Trust Me

Trust MeSkye Kellerman was attacked four years ago by a deranged man but she was able to get away by stabbing him with a pair of scissors. He was put away but with only three years in prison he gets out and Skye is preparing for the inevitable attack but this time she wouldn’t be alone with her friends and Detective Willis behind her.

Detective David Willis knew that Dr. Oliver Burke was the man that attacked Skye four years ago and wouldn’t let anything happen to her now that he was getting out early. He will do everything to protect Skye who he can’t stop thinking about which is threatening his reconcile with his ex wife. He will becoming closer with Skye as her life is being threatened.

Trust Me is the first book to the series Last Stand by Brenda Novak. I have read Novak before with the first book from Whiskey Creek, a series I will have to get back to, and really liked how she wrote the plot and characters. This book was completely different with a cat and mouse game that the main characters had to play in this thriller.

From the first page I was hooked. I like these kind of thrillers as it gets you thinking about what is going to happen next. The only thing that threw me was I felt that I was coming into the story already being told but it is still very easy to follow. There is no story before this but it was the crime that happened several years ago.

I loved Skye and David. Each of them were compelling characters for their own reasons. Skye went through a traumatic event and made it through. She wants to move on and wants David but doesn’t want to be hurt as she knows that he will be going back to his ex-wife. I liked that David does think about going back to his wife but it is to care for her as she is sick with MS. He has a lot of trouble staying away from Skye, he is not cheating but he feels like he is cheating on giving his son a normal life. There is a point in the book that will have David feeling just fine that he can be with Skye which I was happy that Novak put in so they can have their happy ending.

The villain in the book is clearly known within the book as there is no doubt but there is a good twist at the end of who was connected to the man that Skye shot. I was surprised but it made sense as that person was clearly going out of their mind.

The Last Stand series is one I want to keep following. The organization in the book intrigues me as do the characters. I will be on the lookout for the second book from the series or which ever one I come to next.

You Don’t Know Jack

You Don't Know JackThe second book to Erin McCarthy’s series New York Girlfriends is You Don’t Know Jack.

Jamie Peters is a free spirit and tends to pick her guys who are down on their luck but from what the psychic told her she would find her soul mate when she has an accident that included food. She will find her soul mate in Jack but he is not who she believes him to be.

Jonathon “Jack” Davidson knew better than to lie to Jamie but he knew she would never talk to him or give him a chance if she found out who he was. The truth will come out quickly and Jack will have to find a way to get Jamie back even if it meant begging.

The sequel was humorous like the first and there was a little more mystery especially with the hippie looking guy who was watching Jamie. The mystery man is revealed and he stays in the plot but at first I thought he was villain with how McCarthy was staging him to be. I liked the other outcome than what I was thinking.

Now Jamie and Jack steamed up the pages throughout the entire book. I liked that it wasn’t an easy affair to start and there was an endless banter back and forth about whether Jamie could give Jack a chance, but it was not annoying. It felt real as its something Jamie’s character would do. Jack was persistent which I liked and what gave him a great quality was how he treated his grandfather.

The series is now over but I still have my eye on her other series I started Fast Track which I am looking forward to continuing.

Tough Customer by Sandra Brown

The latest book in 2010 for Brown is out and it is another fantastic thriller to read.

Colleagues, friends, and lovers know Dodge Hanley as a private investigator who doesn’t let rules get in his way-in his private life as well as his professional one.  If he breaks a heart, or bends the law in order to catch a criminal, he does so without hesitation or apology.

That’s why he’s the first person Caroline King-who after a thirty-year separation continues to haunt his dreams-asks for help when a deranged stalker attempts to murder their daughter…the daughter Dodge has never met.  He has a whole bagful of grudging excuses for wishing to ignore Caroline’s call, and one compelling reason to drop everything and fly down to Texas: guilt.

Dodge’s mind may be a haze of disturbing memories and bad decisions, but he arrives in Houston knowing with perfect clarity that his daughter, Berry, is in danger.  She has become the object of desire of a co-worker, a madman and genius with a penchant for puzzles and games who has spent the past year making Berry’s life hell, and who now has vowed to kill her.

Dodge joins forces with local deputy sheriff Ski Nyland, but the alarming situation goes from bad to worse when the stalker begins to claim other victims and leaves an ominous trail to clues as he lethally works his way toward Berry.  Sensing the killer drawing nearer, Dodge, who’s survived vicious criminals and his own self-destructive impulses, realizes that this time he’s in for the fight of his life.

This is one of those books which so many bad things happen there is a glimmer of hope that comes out of the plot and a second chance is given and taken.

I like that the book left you with the impression and hope that everything will work out.  And I liked that the ending you got was a struggle to get to which made the book worth reading.

I found all the characters amazing to read, all intense in their own ways.  Dodge was my favorite because he was flawed.  He made mistakes and kept paying for them.

In the plot I also liked how the time went back and fourth.  Dodge and Caroline’s story was sad but the end gave that hope you were looking for and gave a second chance.

Brown creates this dynamic plot and characters who have many faults, hopes and have trouble that had been in their lives only to survive them.  A fantastic book to read.

