The Billionaire and the Virgin

The Billionaire and the VirginMarjorie Ivarsson was on an island for a wedding for her best friend. It was an all expense paid vacation where Marjorie could relax but with her height she never got comfortable. Then she will save the of a man. She will want this man but will feel out of place and awkward, that is until he pulls her out of her shell.

Robert Cannon was a tv producer of crude shows that exploited woman. He wanted another show and thought Logan Hawkings was the perfect broker for that venture. He will be shot down at every turn but he soon wouldn’t care when a woman catches his attention. He will be relentless with it comes to pursuing Marjorie but will be afraid it could all end.

The Billionaire and the Virgin is first book to the series Billionaires and Bridemaids by Jessica Clare. I really liked this book. I thought it was a great spin off series.

Marjorie was a young woman that thought herself odd with her height. She felt out of place but she secretly loved wearing high heels which only increased her height. Marjorie was also a virgin which made her even more insecure. I liked that she got more playful and had less stress when she let herself go which she could with Rob. So Robert’s “Rob” character was rather crude and kind of slimy at least on the surface. Well he was still crude no matter what but his character grew on you. I ended up liking his character because when you read what he was thinking, he wasn’t that bad as his reputation portrayed. He also grows in the story, along with Majorie, to become a better person or really the person he should have been.

The problems in the book were predictable but it was enjoyable and I found myself wanting to get to the end to know how Jessica Clare would finish the story to give that happy ending.

I am reading the second book next.

Tall, Dark, and Texan by Jodi Thomas

“Teagen McMurray would ride to hell and back to protect his land.  He’d certainly never felt that way about a woman.  At least not until Jessie Barton showed up with her three little girsl, desperate for a place to stay.  Suddenly he finds himself proposing marriage, telling himself it is only to protect her and her children…

Jessie had no place to go except Whispering Mountain-and to Teagen, the one person who couldn’t deny her, thanks to the correspondence he shared with her dead husband.  But what will happen when the man she’s loved through his letters discovers her tangle of lies?”

Jodi Thomas brings her third book of Whispering Mountain, Tall, Dark, and Texan.  Wow is all I can say.  Each book I read of this gets better and better.  I love the basic plot of the characters.  That Teagen is a man who likes to trust and Jessie is a woman who will be honest unless she is protecting the ones she loves.  I love that she is the actual pen pal of Teagen’s and not her husbands.  I also like that Teagen will teach Jessie what it is to have a pleasurable sexual experience but Jessie will teach him what it is like to love.

The three girls are a pleasant addition to this witty family of Texan men.  Then we have the character of Drummond Roak who is back and is planning to take Sage as his woman.  I have a feeling that the fourth book will give Drummond that chance.

Tall, Dark, and Texan is a charming, humoress, and touching third book of the series.