The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy

The Secrets of Sir Richard KenworthySir Richard Kenworthy needed a wife and needed one quickly. When he goes to the concert he will find Iris who looked to be faded in the background. He will quickly set his plan in motion to make sure that Iris had no choice but to marry him.

Iris Smythe-Smith was one that was overlooked but was loved by her family. She will be suspicious when Sir Richard starts to pay attention to her. She will be even more suspicious when he wants to marry her.

The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy is the fourth book to the Smythe-Smith Quartet which is the last book of the series by Julia Quinn. I liked this book a lot. I thought it flowed well and it got me interested to know the secret which Richard was holding.

I liked Iris’s character. I thought she was a well rounded character that was someone you wanted to cheer for. I wanted her to have a happy ending and you knew that she wouldn’t or at least until Richard told her the truth. I liked that she wasn’t some fearful girl but was intelligent and was emotional but not overly excessive. I liked as well with how she helped out in a big way even though she was hurt. Now Richard’s character was all charm but it was a lie for the most part. He was a good man in a desperate situation. You kind of wanted to hit Richard for being stupid in the situation and not thinking of all the ways that his plan would hurt those around him.

So the secret that was being held back from Iris was not so terrible as I thought but it was still pretty bad of Richard. I was not all too happy with Richard and how he dealt with the problem that had fallen on his shoulders. I thought he should have come clean a lot earlier. He might have even had more help. On a side note I was surprised I didn’t think of the secret sooner. I suppose I thought it would be much more terrible that I didn’t catch the subtle clues which Quinn had written.

As a whole I thought that the Symthe-Smith Quartet was a fun series to read from Julia Quinn.