7th Heaven by James Patterson

James Patterson brings another book to the world fill of intrigue, suspense and non-stop adventure in 7th Heaven.

The Plot of 7th Heaven:

“California’s “Boy with a Broken Heart,” the teenage son of a recent governor, has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.  Michael Campion, born with an incurable heart defect, has grown up under the watchful eye of an adoring public.  The pressure on detective Lindsay Boxer to learn what happened to Michael is overwhelming.  When she finally does get a lead, it’s devastating-and for Assistant Distric Attorney Yuki Castellano it leads to the biggest trial of her life.

While working on the Campion case, Lindsay and her partner, Rich Conklin, also try to catch whoever is setting fire to some of the most beauitful homes in San Francisco, leaving their owners to perish in the flames.  Lindsay enlists her friends in the Women’s Murder Club to help her find the arsonist-and suddenly the fires start raging much too close to home.

These two intense cases bring Lindsay and Rich close together than ever-and put Lindsay on the brink.  Torn between two men and close to an emotional meltdown, she has to draw on every resource to keep from being pulled under.”

This was a fantastic thriller.  I loved how to see all the women still going strong.  It was interesting to see Yuki getting more involved.  I like her as the district attorney and she will now get a taste of danger who is following her every move and manipulating her for his own purposes which could be death.

Now the other women are going to help but Lindsay confuses me with all her confusion with the men.  Actually the sexual tension is interesting but I feel that it is going to come to a bad ending and leave people hurt and I am not sure who I think she should really be with.  But in the end Lindsay will hurt one but that doesn’t mean it will be in this book.  It has the promise of problems ahead.

Other than the sexual tension I loved this story.  He writes so I can’t put down the book whether something bad or good is happening.  It is addicting.  I was angry and frustrated through the book but intrigued at the end.  There were some that had a sad ending and then those who have a happy ending.  I was happy to see this one character to be able to start over with someone I didn’t think would show up.

Another fantastic supsense novel in the series Women’s Murder Club.

Dark Water by Linda Hall

A woman on her own with an eleven year old daughter hiding in a small city, Fog Point, hiding from a past that is about to catch up to her.

“A private investigator and whale-watching tour guide based out of an old, purple church, Jake Rikker is caught off guard by the request of his new client.  Up-and-coming jewelry designer Elise St. Dennis wants him to find something-not a valuable object, but the menacing ex-con who has traced her to the small town of Fog Point.

Elise is desperate and afraid to go to the police.  Sensing an attraction with the pretty, enigmatic designer, Jake throws himself into helping someone who clearly needs him.

Aided by May, a crusty widow and his business partner, Jake sets out in pursuit of the stalker.  But as they draw ever closer to their prey it becomes terrifyingly clear that they have become not the hunters but the hunted.”

Elise St. Dennis and her daughter Rachel came to Fog Point ten years ago on their own with almost nothing but now Elise is a thriving jewelry business owner and her daughter is a gifted student.  All is okay on the outside but behind close doors there is a problem.  Elise is a very emotional woman with a hidden past that is coming back now to haunt her as Wesley Stroller the ex-con is out of jail and he his coming for Elise and her daughter.  Elise gets the P.I.’s, Jake and May to help her.  She claims that she contacted him through the jail because she felt sorry for ex-cons and he started stalking her through the web.  Worried now that he is out Elise wants protection but when ever something happens there is almost to no proof only to Elise’s eyes.  Jake wants to believe her and tries to help but May is not so convinced for she starts her own investigation to find Elise St. Dennis has only been around for nine years.  So who is Elise and her daughter and what is really happening?

This book blew my mind with the twist and turns.  I was confused and intrigued by the suspense, mystery of the plot and characters.  Through the book there were many characters and back stories that were being told and that is where the plot got confusing but I kept turning each page trying my best to figure out what was going to happen.

The character of Jake and May together as P.I.’s I loved.  Jake was a great guy trying to get his life together which is why I did not want him to be with Elise.  Usually I like romance stories but this one didn’t sit right.  Elise was not right for him.  Too many secrets and she was too cold.  Now there was May who was an older woman but she still had fight in her.  I loved the fact that she really worked to uncover what was happening in Fog Point with Elise and she found it.

Wesley Stroller is an interesting character as the ex-con who found religion in prison.  All he wanted was to find Sarah, Fiona and his little girl.  But Elise was unconvinced and was sure that he was after since he was obsessed.  So what was Wesley really after?

The one character that I loved was Rachel St. Dennis, Elise’s eleven year old daughter.  Rachel was a very shy girl and very bright.  Her one passion was whales which was perfect in Fog Point since whales populated the area.  Aside from being bright and shy Rachel was a good daughter but felt out of place.  She didn’t understand her mother and her actions.  Rachel was able to spy on her mother and see all that she was doing.  The great part of this book was that Rachel wrote letters in her journal which gave the reader information about what her mother was doing.  Things you didn’t know.  They lead to theories in the book on who Elise was and what she was really doing.

The ending of the book was a different kind.  It was happy but not the happy cookie cutter type of ending.  It was sad for certain characters but had promise of a happy ending.

Linda Hall created a thriller with “Dark Water”.  It was an excellent suspense/mystery novel.  I was on the edge of my seat with each page.