Ink: A Love Story on 7th and Main

Emmie Elliot walked back into her hometown determined to sell her grandmother’s bookstore, but she could not take that step. She decided to keep the store open and was going to take on a tenant, which was when she would be meet Miles Oxford “Ox”, who was a tattoo artist in need of space to rent. They made the rules to keep everything platonic right before they opened but those rules were meant to be broken.

Ink: A Love Story on 7th and Main is the first book to the book 7th and Main by Elizabeth Hunter. I was recently recommend to read this book and I am glad I did, I loved this book. It was right up my alley. I am a lover of books and have a tattoo, in fact it is a book tattoo. I loved the concept of a bookstore with a tattoo artist. By the way I really love the cover of the book.

Emmie was a great character. She seemed buttoned up, but she had a many layers and you were at times cheering for her to not give up. The attraction between them was steamy and pretty perfect. Now Ox was a pretty fantastic character although he could be dense when it came to doing the right thing with Emmie and it was those little thing which kept them from getting truly close right away.

I am looking forward to reading Hooked which is the second book to the series.

Dirty Sexy Inked

Mason Kincaid was ready for a hookup in Las Vegas but that will be stopped when he finds his best friend dancing on a bar. Mason will take Katerina away from the bar and before he could stop himself he will make his move. The move will change everything between them and will have Mason thinking of his future.

Katerina Sands has loved her best friend since she had met him. She never thought it would come of anything but with a one night stand everything changes. Katerina knows she had to distance herself but will be surprised when Mason doesn’t allow it.

Dirty Sexy Inked is the second book to the Dirty Sexy series by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde. I really enjoyed this book, possibly more than the first book, but to be fair the brothers are all very different with their personalities. What pulled me into the story was without a doubt the characters of Mason and Katerina.

Mason’s character was what you would considered a manwhore and he was very good at it. He was also crude and did whatever the hell he wanted. I liked when as the reader you got to read his thoughts, without those thoughts I don’t know if I would really love Mason. Because of those parts I wanted Mason to find that love he was afraid to reach for. I wanted him to be courageous and declare himself to Katerina. Mason will have you swooning when he steps up. Now Katerina’s character had my heart breaking for what had happened to her years ago. Mason and Katerina were very similar with a crappy childhood. I liked that Katerina moved on with her life and was making the best of the situation. What I didn’t like was she was sitting on the sideline and getting her heart broken every time that Mason was with another woman. I wanted her to tell him how she felt.

I am getting addicted to this series and will be reading the third book next.

The Virgin’s Guide to Misbehaving

The Virgin's Guide to MisbehavingElise Markham has always been shy thanks to a birthmark that she had been born with. She had it fixed but she was always self conscious. She will then meet a man who was unlike anyone she ever met and she will take a chance with. She wanted to live her life and Rome would help her accomplish that.

Rome Lozada had needed a job desperately and had gotten lucky getting one in Bluebonnet. He knew not to screw it up but it looked like that could happen when he started seeing his bosses sister, Elise. Rome knew that nothing with Elise would be permanent but he wanted a chance to be with her for how ever long they had together.

The Virgin’s Guide to Misbehaving is the fourth book to the series Bluebonnet by Jessica Clare. I really liked this book. This book is steamy, though that is pretty much like all Jessica Clare books, but she also writes her characters well.

Elise’s character had been introduced in the third book and her character intrigued me. I had no idea why she was so shy but I wanted to know. You find out that Elisa had a port wine color birthmark that had covered most of her cheek but she had it removed. She was, however, still self conscious and not sure of herself. This is where Rome will come into play because he will help Elise live a little. Rome’s character is a good man who believed in the wrong people, his parents. Because of that mistake he had time in prison. Added with the fact that he is a biker and has tattoos people perception of him are rather judgmental. Elise did not judge him as she knew what it felt like to be judged.

So one thing that Clare has both characters doing was thinking the worst of the situation. They immediately jump to the conclusion that they are no good thanks to their past. Though they’ll get it right in the end.

I am reading what looks like the last book of the series next.

Hard to Be Good

Hard to Be GoodJeremy Rixey was a fun loving guy but found himself overwhelmed with all that had been happening to his brother and his brother’s teammates. He will find that one person will give him some peace, Charlie, who had suffered his own tragedy.

Hard to Be Good is a novella in the series Hard Ink by Laura Kaye. First off as you can see from the cover this is a male on male suspense romance book. I will admit I was apprehensive about the book but as it was part of the series I wanted to read all of the books. There was also the fact that I really loved Jeremy’s  character from the very first book.

Well all I can say is wow. The sex scenes were intense and to be honest that was all there really was with the book, which was kind of disappointing. I wanted more with these characters, wanted more of a story not just a novella. Previously you had gotten to know the characters from the other books but I wanted more background, more of the build up with the romance. Now even with my wants of more detail I did truly like the novella and it was because of Jeremy and Charlie. I loved Jeremy who was so charismatic and bold while there was Charlie who was shy but a genius. Together they worked.

The mystery behind Nick and his men gets a little swept under the rug as the romance between Jeremy and Charlie take center stage. I have no doubt that the fourth book will bring more insight with this mystery that surrounds these men.

