When Strangers Marry

When Strangers MarryMaximilin Vallerand has suffered from rumors of him killing his wife. His place in society was no longer welcomed by everyone. His goal was to get revenge on the man that had an affair with her and who Max suspected had killed her. Max will get his chance when Lysette is brought to his home but he will find that revenge might not be as important.

Lysette was fleeing from an unwanted marriage that her stepfather was forcing her into. She will find herself being helped by the Vallerand family and soon married to the head of the family. Though her troubles will not be over as there are secrets she was starting to uncover.

When Strangers Marry is the first book to the series Vallerands. I absolutely loved this book from Lisa Kleypas. There was romance, betrayal, and action. From the very first page I was drawn into the story. I wanted to know more about Lysette and already hatred her family, hoping that she would get away from them. She obviously does and gets into a situation with Max. I liked them together. They were not a likely couple but they made it work. I liked how rough around the edges Max was but when dealing with his wife he was a softer man especially at the very end of the book which was sweet.

Two of the characters who I really loved other than Lysette and Max were the twins who were Max’s children from his first marriage. They were troublesome without a doubt but very entertaining to read about. I hope that they are in the second book.

The story for me held some intrigue with the mystery of who killed Max’s first wife. Throughout the book I wanted to know who was the murder and I had guessed the right person but you wondered for what reasons. Then a second murder happened and the person I had thought then did not make any sense. It turns out the person I thought was the murderer was. Kleypas reveals all in the end. There was some justice but I still felt that the murderer could have gotten a little more of a punishment but since Max and Lysette got their happy ending I was fine with how Kleypas ended the book.

I am reading the second book next which will finish up the two book series.

Sins of a Virgin

Sins of a VirginMadeline Valdan is a scandalous courtesan to the noblemen of English society. She will shock society by holding an auction for the suitor to take her virginity. The auction is unbelievable to everyone but bidders line the up. Madeline though is not all she claims to be, but she will make sure that no one will find the truth except for a bow street runner.

Gabriel Huntford wants to find his sisters murderer along with several other girls who were murdered. Every turn he took lead him to a dead end. Now he finds himself with a chance to continue with the investigation with his new job, protecting Madeline Valdan.

Sins of a Virgin is the first book to the Sinners Trio series by Anna Randol. I had previously read one book from her and I liked it but it wasn’t my favorite. Now Sins of a Virgin is not ranked up in my ultimate favorites but I certainly liked it better than the previous book. For me I found myself connecting more with the characters. Gabriel was a fantastic character that had fought hard in his life and things kept going wrong. Madeline had to hide and face many demons that made her cold and guarded. This was not a happy romance novel, it was darker especially with the murders. I did like that Randol gives us a conclusion on the murderer. The villain was not seen coming until the end. I had a feeling about the character but wasn’t sure what the motive would be.

I thought Randol does a very good job splitting the book into a mystery/suspense romance book. The mystery took over as spies were what this book was about. I have read book on spies who have tended to be more lighthearted. Randol does not make them lighthearted at all. The trio are all flawed and damaged from the job or what life has shown them. There were a lot of layers in the book that you kept having to uncover. I thought that it was interesting to make the trio two men and a woman. It gave diversity. I will definitely be looking forward to reading about the other two in the series.