Scandal Becomes Her

Nell Anslow has been damaged for ten years after a riding accident. She is known as an heiress and men are trying to find a way to carry her off to marriage. Nell found herself in that dilemma until she was able to find a way to escape to a cottage but Nell will find herself not alone in the morning and soon she will find herself engaged to a man she knows nothing about.

Julian, Earl of Wyndham swore marriage off after his first wife. She made him miserable and he had no need to do that again. But when he found himself in a new marriage to this woman, Nell, he was not so unhappy. He could start seeing a life with Nell as she was not the normal quiet woman and made him laugh. But marriage would be hard as they are trying to a way to get to know each other and to avoid the family problems.

Scandal Becomes Her caught me right in the beginning. I actually really liked the book. It started as a regency novel but it took a different turn and into the paranormal. Nell finds that she is able to see into this killer but she doesn’t know it is real. These visions had been thought of dreams, nightmares, and nothing more. I liked how Shirlee Busbee blended paranormal as it was not the focal point but an added addition which gave the novel something unexpected.

Busbee’s playfulness in the character of Julian was surprising and gave the novel a fun outlook on the novel even with the dangerous accidents which follow the characters. Nell was not much of a surprise in her character but what happened to her with her dreams gave her much more intrigue and I wanted to know more about what did happened to her.

Shirlee Busbee’s first novel of the series Becomes Her was well written and I am left wanting to know more after reading Scandal Becomes Her. There are so far five novels to the series, Scandal Becomes Her, Seduction Becomes Her, Surrender Becomes Her, Passion Becomes Her, and Rapture Becomes Her.

It makes me wonder though if Busbee will bring in the paranormal through the rest of her novels.