Body Games

Annabelle Tucker never wanted to go back to Endurance Island as they made her look like a bimbo who slept with a contestant. She had flirted and thought herself in love but she had found out it was all a game. Annabelle gets a chance to then change her image and get revenge on the contestant who ruined her reputation.

Jendan Abercrombie had been on House Guest and now was on Endurance Island. He was the nice guy on the show and he will do his best to help Annabelle who he was quickly falling for, even though she just wanted them to be friends.

Body Games is the fifth book to the series Games by Jessica Clare. I really liked this book. Jessica Clare takes us back to Endurance Island aka Survivor.

Annabelle’s character was a woman out for revenge and that revenge was to get out her old/present partner so he didn’t win the money. I was cheering for Annabelle even with every dirty move she made. Some made me laugh and cringe but she was playing the game. I liked that she stayed true to no romances on the show even though it had been difficult with Jendan on the show. Jendan’s character was from the fourth book and I had liked him. I was routing for him to find that romance in real life and Annabelle seemed like a good match for him.

I am reading Reindeer Games next.

The Laird Who Loved Me

The Laird Who Loved MeAlexander MacLean wants revenge on the woman who humiliated him in front of the ton. Alexander is not one to be trifled with and he is looking forward to his own form of torture, but he does not anticipate it will backfire. Alexander will find that fire still burns each time Caitlyn is in his arms.

Caitlyn Hurst wants to make amends for how she behaved to Alexander and now at a house party she will have that chance. Caitlyn does not expect Alexander to still be angry with her stunt. She will accept the challenge Alexander gives her but with every moment they spend together her heart beats stronger as she finds love in his arms.

The Laird Who Loved Me is the fifth book to the series the MacLean Curse. I love how Karen Hawkins really made each brother to be a hot head which is needed as their temper is known around London especially when the storms start coming. The plot of a revenge was well done as it kept the characters at odds most of the time which was entertaining to read. Both, Alexander and Caitlyn are hot heads but of course in different ways. I wasn’t sure I would completely love Caitlyn but throughout the book you ended up cheering for her. She is impulsive but there is fire in her that brings out her courage when she needs it. Hawkins once again brought humor to the characters and wit especially when Alexander and Caitlyn are battling each other with the tasks they must perform. I found it highly entertaining to read how they bested each other.

Now the villain was someone you wanted to hate as she was a poisonous woman who thought of no one but herself, the hostess of the house party. You knew that she would cause a rift and there is a little heartache which follows but Hawkins will end it on a happy note in favor of Alexander and Caitlyn.

This is a great end to the siblings story but I looked ahead and found there is one more book to this series in Much Ado About Marriage which almost sounded like a prequel to the series when I read the description.