The Untamed Mackenzie

The Untamed MackenzieLady Louisa Scranton knows that she should marry a wealthy and respectable man as that was what she was brought up to do. Though Louisa was not attracted to those men, she wanted a stern but passionate detective Llyod Fellows.

Detective Inspector Lloyd Fellows worked hard at solving crimes. He never cut corners or lied about a report. That will all change when Louisa Scranton is accused of murder. Fellows knows that she was innocent but he knew that the system still found the innocent guilty. He would do anything he could to help Louisa.

The Untamed Mackenzie is from the series Mackenzies/Highland Pleasures by Jennifer Ashley. This novella is number 5.5 in the series. I really loved this novella. Like the others there is that intrigue and mystery but this was an actual case where you got to read about how Fellows worked as a detective. It was different and intrigued me from start to finish.

The character of Lloyd Fellows in the beginning of the series was a hard man and one who hated the Mackenzies. Well he is still that man but there is more trust with his half brothers and he is becoming part of the family. I liked that Fellows was a ruff man, he had to be in his line of work. There is not a lot of gentleness, although when he is with Louisa it can be seen. Louisa’s character was not a spoiled woman, but she had lived the life of privilege. I think that Louisa was a smart and vibrant woman who did what she needed to do. She also had passion flowing through her veins which only heated whenever Lloyd Fellows was around.

The Mackenize passion is alive and well as it flows through Fellows veins. The heat between Fellows and Louisa is passionate and it compels the characters to be together.

The mystery of the murder was interesting. There were a couple bad guys and the one that looked to be the villain was not the main villain, although that character was bad in what they were doing. So the true villain was a surprise and I liked how Fellows finally figured out the truth and all was explained.

I am reading Scandal and the Duchess next.

Still Lake

Still LakeSophie Davis had wanted a change for herself, her sister and her mother which lead her moving them to Stonegate Farm. She will transform this place into a country inn but when a man moves next door her plans to get the land had taken a step back. When she meet John Smith she was hesitant, there was something dangerous about the man but nevertheless she was drawn towards him.

John Smith aka Thomas Griffin was back in the town that had accused him of murder. He had come back to find out the truth. He did not expect his neighbor to be distracting him from this task.

Still Lake is a novel by Anne Stuart. I loved this book. I was without a doubt brought into this story right away. The prologue writes about a young man, Thomas Griffin, who was being brought in for three murders that he supposedly committed. I wanted to know more. Anne Stuart then brings us forward twenty years when Griffin is back to find out what had really happened all those years ago.

Griffin was a man who had been almost convicted of murder and now he his back to find out the truth. He is a lawyer and is ruthless. He is not a friendly man but he is a passionate man and will show that side with Sophie. Now Sophie was timid but determined to do what she needed to do. She did have a backbone which was brought out whenever she was around Griffin.

I loved how Anne Stuart put together the mystery of these murders with Griffin. There was no doubt in my mind that he did not commit these murders which lead me to wonder who else would have done the deed. I had only one guess and it was just from subtle ways this person acted towards our heroine, Sophie. Throughout the book you got to know the thoughts of the murder and he was a man who was on a mission to cleanse these woman from their evil ways. It was because of these thoughts that I guessed the real murderer. Though just because I guessed the villain did not mean it was predictable.