Wedding Night with the Earl

Wedding Night With the EarlAdam Greyhawke had vowed to never marry again after he lost his wife and child. He never wanted to feel that pain again. When he sees Miss Katherine Wright he immediately wants her but will keep his distance, though he will be tempted to be near her.

Miss Katherine Wright has had many suitors but never did she want one like she wanted Adam. She will want him but she knew that he would not marry her. She tried to be indifferent but he brought out the passion inside of her.

Wedding Night with the Earl is the third book to the series The Heir’s Club of Scoundrels Trilogy by Amelia Grey. I really liked this story.

Adam’s character was rakish but he wasn’t a bad guy. I liked that he went after Katherine even after he found out that she had limp. Not all suitors would or if they did they were possibly after her inheritance. Adam wanted Katherine as she was. I liked that Adam had an inner struggle. He wanted Katherine but knew that he could not claim her because he would not marry her. He was not out to use her and walk away. Katherine’s character intrigued me. She had been injured long ago in a carriage accident which left her the only survivor. Despite the accident Katherine was a strong woman. She might not show it all the time but it was there under the surface. I liked that she was breaking out and trying to walk on her own without her cane which was due to Adam’s encouragement.

This is the last book to the trilogy and I have no doubt that I will come back to this author.

And Then Comes Marriage

And Then Comes MarriageMrs. Miranda Talbot was a widow who was finally living life for herself, though that will get interrupted by the Worthington’s. She will find herself being courted by two men at the same time who were brothers and twins. Miranda will have to be the one to decide which twin she wants.

And Then Comes Marriage is the second book to the series Wicked Worthington by Celeste Bradley. Well its been awhile since I read the first book to this series but I remember it well, especially with the chaotic family, the Worthington’s. There was a part of me that wondered if I wanted to read this book because I wasn’t liking the idea that the twins were going to fight over the same woman or that they would fool. I didn’t like the game but I decided to stick with it because I was curious, and I was happy I did because overall I liked the book.

I knew that once I started the book I would read it no matter what and it wasn’t a problem because Celeste Bradley writes this story well. You will go up and down with these characters with either loving them or thinking that they are being idiots. There is one of the Worthington’s that drove me crazy which was Attie. She is a little weird but I will definitely be interested to read Attie’s story if Bradley writes it.

So the brothers, they were very different but very much the same. I liked their banter back and forth but knew that trouble would come between these brothers when they went after Miranda. The ending is sad for one of the brothers but I would bet that he will have his own story, that will get his own happy ending. Now Miranda I felt sorry for as her life was completely shaken up, in a way it was good for her but it wrecked havoc on her reputation. I wasn’t sure in the beginning if I would like Miranda I will admit, but it was very clear that she was not a villain. She did not want to have both brothers, she only wanted one and she will get the twin for her.

I have the third book out which is with Elektra, and I will be reading that one next.

How to Entice an Enchantress

How to Entice an EnchantressLord Kirk knew that he had missed his chance with Dahlia Balfour but he will get a second chance thanks to his godmother who decided to make him presentable. Lord Kirk will follow the advice but when it comes to Dahlia he couldn’t help but stumble along. He will have to get it right which just might be to seduce her with a kiss.

Dahlia Balfour believes in love and wants love in a marriage. She will actively seek it out at the party the Duchess of Roxburghe was holding. Dahlia was not expecting to see her neighbor at the party and will soon find that her anger with him will not hold out. She will wonder if she would be able to find her own happy ending in his arms.

How to Entice an Enchantress is the third book from Duchess Diaries series by Karen Hawkins. Reading Rose and Lily’s story were very entertaining to read and you fell in love with their story. Dahlia got her chance in the spotlight now and I have to say this was another book I thoroughly enjoyed.

Dahlia liked Lord Kirk and was coming to love him but a falling out happened and then fate brings them back together. Or course that fate is really the Duchess. For me this is like Beauty and the Beast when it comes to Dahlia and Lord Kirk. I liked Dahlia and her drive to enjoy life like her sisters who had found love. You wanted her to find that with Lord Kirk but he was a stubborn man. Lord Kirk was a man who was always with a scowl on his face and had a lot of pride especially when it came to those who thought to pity him. I did like Kirk and wanted him with Dahlia but only when he realizes his true feelings.