I am looking forward to reading the fourth book to the series.

Looking for Trouble

Looking for TroubleSophie Heyer had lived with scandal since she was a child when her mother had disappeared with another man. She had lived with the rumors and made sure to play the part of the good girl so no one compared her to her mother but then she will meet Alex.

Alex Bishop was back at his brothers request. He did not want to be back in Jackson but he gave in. Alex will ride into town and find that nothing had changed except that his mother had become crazier and that he was lusting after a librarian.

Looking For Trouble is the second book to the series Girls Night Out by Victoria Dahl. I liked the book. It was full of passion and lust with some heartbreaking moments.

The character of Sophie was one who was sweet and shy but there was another side to her. She was also wild and wanted more. I liked that she found it with Alex. Now although their scenes were definitely steamy I wasn’t thrilled with the way that Sophie wanted to be treated in bed. There were only a few lines that I thought weren’t necessary but overall they were steamy scenes. So then there is Alex who is the big bad biker boy. He is rough and doesn’t want any attachments. He found the perfect partner with Sophie but you know that real feelings will bloom between them.

Rose Bishop’s character was unbalanced. I know in the end there was a reason for her recent behavior but even before that she was crazy. I felt bad for her at least to a point. She should have gotten help and not neglected her children or spread the rumors around town that made Sophie’s life very hard.

Also for those who read Jackson Hole series you will notice Shane and Merry’s character from Too Hot to Handle. Shane is the brother of Alex.

I am reading the third book next which is with Isabella who is friends with Sophie and Lauren.

The Tattooed Duke

The Tattooed Duke (The Writing Girls, #3)Duke of Wycliff, Sebastian, was back in London and found himself penniless and in need of a wealthy wife. He wants to get back to his expeditions and leave his potential bride to be in London. Things will not go his way when he finds himself looking towards Eliza, his maid.

Eliza Fielding was a writer for a London newspaper and in order to keep her job she had to get the inside scoop on the notorious Duke of Wycliff. Eliza will disguise herself as a maid in his household and listen to all that Wycliff says but she will find herself falling little by little in love with the Duke.

The Tattooed Duke is the third book to the series Writing Girls by Maya Rodale. I found this novel to be a great romance book. I flew through the pages wanting to find out what was going to happen next with the characters and for them to have that happy ending. Maya Rodale is a new author for me and I know immediately that I will be coming back to this author. I don’t know what it was about this book other than to say it was a fun book to read. There is passion but also lies that are being told left and right by these characters.

Eliza was a character I loved. She was a writer for the paper and she goes undercover to write her articles. You knew that this lie she was living would come to bit her so that wasn’t surprising. I was surprised by her other secret she was holding. Now Wycliff was a very unconventional Duke. He was a man who didn’t want to be a Duke and to go back to living in the tropics. He was a passionate man in all aspects and now especially with Eliza.

The passion between Wycliff and Eliza was not unheard of but for them to find that happy ending would be next to impossible for several reasons. That of course does not stop me from wanting them to have that happy ending.

Before that happy ending can happen there are some villains that had to be gotten rid of, which were Liam, a man from Eliza’s past, and Lady Althea, a woman from Wycliff’s past. Personally both of these people were dangerous in their own way, but Liam topped it with the violence against Eliza. Lady Althea was a conniving woman who was out for the prize which she deemed was Wycliff.

Okay so personally I wasn’t warming up to the editor Knightly but I am certainly looking forward to reading his story which is the fourth book. I want to know more about him and about Eliza’s fellow writers. As I said above I will be without a doubt coming back to this author to read the other three novels from the series Writing Girls.

About Last Night

About Last NightCath Talarico has made plenty of mistakes but she had been doing good. Then with a blind date and too many drinks she wakes up in a strangers bed but he isn’t exactly a stranger. She has seen this man on the train and studied him. She will want to resist him but it won’t take much for her to fall into his bed. She just won’t take the leap to fall in love.

Nev Chamberlain was from a wealthy family and was a banker but his heart was not in his work. Nev was a painter but he was too scared to try and make it in the art world. He will find himself on a new adventure as he pursues Cath. They will have no problem about passion but Nev will want more, he will want all of Cath.

About Last Night is a novel from Ruthi Knox. She is an author I picked up on the whim.This was a novel that didn’t interest me right away but as I got through a couple of pages I found myself interested in Cath’s character. She is definitely a free spirit but one that was trying to redeem herself. She would not give Nev a break or make anything easy. Now Nev was the man who wanted out of his normal boring job. I liked that he was a painter and had that passion. He was persistent when it came to Cath which was needed as she was not easy to go along with his plans.

I had figured the novel being a romance novel (the cover says it all) there would be that passion between the two characters. There was and Knox did not extinguished the fire between them. There was nothing but sex between the two characters and it was hot and heavy. Of course as Cath opens up she starts to share more about her life which was pretty tragic.

The family is not the best especially the mother and the brother. I was happy to read that the mother at least becomes better which only happens when Nev becomes more assertive.

There was the tragic past with Cath and I liked how Knox slowly unfolded what had happened throughout the book. It was interesting to find out what those tattoos had meant to Cath. I thought the ending was a perfect way to wrap up for Nev and Cath and give them that new beginning.