What Happened at Midnight

what-happened-at-midnightJohn Mason did not like to be cheated and he swore he would find out where the money went, even if he was to go after his ex-betrothed. Though when John finds Mary he will see that she is not living like a woman who had gotten away with a large theft of money.

Miss Mary Chartley’s world fell apart when she found out what her father had done. Mary had to act fast to help her father one last time and to find a way out of trouble, which will only cause more hurt to those around her.

What Happened at Midnight is a novella by Courtney Milan. I liked this one a lot more than the previous novella, only because it was longer and I felt that I got to know the characters.

I liked John’s character. He was a man of conviction and wanted to do right by his sister and nephew. He believed the worst of Mary but I liked that he owned to his mistake and that he was able to move on. Mary’s character I liked but she was at times hard to like. Her character was almost too aloof at times. Though I suppose that was her upbringing. I did like that she loosened up and found who she really was.

Within the story there were plenty of problems that the characters face but Milan will give a good twist to make sure justice is served. This will help make sure Mary and John get their happy ending.

Hard to Hold on To

Hard to Hold on toEdward “Easy” Cantrell job was to protect Jenna Dean but wasn’t there when she truly needed him. Now he will make sure that he is there for her after her traumatic experience with the drug dealers.

Jenna Dean had survived her torture but was not sure if she would survive after the ordeal. She found herself terrified every moment. She will bond with the one who had helped rescue her that night, Easy. She will find that she is not the only one that needs to be healed.

Hard to Hold on To is a novella which is part of the series Hard Ink by Laura Kaye. This novella is number 2.5 to the series, it was a novella that was worth the read and fit right into the series. It had been a while since I read the first two books but I will say that I fell right back into the series. The novella starts right off where the second book ended. Jenna is being brought back to Hark Ink Studio, she had been hurt and drugged.

I was intrigued to read this novella because I had gotten to know her character from the previous book. I wanted to know what had happened in that room as she sounded broken, luckily she had not gotten the torture that her sister had received four years ago. Nevertheless Jenna was harmed and was traumatized over the event. She makes a bond with Easy. I liked Easy, he was quiet but there was a dangerous side and damaged. They were both in need of healing.

The mystery of what had happened to these men was still up in the air. They are retrieving some information that is helping them decipher what had happened thanks to Sara from the previous book. What happened to these men to me was not the focal point of the book, it was Jenna and Easy. I didn’t mind that as I wanted to know more about Easy and Jenna. I’m sure that more information will come in the third book, which I will be reading next.

Paradise County

Paradise CountyAlexandra Haywood had come to her fathers house in Shelby county after his suicide. She had come to close up his house and sell off the horses. Alex will be distracted by the man she had tried to fire, Joe, and the strange noises she had heard in her house.

Paradise County is a novel by Karen Robards. I loved this book. The story flew by as I wanted to read it as quickly as I could so I would be able to find out the killer.

I really liked Alex as a character. She was not a snob but a girl who had lost her father and was trying to do the best she could. I liked the humor of it when she tired to fire Joe but he would not allow her fire him. There was a sinister part of this book which was that someone was watching Alex. Everyone thought that she was imagining things but the killer was watching her and waiting. I liked Joe. He was a strong character. He was a tough worker and a great father. I liked his teasing ways but he could be a very serious man, he was someone perfect for Alex.

Alright now Neely was the little sister and a hell raiser. She does not deserve what happens to her but she is a troubled kid. I liked that towards the end she is a stronger version of herself which redeems her character.

The killer was very evil and sadistic with his victims. One of his victims was a surprise to Joe. I cringed at the idea of him getting his hands on Alex or her sister Neely. With the identity of the killer I was surprised by the person but it made sense that he was the predator as the facts were revealed.

In the book there was a very small part which was paranormal. Alex and Neely both at one point during the book had seen their deceased father. I liked that with each time he appeared he was trying to help his daughters. His last scene was a nice send off for the book.

The Cuckoo’s Calling

the Cuckoo's CallingDetective Cormoran Strike has been having some bad luck with his girlfriend leaving him and his business is not providing enough income to survive. Then Strike will get some luck and get a case that should not lead anywhere as Lula Landry’s suicide was concluded by the police. Once Strike looks further into the case he will find more and more that doesn’t make sense and lead him on a path of what was going on in the supermodels life.

