her books she is becoming a favorite. The Heat Is On is part of the Harlequin family and lives up to its reputation. The Heat Is On is the third book of the series American Heroes.

Bella Manchelli is not having a good day other than the fact she had mind blowing sex with her one night stand but no now its the morning after. She creeps out and gives an excuse saying she leaving town. But things don’t turn out how Bella expected. Her one night stand, Jacob, will be showing up on her works door step as she called 911 because of a body that was lying there.

Jacob did not plan the one night stand or expect to see her in the middle of a murder scene. But now that he has he wants more. There is something about Bella that makes his blood move. On the job Jacob is protecting Bella from this murderer and keeping tabs on her by keeping her in his bed.

The intriguing part of this book is yes there is a lot of sex but the story line behind it grabs you because the characters are not just one dimension. The Heat Is On is a fast pace book which will keep you reading.