This seems like the final book as it concludes the sisters but at the very last page the Duchess makes a comment about how it is never too late to find love, she was talking about Charlotte. I don’t know if it will be written but I will certainly be reading more from Karen Hawkins.


ShamelessLady Elizabeth “Beth” Banning had made her own scandal when she left two suitors at the alter. She was going to make her third scandal with another suitor but was helped by a man coming through the windows. She will soon learn that he was not your average gentleman.

Neil Severin was on a mission coming to the Duke’s house but was sidetracked by a young woman who seemed to have knocked out a man who was attacking her. He knew that he should kill her for he had to stay hidden but he couldn’t. Neil will let her live knowing that he could use her in his plot but the tables will turn as they will need each other to survive.

Shameless is the third and final book to the Banning Sisters series from Karen Robards which was a fantastic read. Once action, adventure, mystery, romance and danger all packed together in one punch.

I will say that this one was a little darker with the man Neil. He was not a man who was a spy but an assassin and would do his job no matter what. He was cold hearted but you soon found out that there was a good man buried deep, very deep. I liked that Robards gave a little more with Neil by having more of a darker side and having Beth be the one to help him. Beth has so far been always the child in the book. Now that she is grown she is taking her time in society only making a lot of mistakes with leaving her suitors at the alter. Beth had a secret with being afraid and Neil will show her that there is nothing to be afraid of. I liked that he played protector of Beth and she of him. There were some lighthearted moments that had you smiling especially when Neil had to play hero to all the girls that fled with Beth. You would not think that a trained assassin would put up with all of this drama.

Our villain is one of many. You could even say that Neil is a villain especially as he was contemplating killing Beth or using her for kidnapping. Neil, happily, was not the real villain but someone who helped stop them with a little help. Neil had to have a redeeming quality as he was our misguided hero.

So overall this was a fantastic series to read and a great finish for the Banning sisters.

Courting Carolina

Courting CarolinaAlec MacKeage happens upon a woman being abused and immediately rescues her. He is helped by a wolf that appears to be on this woman’s side. Alec will know immediately that this woman is not Jane Smith as she claims. He will figure out the truth only to know that they can not be together.

Carolina Oceanus is on the run from her kidnappers and is given safety from one man. She will keep her identity a secret from her savior but soon she will have to tell him the truth as her family is looking for her.

Courting Carolina is the third book to Spellbound Falls series which started off strong and kept going strong throughout the book. I liked finding out more from Carolina as the story went on. She is an interesting character that I have grown to like. I thought the paring that Janet Chapman did between the highlander and the princess was the correct one. You got to see Carolina grow into the woman she was supposed to be and not the wilted flower everyone saw. Alec was stubborn but I liked that of the highlander and he gave her value that others had not seen. Once again a heartwarming story between the characters with magic on their side.

A Wedding Wager

It has been a while since reading Jane Feather but I ended up stopping at the library finding several new selections from her series. A Wedding Wager was one of those options.

A Wedding Wager 2Lady Serena Grantley does her stepfather’s every command until now. She is determined to make sure he keeps from harming another innocent but she will need the help of one man. The one man she let into her heart and broke his in the process.

Sebastian Sullivan was devastated when the woman he loved left him brokenhearted three years ago. Thinking he was over her Sebastian will come face to face with the woman instantly knowing nothing has changed only the fact that they were both a little older and wiser. Sebastian will head his brothers warning with getting involved with Serena but when she needs his help he is helpless to stop himself.

This book is from the series Blackwater Brides. I had found the first book of the series enticing to read and something different. A Wedding Wager was no different from the first book. The characters were well developed and had a lot of detail from their background which gave a well rounded character. Serena at first I wasn’t sure if I was to hate or not. Then once you find out more about her then you understand why she reacts that way and instantly you will want her and Sebastian to be together. Sebastian you wanted him to realize that he still loved Serena even after everything that happened.

The villain is quite clear and you hope for Serena’s stepfather to have a painful death as he is a monster. Jane Feather does a good job at creating the General to be loathsome.

I am interested to find out who Perry will chose for his bride in the third and final book, An Unsuitable Bride, to the series of the Blackwater Brides.

Pride and Pleasure

Anything titled with the word pride in it I have to check out as my love for Pride and Prejudice. The word triggers that love of the book and I make myself look further into what this particular book has to offer. Pride and Pleasure by Sylvia Day did not disappoint as I have already read a few books by Day I know that I like her style of writing and stories she creates.