The Cuckoo’s Calling is the first book to Cormoran Strike series. The author is Robert Galbraith but she is better known as J K Rowling. Okay so it was unfair to compare her writing to Harry Potter but it was hard as that’s what she is known for. Personally for me the Harry Potter series was far better than this book. Now if I think about this novel just being a novel I thought it was pretty good. The problems I have with the book is that it is a little wordy for me. I didn’t want all the detail as I wanted to get to the meat of the plot and get on with solving the problem. Detail is good and handy in mystery novels but for me it was too much description.

Detective Cormoran Strike was an odd man to put it mildly but he was good at his job and was meticulous when it came to following through and detail. I liked him for the most part and thought he was well written.

Now even though I was wasn’t a big fan of the on going detail I felt that once you hit a certain part in the novel it really gets going. The mystery has been unfolding throughout the story and I have to say I had my suspects but the actual person I wasn’t guessing. The author did a good job at writing this mystery out and giving us suspects with what looked like valid motives. For me the murderer blindsided me as I was not prepared for this person but the reasons are explained and it was easy to get why this person resorted to murder.

Since I have read this book I will try out the second book at a later time just to see where Cormoran Strike’s next case will lead him.

The Collector

The CollectorLila Emerson was house sitting when she looked across and saw in the window a couple fighting like they had been before. Lila will be shocked to witness a woman being pushed out of the window but she will not have clear view of the person who pushed the woman. She will do what she can to help solve the case with Aston, the brother of the deceased. She will not know that doing this will be putting her life in danger.

Artist Ashton Archer has just lost his brother who was thought to have murdered his girlfriend and then killed himself. Ash knew that was not the case and would enlist the help of the key eyewitness, Lila, to help prove it wasn’t his brother who murdered the woman. But by enlisting Lila’s help he will be putting her life and his own in danger.

The Collector is a novel by Nora Roberts. I am an avid reader of Nora Roberts and will most always try her books as she is a good author and her books are enjoyable. I am not going to her books as much but when a book comes out that sounds interesting I willingly read the book. Now this book had its good moments with intrigue of this murder/suicide and who was the real mastermind behind it all, but other than that I didn’t connect with the main characters.

Lila and Ashton were characters that came together in time of tragedy and confusion. I liked them for the most part but I couldn’t believe that they were together. I get that with tragedy you bond but for some reason with how they were created to be I couldn’t see it. How Roberts writes her stories you are pulled into the story but I felt that I grew a little bored with all that was happening. When the action and intrigue part was upon us the story for me grew interesting because I wanted to know the person behind it all and know the reason why they are doing it.

You are introduced to one of the villains in the book pretty quickly and they are vindictive but to know the person who is pulling the strings to this job that is what was driving me to continue the story.

I will still be back for more on Nora Roberts as there are plenty of novels to read from her that I have yet to try.

A Tale for the Time Being

A Tale fro the Time BeingA Tale for the Time Being is a novel by Ruth Ozeki which was selected for my March book club. I will say that this was a book that I would never have selected for myself like most of the books I have read for by book club. I would have walked right past the book and gone onto a romance that I wanted.

So the idea of this book was that a sixteen year Japanese girl, Nao, who grew up in California had to move back to Japan at 15 years old because her father was laid off. Once they move back the family goes through a crisis but they all deal with it on their own. Mainly it is suicide that is happening. The father has tried and going to try again and Nao is telling us that by the end of her story she will take the plunge as well. We know what is going on through Nao diary that she is writing. The interesting part is that we know about the diary as it is washed up along the shore of Canada and this woman Ruth picks it up and starts to read.

First off this was a very good book and I am happy to have read it. Now saying all that there are things that disturbed me which were all that was happening to Nao. She was tortured by these bullies in her school and I mean every single person. I don’t know how she didn’t flee from school after a week of that torment. It is unbelievable how the whole school attacked her and even the substitute teacher. You wanted all those people to be punished but if the adults are in on it who do you turn too? Her mother was no real help and her father was too far gone to really do anything. I will say that the father did try to help at one point but even then it wasn’t enough.

