Hungry For You

Calen Valens who is part of the Argeneau family is done looking for a lifemate. After two thousand years he knows he will never have one. Then Alex is thrust into his sight and sparks fly. A lifemate but it gets tricky for Calen as he starts out lying to his mate. Calen will work beside Alex to help her in every step which includes saving her life as accidents find their way to her.

Alexandra ‘Alex’ Willan is a cook on edge of a nervous break down as nothing is going right with her preparation of her second restaurant. To make matters worse her cook was tempted away from her. Now Alex has to find a new chef but luck gives her a break when Calen comes her way. Of course things are never that easy. Calen is not who he said he was but still her heart is racing every time they touch. She wants to ignore the feelings but it gets harder and harder to do.

Hungry For You another book from the Argeneau Family series number fourteenth written by Lynsay Sands.

I liked that Sands gave all the Willan girls their chance to find their own immortals so they could still be a family. Alex was a fun character as she was always stressed and Calen was stern but in a comical way.

The book had minimum lies and betrayal which I liked. It wasn’t about the ultimate bad guy they are chasing but one that you don’t exactly think as one which left you guessing. Technically I had a feeling I knew who the bad guy was but it was not for the reason that was found out at the end.

Hungry For You to me was a happier go lucky story as it was cute and fun to read.

The Immortal Hunter

Decker Argeneau is an enforcer for the council and is good at his job. He thought it was over when they found Grant but it turned out he wasn’t the rogue they were looking for. Now Decker and Justin will find themselves going after a group of rogues now know thanks to an immortal who used to be on their side. Decker will find Dani and problems will follow as she is the lifemate and her sister has been taken.

Danielle “Dani” McGill had been taken along with her sister. She thought the group of men were crazy but she knew they were definitely dangerous. Getting away with her sister was the only thing she could think of, but then she is saved and her sister is still kidnapped. Dani will have to put her life and her sisters life in the hands of Decker and Justin even if they think they are vampires.

The eleventh book, The Immortal Hunter, of the series Argeneau Family was yet another great book by Lynsay Sands. If you haven’t notice once I find an author I like I devour all their books. Now as I read this I truly liked it, it was just a little slower than most. There was a lot of action following the same procedure as the others but I felt something was missing.

I think it could have been the characters were now giving a new dilemma and it was drawn out a little too much. But I liked the new concept of the no fangs. It was different and gave new possibilities to the series.

The book followed right after The Rogue Hunter so rereading it was a good option for me. I liked Decker as a character of the Argeneau family (I need a family tree to know whose kid is who) and the same with Dani. The missing sister was a good plot and Sands will have a twist to show that the bad guys are far from over as the ever growing series continues.

Bite Me If You Can

Lucian Argeneau is on of the older vampires of his family as he has reached over 2000 years old. For most of that time he has been alone but now that will change when a newly turned woman is dropped into his lap. He didn’t know what to do with Leigh as she began to change but slowly he caught on and found himself enjoying the tasks. He was learning to eat again, to care about another person, and to enjoy life. It helped that Leigh was his life mate but there were problems especially from the one who made her.

The grumpy vampire has found happiness! I really liked Lucian’s story in Bite Me If You Can from Lynsay Sands. She created Lucian’s character to be one you could never truly hate as he was naive in the way of the world even if he has lived for 2000 years. It was enjoyable reading as Lucian succumbed to Leigh and her every want but while he still stayed in control, the teacher.

Leigh’s character was one I wanted to know about. Sands gives her a background description and this molds her character well. You feel sorry for Leigh and hope that the life mate will bring her happiness.

The matchmaker, Marguerite, was there once again but for only a short period. In that short period though she makes an impact to bring Lucian and Leigh together.

Now the villain took a back seat of this story, although always being thought about in the background. The story concentrated on Lucian’s teachings for Leigh and how to cope with becoming an immortal.

Next will be Victor, Lucian’s brother, to find his life mate in The Accidental Vampire.

Tall, Dark and Hungry

Bastien Argeneau has been the one vampire that everyone can turn to. He goes out of his way to help but now helping out Kate’s cousin will have feelings surface which he had buried long ago.

Terri Simpson has had tragedy in her life and hoped to be past it but letting her live again was hard. She found life again in New York with Bastien who took out the time to spend with her. Soon she felt alive again but when she found out Bastien wasn’t telling her something old fear started up again.

I liked that the premise of the plot for Tall Dark & Hungry was on two lonely people. Each had suffer in their own ways with loosing a person they loved. I liked that Terri was not the normal young naive girl but a mature woman who still had an innocence about her. Bastien was another who was naive in the sense that not all woman were the same.

With Lynsay Sands series The Argeneau Family there is always a happy ending but through the fourth book there was a little traveling they had to endure to find that happiness.