Eliza Martin is in need of a man to protect her. Her life is not be threatened but her freedom of choosing a man she could spend a life with. For Eliza becoming an heiress was not all that it was cracked up to be so now she will resort to hiring a man to protect but what Eliza got was completely the wrong man as she required. The man was everything she wanted but could not admit to.

Jasper Bond is a thief and is good at his job. Taking the job for Eliza seemed relatively easy except when he keeps thinking about how beautiful Eliza truly is. He wants to perform his job but passion is getting in the way until finally he will give into the passion which Eliza and himself create.

Day brings these two character who are the most unlikely to get together and she creates a plot which will have the reader cheering them on. There was a good couple twist in the plot which the reader only discovers towards the end which was a surprise.

Overall Day brings in creative and a lively cast of characters which will entice the reader to finish Pride and Pleasure.

How to Seduce a Scoundrel

Once I finished Vicky Dreiling first novel I found myself wanting more and I had to wait a little for the sequel. Waiting is the most frustrating part when you find an author you want to continue with their work. The second book, How to Seduce a Scoundrel was worth the wait.

Lady Julianne Gatewick has been in love with one man for a long time and now she needs to show him but every time she tries he treats her like a child. Worse he treats her like his sister. She thought with him as her guardian she would have a chance but when it dwindles she comes up with a plan thanks to his outlandish Aunt she will find the way to seduce a rake.

Marc Darcet, the Earl of Hawkfield known as Hawk is a rake through and through. He doesn’t want to be the guardian of his friends sister but he does it anyways. He thinks it will be an easy task as they had always been friends but soon it all changes. His Julie-girl was not an easy girl any more, she was a woman and Hawk is finally seeing it but she is forbidden. But all is not easy with Hawk as he has something he is running from, Julianne might be the only one to help him.

I found myself realizing that Dreiling is very good at prolonging what you want to happen most, and in this case it is Hawk and Julianne to find happiness together. Dreiling doesn’t disappoint but it takes a while.

I love the light banter which happens. Hawk’s character finds his feelings develop in a much more slow rate where as Julianne has loved him for most of her life. But this was not just a love story. Dreiling gets the reader into the plot with the creation of the pamphlet Julianne creates with the help of Hawk’s aunt, Hester (who I loved in the book). The story which is created is funny way which Julianne grows up and learns about herself and becomes stronger.

Dreiling also lets Hawk to go within the book which you long for. Throughout the entire book you know he had something which happened to him but was not sure of the situation. I thought it was a cruel joke which was played and of course a woman would be involved but there was more to it. Dreiling does a good job leading the reader through the story giving hints and finally at the end you know the secret.

At the end of the book I went in search of who would be in the next novel and I was happy to see it was going to be Amy and Will. I like that Dreiling is keeping with the theme of rakes and how the woman will be reforming them in some way.

Unveiled by Kristina Cook

“Determinedly unwed, Jane Rosemoor has turned away countless suitors because she is secretly fearful of the mysterious malady that afflicts the married women of her family.  But when she crosses paths with teh sinfully handsome-and insufferably arrogant-Earl of Westfield, she is rendered delirious by his kiss…and outraged by his proposal.  His young ward requires a woman’s influence and he himself needs an heir.  It is an offer so unabashedly rude, yet so unaccountably tempting, that her only choice is to turn down flat before the earl can seduce her into changing her mind…

Hayden is stunned by Jane’s refusal-after all, he’s offered to rescue her from spinsterhood and make her a countess.  He doesn’t want romance: hard experience has taught him that love is the surest path to misery.  Yet despite his best efforts, he is falling hopelessly for Jane, a situation that proves increasingly awkward-especially after one scorching encounter that neither can forget.  Confronted with passion impossible to ignore, will two stubborn souls close the door on love-or unwell their hearts?”

I loved this book.  I could not put the book down.  Kristina Cook is a wonderful writer.  She has a cool style of writing which is fun.  The book tells of the Victorian style of romance novels but it wasn’t expected like most regency books, even though I still love the books.  Cook tells of two people who should be together but both are not allowing each other.  I thought there could be a chance that it wouldn’t happen but thankfully there was a happy ending as with most romance novels.

Cook brings a refreshing victorian style romance novel to the pages for readers to enjoy.