Scandal and the Duchess

Scandal and the DuchessRose Barclay was hounded by reporters where ever she went. She was not good at dealing with them always but then Steven McBride will be there to help as he will provide a fake engagement. With Steven so close Rose will find herself falling in love with him.

Steven McBride was home for a mission which would only bring sadness to him and the receiver. Steven will delay the news when he stumbles upon Rose and will find it necessary to help her. Steven will find that with every moment he spends with Rose the more he will want her.

Scandal and the Duchess is a novella in the series Mackenzies/Highland Pleasures. This novella is number 6.5 in the series. I really liked this novella. It was quick and fun. I liked that Jennifer Ashley is continuing on with the extension of the McBride brothers.

Steven McBride is mischievous but you know that he is a good man. He works hard and is a man who understands honor. Rose is a young woman who has been through enough but she still finds herself able to help others. Together they are on a mission and things will get heated. It is lustful but there is a sweetness between them, and it builds to a sweet romance.

I liked the mystery of the two pieces of furniture that Rose’s husband left in his Will. I was intrigued with what the Duke had left for his wife and when you found out the mystery it melted your heart. I loved the thoughtfulness of the Duke, it gave Rose something in the end.

I am reading Rules for a Proper Governess next.

The Perfect Match

The Perfect MatchHonor Holland wanted a baby and a family as she was getting older and she will turn to her best friend but will be turned down. Honor will be broken up when he turns to one of her best friends but she will find a solution with a different man.

Tom Barlow needed to marry in order to stay and not get sent to England. He wanted to be close to his almost stepson. Tom will find a woman who will be willing to marry him for that reason. He will want a marriage of convenience but will get much more from Honor.

The Perfect Match is the second book to Blue Heron series by Kristan Higgins. I was absolutely in love with the first book and couldn’t wait to read the second book. First off I liked the book, not as much as the first one but it was a good read. It was very heartbreaking and heartwarming which were filled with lively characters. In fact it was charming like the first one and I wouldn’t lie I was getting choked up a little when things were just getting more and more difficult for Honor. I guess what didn’t do it for me completely was marrying for a green card aspect of the plot. It was a sweet thing for Honor’s character, but weird. I didn’t want Honor to have a loveless marriage. Now Tom was a guy who was doing the best he could but I wasn’t pulled into his character right away, at times he seemed like an ass and then he turned into a great guy. It went back and fourth. I will admit I was a sucker for the ending when everything happened. I was waiting for that moment when they would both get what they wanted.

The one thing that stayed consistent was the Holland family which I loved. They were certainly a family unit and I loved the grandparents.

Now there are no real villains in the book as this is not that type of story. There are some bad seeds like Dana and some idiots like Brogan. I disliked Dana which you should’ve after what she had done behind Honor’s back. Of course as this is a romance book, things will get fixed but not completely as once there is that kind of betrayal you never can go back to the beginning.

I can’t wait to read the third book to find out more with Colleen which I am reading next.