Then there is the character of Ruth, our author, who reads the diary and feels that she needs to save Nao even though rationally we know that these things in the diary have happened but then there are the dreams. My favorite is when Ruth will meet and Nao’s father in her dream and change what he was going to do and Nao’s path. This will lead them to have a chance to live.

Another amazing part of the book was the character Jiko, the great grandmother, who was a feminist nun and a Buddhist whose words were inspiring. When she spent time with her great granddaughter it made all the difference. There were still those bullies for Nao but she was a little stronger to a point. There are so many other parts to the book that I haven’t even mentioned as it is a story that can keep you discussing parts to the book over and over as new things will keep popping up.

Now from how the ending happened you are still left in the dark of what happened to Nao and her family. There is a letter from Nao’s father that tells the read what has happened and they are all good things, so I figured that is what I am going to believe as I want this family to have a happy ending.

A Tale for the Time Being was worth reading.

No Decent Gentleman

Continuing on the Duke’s Trilogy I picked up the next book to the series No Decent Gentleman.

Sabrina Savage and her sister have just gone through a tragedy with their father being murdered. In the eyes of the law it was viewed as a suicide but Sabrina knew better. She will find the help in her fathers friend and that man’s nephew. Sabrina will accept that help but will soon find out that is not all they will be after.

Adam St. Aubyn is here to collect what belongs to him and that is Sabrina his princess. Adam will gain her trust with helping her find out who killed her father but he is still not being truthful to her. He will find himself fighting back only to loose her more.

I liked No Decent Gentleman. Patricia Grasso keeps you on your toes with the plot and characters dynamics. I liked Sabrina’s fire that Grasso writes for her and Adam’s conviction in his own beliefs. Of course throughout the book you wanted to hit him in the head for he kept lying to Sabrina.

In this book I found that there was a lot of deceit with the couple, Adam and Sabrina. Grasso kept throwing in twists with their identities, the circumstances and the outcome. All the surprises kept you guessing which was fun to do as you read along. She did the same for the villain of the story. I wasn’t completely sure who the villain was but once the story was finished I remembered the details that Grasso had subtly placed into the pages.

No Decent Gentleman does have a happy ending which for me was needed. The last book, To Tame a Duke, is next. Can’t wait to finish the trilogy.

Eloquent Silence

Lauri is dedicated at her job as a teacher of the deaf as her sister is deaf Lauri respects the language and does her best to continue to educate others. Lauri gets a job with a wonderful little girl, Jennifer, who is hearing-impaired but the father is less to be desired. As he is an actor Lauri wants to stay away from him due to her previous marriage. But Lauri will be drawn in by Drake and his daughter Jennifer.

Sandra Brown creates a heart wrenching story in Eloquent Silence.  You will be drawn in to the story right away and wonder about the past of Lauri and Drake. You will also be swept away by the little girl who you can’t help but love to read about. The trio will leave you frustrated and full of hope to when they will become a true family.

Eloquent Silence is a novel you will want to read.

To Sir Phillip, With Love by Julia Quinn

It started with a condolence, then into friendly conversation soon they started to talk to each other through their written words. The next thing Eloise saw she did not expect, a marriage proposal in a letter. It seemed scandalous but she decided why not.

Phillip did not know what possessed him but he asked for her hand in a letter. He had no way of knowing if she would except until she was at his door. Phillip was blown away by her beauty and her ability to keep talking.

Together they got to know each other with the help of two children who saw nothing more entertaining than creating havoc on Eloise. Soon they would learn to behave and Phillip would learn love.

The fifth book was a delight to read. Eloise as a spinster did not work but as a wife she knew her part. I liked that as a chatter box she kept everyone on their toes, her family and especially her husband now.

The children were a fun twist that had to be dealt with. Their mischievous attitude was fun to read and made you care for them.

I love that the brothers/family are still part of the stories. It was funny to read about them charging into Phillip’s home in order to protect their sister.

Julia Quinn continues down the line of children with great wit. I love how all the characters are so much alike but completely different. To Sir Phillip, With Love as a wonderful story to read.