Kady Kasper is the local weather girl for her small town and has loved Tucker for as long as she can remember. She could not get through to him that he was the man for her. It will take a dangerous storm for Kady to get Tucker to realize what they could become.

Tucker Turley has wanted Kady but was conflicted. He didn’t know if she wanted him because she was always flirting with everyone else. He will soon realize that all her flirting was saved just for him.

Tucker is a novella that is part of the Buckhorn Brothers, its number 9.5 in the series by Lori Foster. I always look forward to reading more from Lori Foster’s Buckhorn series but this one was okay. It wasn’t up to the same level as the original books in the series. I want the series to continue with the offspring but this one needed a little more substance to the story and it felt too rushed even for a novella. I hope that the next one gives a little more to the story.

The Laird Who Loved Me

The Laird Who Loved MeAlexander MacLean wants revenge on the woman who humiliated him in front of the ton. Alexander is not one to be trifled with and he is looking forward to his own form of torture, but he does not anticipate it will backfire. Alexander will find that fire still burns each time Caitlyn is in his arms.

Caitlyn Hurst wants to make amends for how she behaved to Alexander and now at a house party she will have that chance. Caitlyn does not expect Alexander to still be angry with her stunt. She will accept the challenge Alexander gives her but with every moment they spend together her heart beats stronger as she finds love in his arms.

The Laird Who Loved Me is the fifth book to the series the MacLean Curse. I love how Karen Hawkins really made each brother to be a hot head which is needed as their temper is known around London especially when the storms start coming. The plot of a revenge was well done as it kept the characters at odds most of the time which was entertaining to read. Both, Alexander and Caitlyn are hot heads but of course in different ways. I wasn’t sure I would completely love Caitlyn but throughout the book you ended up cheering for her. She is impulsive but there is fire in her that brings out her courage when she needs it. Hawkins once again brought humor to the characters and wit especially when Alexander and Caitlyn are battling each other with the tasks they must perform. I found it highly entertaining to read how they bested each other.

Now the villain was someone you wanted to hate as she was a poisonous woman who thought of no one but herself, the hostess of the house party. You knew that she would cause a rift and there is a little heartache which follows but Hawkins will end it on a happy note in favor of Alexander and Caitlyn.

This is a great end to the siblings story but I looked ahead and found there is one more book to this series in Much Ado About Marriage which almost sounded like a prequel to the series when I read the description. 

To Catch a Highlander

Lord Dougal MacLean has won a house and was going to give it as a gift for his nephew but was astonished from the sabotage from the previous owner. Dougal knew he would not let Sophia win but the longer he stayed around the beauty the more he wanted her.

Sophia MacFarlane would not let her house to another person. She would work hard to frighten the new owner, Dougal and would hope to win it back. Sophia did not expect to lose to this man but with every hand she lost she lost a little of her heart to this man.

To Catch a HighlanderThe third book to the MacLean Curse series is To Catch a Highlander. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Dougal and Sophia together was nothing but challenge after challenge which went well with their temperament which was fiery especially with each other. Of course within each challenge came the seduction that both played, Dougal more as he was practiced in the art of it, and together the pages were steaming. Now the rain was once again well placed and comical at times as with each rise in Dougal’s anger so did the force of the storm. I liked the predicament which Sophia was placed in as it showed her character but you knew the moment it went south with the cards everything would be ruined, but as this is a romance book there was hope. There was a little surprise at the end which I didn’t see coming and that made the ending that much nicer.

As I have read now three books from Karen Hawkins I have noticed that she sets this series so far in one area with each book, a house or an inn throughout most of the book. I liked that as you were not worried about keeping up to where the characters were being placed. You focused on the characters themselves who gave enjoyment as you read the book. Oh and on a side note I was very happy to have Fiona back in the book as I thought she was missed in the second one. Fiona and Jack are still fantastic together and add fun to the book. The MacLean Curse series is one I want to keep reading.

Spellbound Falls

Maximilian ‘Mac’ Oceanus was on his own to find a bride with his son Henry. They had a year or he had to marry a woman his father had found. He was not going to let that happen. Mac will find his potential bride in Olivia Baldwin from almost the first moment he set his sights on her. He will find a way to get himself involved with Olivia on a business level then a personal level winning her over with his slow seductive ways.

Olivia Baldwin is a widow raising a daughter on her own and running a camp for its new season and doesn’t have time for any suitor. Olivia though did not except Mac to instigate himself into her life and Sophie’s. She will find it hard to say no to him with every smoldering look he gave her. She will surrender only to find out there is much more to Mac than she believed.

Spellbound FallsAfter finishing up the series of Midnight Bay I knew that Mac would be the main character of Spellbound Falls series. I had grown to like him as a character throughout that series and interested in how he will be portrayed within his own book. I loved that Janet Chapman wrote Spellbound Falls, featuring Mac and his son Henry in the story. Chapman does a wonderful job at creating the father and son relationship seem off in the way it needed to be, but in a good way. She does the same great job with Olivia and her daughter, Sophie, as well. I instantly liked the interaction between Olivia and Mac as there was lust but it was not throwing it in your face, which was good as that was not in her character. I also liked that the magic was around as it was portrayed in the Midnight Bay series. This is a different type of magic that is definitely unlike something I have read before picking up Chapman.

The story had heart that collided with the great characters who were alongside with Mac and Olivia making the story well rounded. Now what made this story comical was having the parents of Mac around. It was highly entertaining to read about the man who created Atlantis to be a softy to his grandson. Then there was Carolina. I have to say when she was in the other series I didn’t really like her, now I find her character much more likable and look forward to when she has her own story.

Finishing up on the first book of Spellbound Falls series I picked up a couple more only to notice that this is a series that is starting to grow. It will be fun to find out what characters will be part of this series.

Joy by Jayne Ann Krentz

I was searching again and came across the book Joy by Jayne Ann Krentz.  This is an early book of hers and I went to pick it up.  I love her writing and style of characters.  This is a wonderful romance novel with mystery built within the plot.

The Plot of Joy:

“Virginia Middlebrook and A.C. Ryerson had both been burned in painful marriages.  Neither had any desire to relive the past-they’d take things slow.  A Caribbean trip seemed like the perfect way to test the waters of a new relationship…until A.C. wins a breathtaking emerald bracelet with a mysterious past.  Suddenly their days-and nights-become a reckless roller coaster of adventure, desire…and deadly peril.”

I loved this book with the mystery of the bracelet and the simplicity and complex of the characters.  A.C. Ryerson was involved with Debby the younger sister but he knew that nothing would happen.  He winds up meeting the older sister and knew at that moment this was going to be the woman for him.  I loved that he switched from one sister to another.

Joy had intrigue and suspense with a wonderful romance story.