He’s So Fine

He's So FineOlivia Bentley saw a man she thought was drowning and ran to save him. Olivia didn’t realize that the man was not drowning and he in turns saves her. She will find herself starting to have feelings for this man with every moment they spend together but she is hiding a part of her.

Cole Donovan had been betrayed by the people he loved. With Olivia he found something again and was scared but wanted to be with her. Cole though will learn that Olivia was hiding herself and things will change for him.

He’s So Fine is the eleventh book to the series Lucy Harbor by Jill Shalvis. With Shalvis you can fall right into her books which I love. The characters are believable, a little whacky and full of emotions. I really loved this latest addition to the series.

Olivia was living a lie in Lucky Harbor but it was to start a new life. Her lie is not anything horrible, she is a child star. You will feel for Olivia but cheer her on as she is finding her real self and I liked the real Olivia. She was a timid woman, had trust issues, wanted to love and to live life. I thought she was a believable character. Though you knew that her past would no doubt come out and ruin what she had. So yes it was predictable though you can’t help but love it. Now Cole was a strong man who was hurt and betrayed. He had some definite trust issues when getting into a relationship. I liked that he went all in with Olivia. He trusted her and opened up. I wished that she did the same as there were so many moments but that is how the story goes.

Alright now there were plenty of characters that have been introduced like Cole’s friends but his ex was a piece of work. I really didn’t like her. Her little speech with Cole was actually annoying and made me dislike her even more. She was too smug even though I know that she was just letting Cole know what had went wrong. I liked Cole how he was and didn’t think he really needed to change too much. Well he does change a little but he will be very much the same man, though now will be a man in love with a woman.

I am reading the twelfth book next.


Cozy up with The Perfect Blend

The Perfect Blend is a very good description for how Trish Perry writes. There are highs and lows which blend perfectly through out the book. Trish Perry is a new author I am trying and her story line is simple with simple characters but there is charm to the story.

Steph Vandergrift has been dumped and not just in a small town but by her fiancee who left her at the alter. Now with no place to live, no job Steph is panicking and needs help. She finds it in the form of Milly and her Tea Shop. With some help from the town Steph tries to get her live back but is in a bind when Kendall James sets eyes on her. What is worse is when Rick her ex-fiancee comes back to town and wants her back. Steph makes up her mind on whether to forgive or give a new love a chance.

Throughout the story Steph asks for gods assistance which is very little but this is not a religious book. Steph’s character is a scatterbrain on how she is dealing with her life but her quirky attitude will leave the reader loving Steph.

Trish Perry creates a sweet modern day romance novel.