Hard Ever After

Hard Ever AfterBecca was ready to get back to work but she was scared, especially because the hospital was where she was attacked. But she wanted to get on with her life and be happy with Nick. Though that happiness will be threatened when she starts to see the man that had hurt her.

Hard Ever After is the final book to the Hard Ink series by Laura Kaye, though there are some spin off books which I can’t wait to read when they are available to check out. I absolutely loved this book. It was really fun going back to Becca and Nick who started the series and that they were going to get their happy ending with everything that had happened. Though the danger wasn’t over quite yet.

I loved how Laura Kaye wrote Becca. She had been a strong woman but when everything calms down its like Becca finally feels the impact of all that had happened. She becomes weaker, sad, and shaken by what had happened. She felt real. Though the fighter in Becca is still there and that will be shown at a critical moment, I was cheering for Becca when that happened. So Nick’s character is reliable and strong but he is also scared. He doesn’t want anything to happen to Becca especially now when they are so close to be truly happy.

Alright, so Laura Kaye wraps up the story in a nice little bow which is sappy and a little too perfect, and I loved it anyways. I loved that all these characters had that happy ending.

So the Raven Riders series who were mentioned in this series will have their own now and the first book just came out in April. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be reading this series. Then there is a continuation of one of the characters from Hard Ink, which is Detective Kyle Vance who helped the men. Well he will have his own story coming out this month. So I wouldn’t have to wait too long.

It Had to Be You

It Had to be You-PhillipsPhoebe Somerville had just inherited her father’s football team, the Chicago Stars. Her father did not give her the team out of love, but out of hatred. He wanted to teach her a lesson. Phoebe will make sure that she doesn’t get beaten.

Dan Calebow is the head coach for the team and has no desire to take orders from the new team owner. He thinks she is an airhead and will destroy the team. Dan will find out that there is much more to Phoebe.

It Had to Be You is the first book from the series Chicago Stars by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Really, really loved reading this book. I got right into the series the moment I read the first page. It seemed humor filled and outrageous, but there was more. This was not a happy go lucky kind of romance. There were a lot of hurtles that the characters had to go through. I will not lie there were a couple places that felt a little long, but for me it was worth it to get to the end.

Phoebe’s character was all over the place. Her image was a bimbo who had slept with many men. Personally I was happy to find out that wasn’t the case. I really don’t like it when the character is an idiot. So with Phoebe she is actually very smart but damaged thanks to a rape that she survived when she was eighteen years old. Phoebe is still damaged but she has come along way.  So then there is Dan who is overbearing and full of himself at times. At times I didn’t really like him and how he treated Phoebe, he was a jerk a lot of times but he does change. I felt that if he knew earlier about what Phoebe had went through he wouldn’t be so harsh, but like I said he does change more when he finds out about her past.

Throughout the book I found myself getting emotional. I wanted Phoebe to be happy and to find someone that will treat her right. There were plenty of times that Dan was not that guy as he had his own issues to deal with.

So within the book there are several twists and situations that are pretty horrible which involve Phoebe. I was shocked by one twist that was very disturbing.Though there are a couple great things that happen that had me cheering which give her closure.

Personally with all the emotions that I went through with this book I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read the next book. I decided that I wanted to continue the series. I will be reading the second book next.