Again the Magic

Again the MagicLady Aline Marsden had loved one person and one person only but she would never have him again after she had hurt him. She will see him twelve years later and know that he is there for business but also revenge. She will go along with it as she owed that to John.

John McKenna was of low birth and had found a woman that he loved but knew it would never work. It did not hurt any less when she told him to leave. Twelve years later she still haunt his dreams and knew that he had to find some revenge but he will find that everything he knew might not have been correct.

Again the Magic is a book from the series Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas. I really loved this book. I have only read one other from this series, The Devil in Winter, which I will be rereading so I will read the entire series in order.

In this book there are two people who belong together and would have been if not for their birth. The beginning is very happy for the couple so you knew that the fall would come very quickly and Kleypas will make sure the couple are broken up by blackmail and betrayal. You end up hating the villain which is obvious the father but their story is not over because Kleypas will continue their story twelve years later. There is hatred on one side but there is longing on both their sides. I wanted to shake the characters every now and then for being stubborn and not to be truthful. I wanted John to find out the truth about Aline for why she did what she did in the past and present, and I wanted Aline to be truthful and to get over her fear. What she feared was not as bad as she thought. I knew that John and Aline would work it out in the end. I think throughout the book I cheered for that happy ending which I knew would be coming but I wanted the details of that event.

What I thought was interesting was that there was another story being told which is Livia, who is Aline’s sister, and Shaw, who is the partner of John’s from America. They are both flawed characters, one with scandal and one who has a drinking problem. It was sweet how they brought out a new side of each other.

I am continuing on with the series with Secrets of a Summer Night.