Enchanted by Nora Roberts

Looking at the back of the cover I read the summary and for a moment I was confused. I didn’t remember Liam being talked about but soon I found he was another one of the cousins but with a higher rank. Enchanted is the fourth and final book by Nora Roberts in The Donovan Legacy series.

Liam Donovan is a witch and has the ability to hear thoughts and change into an animal shape. His shape he prefers is wolf which will let him get closer to his new neighbor Rowan Murray. Rowan is a woman who ran away and is looking for who she is.

The fourth book was fun to read. Enchanted had me cheering for the two character to finally be with each other.

I liked that Liam’s parents and the rest of the cousins made an appearance in the book. Throughout the whole book I wondered what was the secret that Liam had to tell Rowan. If it was being a witch that is said but there is something else.

Roberts will have you curious and need to finish the book to find out what Liam has been hiding. The secret will we a blessing and make the ending that much sweeter.

The Donovan Legacy series was fun to read with the modern day witches with these four cousins.

Charmed by Nora Roberts

The third book to the series The Donovan Legacy was Charmed. The guarded Ana will now have a challenge in her new neighbor.

Ana Donovan is no stranger to heart break. She told the truth of who she was and was rejected. From then on she only wants to be alone but then Boone Sawyer comes into her life and she knows he could get through to her. Boone is a writer of fairy tales but does not believe in magic. The two go with their attraction but it is tested when Boone learns the truth about Ana.

Ana’s story was enchanting to read. I love that she works with herbs to make potions to heal those around her. From the beginning I wondered what her power was going to be and it only made sense that she had the power to heal with her hands but there is a consequence since she takes that sickness into her.

The epilogue is perfect as Roberts wraps up the new families of the Donovan Legacy but the series is not over there is Liam which has not been talked about in detail so he will be a mystery.

Captivated by Nora Roberts

Witchcraft is fun to read about. I love reading the supernatural world. Nora Roberts creates a family of witches in the Donovan Legacy. Four cousins are part of this series as they will find love. The first story is Captivated.

Morgana Donovan is a self proclaimed witch who owns her own business. Then trouble comes in the form of Nash Kirkland. He is a screen writer interested in doing research on Morgana who thinks she is a witch. Things will heat up and Morgana will tell him the truth but will Nash believe it. If it is destiny it will happen.

This book at first was something I had to get into. I will admit that. I heard witches and thought it would be cool. They do have powers but this novel is based towards more romance. So the witchcraft is interwoven through the story.

Personally though I loved how Roberts created this unique type of family. She creates this pair with a uniqueness that is appealing to read. I like how Morgana is whimsical and Nash is stubborn. The other two characters who will have their own story are Sebastian and Ana which show promise of creative story plots.