Dare to Love

Dare to LoveIan Dare is the big brother of his siblings and the owner of an NFL team. He was a player but when he sees Riley something will change. Instead of wanting all woman he will only want Riley but he doesn’t know if he can open his heart to her.

Riley Taylor loved her job but will find herself jobless that is until Ian hires her. She knows it could cause tension but she will soon find that she loves the job and loves being close to Ian. Though when her past comes back to haunt her there will be problems between her and Ian.

Dare to Love is the first book to the series Dare to Love by Carly Phillips. I really liked this story. I was swept into the story especially when you find out that Ian and his siblings have half siblings. Their father had a completely different family at the same time. I was drawn into this strange family dynamic.

The character of Ian was the strong older sibling of both sets of family. His heart was hardened because of his father and he liked control. I thought that Phillips wrote his character well with how he interacted with Riley and when she wrote the scene with Ian extending an olive branch to his half siblings my heart ached for him when he was rejected. So Riley’s character had her own troubled past but she survived and she had made something for herself. She is guarded and will only let those in she trust completely. I liked that she was able to let Ian in and let herself find someone to love. I also loved it when she stood up to Ian. She wasn’t a pushover which was her mother’s fatal trait.

Ian’s father pissed me off with him having another family at the same time. I had instantly disliked him. I started to like him more as the story went on but still thought what he did was pretty shitty. Though Riley’s father tops Ian’s by a long shot. He is a very bad man that makes the situation very difficult for Riley.

So the Dare to Love series has nine books to it. Each story will feature one of the siblings and I am looking forward to reading their stories. I am reading Dare to Desire next.

Lori Foster’s “The Watson Brothers”

Okay I loved these brothers Sam, Gil, and Pete that Lori Foster created, they are hilarious and sensual.  The idea behind the book, “The Watson Brothers” again has three short stories that follow each of these brothers as they live their lives but end up finding love in the bargain.  The women showing up in their lives were just what they needed.

The first story “My House, My Rules” follows Sam Watson the oldest.  He is a tough undercover cop and is thrown together with Ariel who he thinks was his youngest brothers, Pete, ex girlfriend.  Ariel is a 24 year old and never had those thoughts about Peter only Sam.  She was so in love with him that she would do anything to be with him.  Secretly Sam wants her badly as well but he can’t show it until Ariel gives him no choice.

Those two characters battle it out but are so great together.  Their chemistry is steamy and I thought it was very funny how Ariel will not back down from Sam.  She likes to throw herself at Sam hoping that it will wear him down.

The second story is “Bringing Up Baby” is about Gil Watson the middle brother.  As his older brother Sam, Gil also has been known to be a man of many woman.  His last real relationship was with a woman three years ago, Shelly, which to disbelief has produced a daughter, Nicole.  Shelly’s roommate Anabel has been bringing up the child as her own.  He is contacted as by Anabel.  Shelly is dead and Anabel needs Gil’s help.  Anabel wants Gil’s help but she wants him as well, has wanted him for three years.  She hopes that Gil would find a way to love her.

I loved Anabel’s character.  She fights for the ones she loves and will do anything she needs.  Gil is loveable and a man that needs a strong woman to help, which he finds with Anabel’s help.

The last story is “Good With His Hands”.  Pete the youngest brother has his turn.  He has dated over and over but the one girl he wants is Cassidy McClannahan.  He has known her about a year but has stayed in the friend zone.  Pete didn’t know it but Cassidy harbored his exact feelings.  She wanted him just as bad but she was sensible.  Finally she threw caution into the wind when Peter asked to kiss her.

I liked the fact that with Pete’s story the Watson brothers have moved on five years later.  The other brothers are all now married and starting family leaving Pete to find his love.  Over all the Watson brothers were highly entertaining along with the ones attached and very fun to read.