The Tattooed Duke

The Tattooed Duke (The Writing Girls, #3)Duke of Wycliff, Sebastian, was back in London and found himself penniless and in need of a wealthy wife. He wants to get back to his expeditions and leave his potential bride to be in London. Things will not go his way when he finds himself looking towards Eliza, his maid.

Eliza Fielding was a writer for a London newspaper and in order to keep her job she had to get the inside scoop on the notorious Duke of Wycliff. Eliza will disguise herself as a maid in his household and listen to all that Wycliff says but she will find herself falling little by little in love with the Duke.

The Tattooed Duke is the third book to the series Writing Girls by Maya Rodale. I found this novel to be a great romance book. I flew through the pages wanting to find out what was going to happen next with the characters and for them to have that happy ending. Maya Rodale is a new author for me and I know immediately that I will be coming back to this author. I don’t know what it was about this book other than to say it was a fun book to read. There is passion but also lies that are being told left and right by these characters.

Eliza was a character I loved. She was a writer for the paper and she goes undercover to write her articles. You knew that this lie she was living would come to bit her so that wasn’t surprising. I was surprised by her other secret she was holding. Now Wycliff was a very unconventional Duke. He was a man who didn’t want to be a Duke and to go back to living in the tropics. He was a passionate man in all aspects and now especially with Eliza.

The passion between Wycliff and Eliza was not unheard of but for them to find that happy ending would be next to impossible for several reasons. That of course does not stop me from wanting them to have that happy ending.

Before that happy ending can happen there are some villains that had to be gotten rid of, which were Liam, a man from Eliza’s past, and Lady Althea, a woman from Wycliff’s past. Personally both of these people were dangerous in their own way, but Liam topped it with the violence against Eliza. Lady Althea was a conniving woman who was out for the prize which she deemed was Wycliff.

Okay so personally I wasn’t warming up to the editor Knightly but I am certainly looking forward to reading his story which is the fourth book. I want to know more about him and about Eliza’s fellow writers. As I said above I will be without a doubt coming back to this author to read the other three novels from the series Writing Girls.

The Last Boyfriend

The Last BoyfriendOwen Montgomery was the one that organized but with all that was happening at the Inn he had very few places to work in an orderly matter. He will spend time at Avery’s for peace and quiet and in those moments he will start to see Avery in a new light and take their relationship to the next level.

Avery MacTavish owned the pizza restaurant across from the Inn which let her watch all that was happening even though she had little time to do so. She will find the time when she and Owen start to date but she will have to decide to let him in and trust him with her heart.

The Last Boyfriend is the second book to the series Inn Boonsboro Trilogy from Nora Roberts. Like the first Roberts tells the tale of the Montgomery family restoring this historic Inn this time the story is focusing in on Own and Avery. I will say that this story focused more on the couple and not some big problem like the stalker Clare had. I would have liked a little more on that but I thought Avery and Owen’s story was sweet.

Owen and Avery dated before and then broke up. I wondered how this would effect their relationship but then I found out the break up was when Avery was five. I figured with this relationship they were having now would not be too effected with what happened in the past. For Avery it will deepen her love for Owen from the one she had as a child. There was something holding Avery back some I thought and that had to be her mother who left when she was a kid. Of course the mother does make an appearance and brings her own set of turmoil. I think that the mother was the villain of sorts as she did not do the best she could for her daughter and took the easy way out. I felt a little sorry for her but ultimately I would have sided with Avery and her father. Now through all that, Owen will be there for Avery that is once she opens up and lets him know. I do like Owen as he is the organizational one and everything in his life had an order. With Avery it all turned upside down but he survived it.

The ghost, Elizabeth, will be now known towards the end of the book but the mystery of her beloved Billy will be up for debate as they search for more information. What comes of this search will be a little twist with Hope as she is connected to this ghost and it looks like she will have a bigger part in the book than I realized, which will be expanded on in the third and final book, the one I am starting next.

The Fireman Who Loved Me

Melissa McGuire couldn’t believe that her grandmother made her go to an auction of hot single fireman and actually won one of them for her. Melissa didn’t want to go on the date but as she looked into Harry’s eyes she couldn’t say no. Melissa knew there could be nothing between them as they were too different, then passion took over for Melissa but would that be enough for them to survive?

Fire Captain Harry Brody didn’t like attention which was why he avoided the auction except when he had to do Ryan the favor. Harry couldn’t believe his luck with Melissa, there was passion and she was not one to throw a fit. He will find though that passion is not all he likes about Melissa as she makes him feel alive, but there will be plenty of complications to rip them apart.

The Fireman Who Loved MeSo now looking at the novel you wonder why someone would pick this book. With The Fireman Who Loved Me I let the cover pull me in, so this time I did judge a book by its cover. Jennifer Bernard has wit, some laughs, and lots of passion bring to this first book of the Bachelor Fireman series. Aside from the fiery characters, no pun intended, there are some extraordinary side characters who I can definitely see being part of the continuing series like Ryan another firefighter.

The two main characters were completely wrong for each other but in every way it counted perfect for each other. I liked the constant battle  that was going on between Melissa and Harry it was funny but challenging. Melissa was a great character as she grew within the book, she grew a backbone when everything was crumbling beneath her feet. Harry was a man who saved people but he finally found a way to save his own life.

Now the matchmaking grandmother Nelly was fantastic. I love the gumption she had and of course the secret she carried. I wasn’t thrilled what happened at the end but it was heartwarming nevertheless. Now as Nelly was good Ella the news report whom I loathed was definitely the villain. She turned out okay in the end, well really it was just strange with what happened but made sense. There was also Rebecca who I wasn’t thrilled with but once again things worked out.  In the end most of the characters find happiness leaving a happy ending. I will definitely be revisiting this fireman series.

Rewriting Monday by Jodi Thomas

Jodi Thomas is a recent author that I found and so far I liked her series Whispering Mountain so I thought I would try just one of her novels.

The Plot of Rewriting Monday:

Mike McCulloch took over for his brother as editor of the Bailee Bugle out of familial obligation.  When Pepper bursts into his office and demands a job, her enthusiasm and engergy hit him like a breath of fresh air.  What’s brought this passionate reporter to his sleepy little town-and into his world?  A long time ago, Mike learned not to expect much out of life, but Pepper has awakened something in him that he thought he had lost-something that feels a lot like hope.

When the paper comes under attack, Mike and Pepper must start to rely on each other, to trust what is in their own hearts and, most importantly, to believe in themselves…”

Now I will be honest.  I liked the story but it was rather slow at parts.  It is most likely that things were happening but at a slow pace which correlated with the type of characters living there in the town.  What I did like was the msytery behind the attacker and really about the past that Mike was carrying all on his own.  At the end of the book you find out just who was a hero really.

Partners in Crime or Partners in Love

Nora Roberts brings two dynamic reporters to the page in Partners where they must join forces to discover who committed the crime.

“He had wanted Laural Armand for years, through professionally she was his nemesis.  But once the two rival reporters headed down to steamy New Orleans to investigate a murder, Matt Bates  was determined to make his lovely adversary his willing partner in passion.”

Nora Roberts brings in the reader straight into the plot as the characters are already at each others throats professionally but as they continue down the path the sexual tension that has been blooming strikes hot.  Matt and Laural will be going down the path to bring in the murderer but they will also find what they have wanted out of each other.

Partners was entertaining to read and a fast book to complete.  The characters of the two reporters were interesting, intense with secrets of their own and had desire.  But the most outspoken character was the grandmother who was priceless.  She didn’t give a damn about what she said or did and had no qualms about letting you know.