Red Handed by Gena Showalter

The third edition to the Alien Huntress series surprised me.  I thought it was just going to be another book to the series but instead Red Handed was a teen book.  That caught me off guard because all her books have been adult fiction.  I was excited to see how she would incorporate the genre into a Teen novel.

Phoenix Germaine has been trying to earn back her mother’s trust after going into rehab and kicking Onadyn-teh drug of choice for New Chicago teens.  But when a party in the woods turns into an all-out battle with the most ferocious aliens Phoenix has never seen, she’s brought home in what appears to be an Onadyn-induced state.  Hello, reform school.

Except, what her mother doesn’t know is that Phoenix has just been recruited to join the elite Alien Invesigation and Removal agency, where she’ll learn to fight dirty, track hard, and destroy the enemy.  Her professional training will be rigorous and dangerous, and the fact that one of her instructors is Ryan Stone-the drop-dead gorgeous, nineteen year-old agent she met in the woods that night-doesn’t make things any easier.  Especially when dating him is totally against the rules…

Gena Showalter showed that she is dynamic with being a teen novel into the series.  The characters and plot were interesting and correlated to the series.

I liked that you got to read about the school where the agents were made.  I like the fact that Mia who was from the first book was involved in the recruiting of the teens.

In the book there is the mention of a drug which many kids use.  The main girl Phoenix uses but stops and she wants to be better.  I liked that it was a struggle.  Showed a very realistic person going through an addiction.

Since this is a teen book there are sensual scenes but Showalter cuts it down from her other novels, which is apporpriate.  But there is still plenty of fighting.

Legacy of Lies by Elizabeth Chandler

Megan an ordinary girl living with ordinary family until she goes back to her roots.  Through this journey a mysterious past will be reveled and a surprising future.

“She had seen Scarbrough House only in her dreams.  Now Megan was here, visiting the grandmother she’d never met, and her newfound cousin Matt, too handsome by far, who wanted her to disappear.  Grandmother was so cold, so distant.  Why did she finally reach out to Megan after all these years?  And why was Matt so determined to call her his “almost” cousin?  For all her prophetic dreams, nothing could have prepared Megan for Matt’s astonishment when he first saw her…or the reaction of perfect strangers who looked at her with fascination-and fear…

Megan thought she knew who she was.  Until she came to Grandmother’s house.  Until she met Matt, who angered and attracted her as no boy had ever done before.  Then she began having dreams again, a life she never lived, a love she never knew…a secret that threatened to drive her to the grave.”

I loved this book with the twist and turns, the suspenseful plot and mysterious characters.  Megan an ordinary girl but when she gets to her grandmothers house everything changes.  Megan starts to see Avril who was her grandmothers sister.  She died long ago at age 16 but no one believed Megan that she was seeing her or no one was letting on.  As things start to be moved around the house grandmothers nerves are getting frazzled.  She hates Megan and is getting angry at Matt for taking Megan’s side.  Matt doesn’t want to but he pays as little attention to Megan as he can.  He is surprised to see her at the house but is he really.

As I read this book I was drawn from the very first page.  I loved the fact that Megan was seeing the spirit of Avril but as this happened her dreams were coming all too real.  Megan was understanding that she was the reincarnated spirit of Avril and she was not the only one walking around who was reincarnated.  I loved the mystery of reincarnation.  Megan dreamed of certain things, new things or had feelings that kept you going to the next page.

Further into the story the more questions I started to ask, “why was Megan summoned now?, why were they so frigded?,  is she going to die?, are they going to have a happy ending this time?,  who actually killed her?.  These questions kept me going to find those answers and I didn’t have to wait long with this fast paced book.

Elizabeth Chandler is a new author that I looked into by accident.  I saw her name and looked up her books to find that I picked up one of her books at a book fair, but did not read it yet.  This book is a teen book but fantastic to read.  She does not disappoint with the suspenseful reading.  You are automatically drawn into the book.

If you enjoy suspense, mystery, spirits, reincarnation, haunted houses, timeless love, twist and turns, and on the edge of your seat thriller then “Legacy of Lies” is for you.