Tease (The Ivy Chronicles, #2)Emerson was the party girl as it was an escape from her life. She is the rich girl to everyone but from how it was with her parents she felt like an orphan. It will take one night to show Emerson that maybe she was partying too much but because of that one night she will meet Shaw who threatens to break the rules she follows.

Shaw was a military man who lost his cousin and was home for a while. He will be interested in Emerson and not just who she pretends to be but the woman she hides.

Tease is the second book to Ivy Chronicles series by Sophie Jordan. Like the first book I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

Emerson was a surprise. You knew that she was more than the party girl but you didn’t know exactly what she was hiding. I felt horrified for her to be treated like that by a step family member and then the mother betrayed her by not believing. Now Shaw was the take charge kind of man and I loved that as Emerson could not push him around like she does other men. I loved his strength he had for Emerson and saw the woman she was hiding from everyone.

The villain’s in this book Jeff, the stepbrother, without a doubt. He was a piece of work that you wanted to slap and throw in jail. The mother of Emerson can also be thought as a villain as she only was looking to protect herself and the image of a happy family. I was kind of pissed that nothing else was said about the mother because I wanted her to pay a little for letting a would be rapist get away, especially as it was her daughter. Another villain I would have to say is Annie who is the classic mean girl and I have a feeling she will be part of the third book as well since it will be with Georgia and that mysterious club.

I will find out soon since I am reading the third book next.

If You Give a Girl a Viscount

If You Give a Girl a ViscountDaisy Montgomery will do what she can to save her home. She will enlist the help of a Viscount who will come to help her. She will want more from this man but there will be problems along the way and half of them come from her step-family.

Charles Thorpe, Viscount Lumley, did not want to marry but he would help out a woman who was in need. He will come to Daisy’s aide when he comes to her home and finds that he will be enticed and want more with this woman.

If You Give a Girl a Viscount is fourth book to the Impossible Bachelors series by Kieran Kramer who is a new author I found.

Daisy is like the character Cinderella but has more of a backbone and had to put up with a lot more attitude. Daisy’s family was pretty cruel to her. Then there is Charles who was a playboy at times but he was a good man with a good heart. They worked well together and there was plenty of passion but that will get in the way with all the things they had to do.

There are plenty of twist going on in the story with how bad the step-family can be and all that Daisy had to put up with. I was surprised at some of the identities that were revealed and how much hatred there was towards Daisy. What kind of bugged me was how forgiving Daisy was to her family members, well not all of them. I guess I thought some of those things really shouldn’t be forgiven, but it was.

I was happy for the ending as it gave Daisy and Charles a way to be happy. Overall I liked the book as it was cute, it didn’t really thrill me. I will probably read the other books from the series but I am not racing to the shelves of my library.