The Rana Look by Sandra Brown

They called it the Rana Look…the exotic, one-of-a kind allure that only supermodel Rana Ramsey could deliver.  Now her beautiful eyes are shielded behind tinted glasses, her famous figure hidden under shapeless dresses, her trademark wild hair falling straight down her back.  Rana knows she’ll never attract a man this way, and that’s just fine with her-until she meets Trent Gamblin.

Ruggedly handsome, charming, and undeniably charismatic, Trent is the kind of man Rana finds irresistable…the kind she’s certain would never look twice at the “new” Rana.  But to her surprise, Trent seems unfazed by her Plain Jane look.  For he is drawn to a beauty that Rana can’t hide.  But the outside world cannot be kept at bay forever.  And when tragedy strikes, Rana and Trent will learn whether theirs is just an impossibly erotic dream-or the kind of love that lasts forever.

The secret identity is great and brings some fun for the characters.  There was wit and intrigue to the plot and characters.

But the fact that you get to read about models was interesting.  It makes me sick knowing what models go through.  What the public expects to see out of them.  All it is skin and bone but it is all fake.  Nowadays it is getting better but we are not there yet.  I liked that Brown dove into that topic.

Brown creates this sexy, fun and sensuous romance that you will dive right into.

Wanting Something More by Kathy Love

The third and final book of the Stepp Sisters series was fantastic to read.  Kathy Love brings Marty back only to be confronted with a changed man from her past.

You have got to be kidding me!  On a night like this, when most sane people are home to escape a blinding snowstorm, I happen to run into Millbrook’s biggest jerk, Nathanial Peck, the boy who broke my heart at my junior prom.  The one who kissed me on a dare and let his buddies laugh at me.  Well, eat dirt, Nathanial Peck, because you might have noticed me on the covers of a few magazines under the heading: Supermodel.  I live in New York City now.  I will be leaving as soon as the weather clears.  And frankly, if it were a choice between kissing you or braving downed electrical wires, I’d have to think about it.

It’s official: I’ve regressed.  It’s just that I can’t stand the Cult of Nathanial Peck that has come over this town.  Okay, so he is Chief of Police.  So he did make sure I got home safely.  So he didn’t try anything funny with me.  So that old smirk has been replaced by a sexy, sad smile…No.  People just do not change that much.  Somewhere inside Nate is the same leering, conniving womanizer I remember.  And I intend to prove it…

Kathy Love has captured all that I like in novels.  She has got me fighting for these realistic fictional characters.  She tells a fantastic story and it gets under your skin.

The characters are all fantastic and it was nice to see that even though love is blooming fast trust still has to be earned.

Kathy Love finishes the Stepp Sisters with finding love and second chances.

Temptation by Nora Roberts

“Socialite Eden Carlborough didn’t expect running a girl’s camp to be easy, but she never thought she’d literally be run up an apple tree by the little monsters.  She was equally surprised to come crashing down into the capable arms of orchard owner Chase Elliot.  While her handsome neighbor’s overbearing ways were highly irritating, his touch ignited feelings she’d never known.  She never imagined she’d be so very…tempted!”

Eden Carlborough had no choice but to fend for herself and only a strong woman would prevail, and only a determined man can break those boundaries.

I loved this short story.  Temptation was a pleasure to read.  Eden was a strong woman and was on her own.  After the father’s death and a lack of funds she had to find other means.  I love that she was able to find a way to continue on when she had nothing.

Then there was Chase Elliot.  He was a much-needed man in Eden’s life even if she didn’t want it at first.  Chase had a very caveman complex.  Some times I found myself loving that side other times wanting to hit him for his attitude.

Temptation was fun and quick to read.