Do You Want to Start a Scandal

do-you-want-to-start-a-scandalCharlotte Highwood had no desire to marry at least not until she went on her trip with her best friend. Though Charlotte’s plan will quickly be in trouble when she will be found alone with Lord Granville. Charlotte’s only option is to find the couple who had really been having the tryst.

Piers Brandon, Lord Granville, was on a mission but he will be interrupted when Charlotte burst into the room. Things will quickly spiral out of control but instead of being angry Piers feels himself falling for Charlotte.

Do You Want to Start a Scandal is the fifth book to the series Spindle Cove by Tessa Dare. I really liked this book. I had been waiting for Charlotte’s story since I started reading Spindle Cove series.

Charlotte’s character I found silly but I was okay with that since that was how she was throughout the series. She had been young when this series started now she is a woman and she is trying to avoid marriage for a year. She doesn’t always go about it the correct way but it ends up funny. I really liked Piers. To society to he was a quiet and boring peer. Of course that is the opposite of Piers. I liked that Charlotte brought out a playful side of Piers that he had hidden away.

The mystery behind the real couple that was having the tryst was funny especially when you found out who it had been.

I don’t know if Tessa Dare will have any more from Spindle Cove but if she does I will definitely read it.

Lord Dashwood Missed Out

Lord Dashwood Missed OutMiss Elinora “Nora” Browning had become an author the day the man she loved had cruelly crushed her dreams. Her pamphlet sold to many but now years later she will meet up with the man who was the inspiration and find that she still loved him, even though he still vexed her.

Lord Dashwood Missed Out is a book from the Spindle Cove series by Tessa Dare. This novella is number 4.5 in the series. I have loved this series since I started it and I was so happy that Tessa Dare decided to write another story. There will be another story coming out which will be a novel.

I really liked this novella but I will say that I kind of wish it was a novel. I felt that the story was rushed and I wanted the characters to be drawn out more. I think it would help because Dash was someone I really couldn’t warm up to for most of the novel. Well I did like him but I couldn’t understand his intentions. I wondered if he was out for revenge or he wanted to win back Nora. I did like how Dash made up for his methods at the end. With Nora’s character I liked how she was strong enough to put her feelings down on paper and just write. She was still naive but that innocent trait was enduring with her character.

What I really liked was that Dare put in the other characters from the previous books. You got to read how things were going for them and it looks like everyone is happy, which was nice to read.

The next novel from Spindle Cove series will be coming out in September and it will be with Charlotte. I don’t have long to wait.

Once Upon a Winter’s Eve

once upon a winter's eveViolet Winterbottom was sent to Spindle Cove like many other girls before her but not many went to find out if they were expecting a child. Violet gave the one thing she was supposed to give to a husband to the man she loved. Crushed that he left Violet knew to get on with her life. It has now been a year and she was to come back into society but on her last night at Spindle Cove a man will stagger into the ballroom and fall at her feet.

Once Upon a Winter’s Eve is a novella in the Spindle Cove series from Tessa Dare who really can’t go wrong with her books. It seems no matter what I will just keep reading from this author. With her two novellas that I have read I loved them and very quick to read. I read about Diana and Aaron first as I was waiting for this one to come available.

What surprised me with this novella was that there was a lot going on. It was non stop action once you found out that this mystery man was indeed the man that Violet loved. It was interesting as it did not seem like it but he quickly clears up the confusion, that is once they are away from others who would be listening to them. I liked that this dealt with a little espionage which gave a little more action to the book. Violet was a great character as she was very smart and knew many languages which helped her understand the intruder/Christian.

I was wondering how the ending would play out as Christian was a spy and needed to keep his identity intact. I was pleasantly surprised with the ending which lets Christian and Violet have an adventure along with a happy ending.

I can’t wait to read my next book from Tessa Dare. I don’t have anything in mind right now but I know eventually I will get back to the author.

Beauty and the Blacksmith

beauty and the blacksmithLady Diana Highwood has loved Aaron Dawes, the blacksmith, from a far for two years. She finally is going to show him that she wants him, that she loves him even though she knows there will be obstacles in their way.

Aaron Dawes is the blacksmith for Spindle Cove and since meeting Lady Diana he has been in love with her since he saw her helping Finn at the tavern. Aaron will resist her as best he could but temptation and love will soon to be too hard to resist.

Beauty and the Blacksmith is a novella from the series Spindle Cove by Tessa Dare. I have loved this series since reading the first book with Susanna and Bram. I was very excited to find this novella as I have been looking and waiting for it to be available at my library.

Diana has been a character since the beginning of the series and I have been looking forward to reading her story. I wanted her to have a chance at happiness and it was interesting that she found it with a blacksmith. There romance was sweet and lustful but there was actual love that had been hidden away as they were both scared at being rejected. Aaron was a man who worked with his hands and did well on the things he created. I liked that he became braver and was more gusty when approaching Diana instead of brushing her off and almost ignoring her.

Lady Highwood was hilarious as all she wanted was a rich man for her daughter Diana. Now she has a blacksmith for a son in law. I guess there is always hope for Charlotte to land a rich suitor. I hope that her story will be told and others with Spindle Cove but I will just have to wait to find out. I only have one more novella from the series which I am on the waiting list for at my library.

Any Duchess Will Do

Any Duchess Will DoGriffin York, Duke of Halford, was told by his mother he was to pick a bride out from Spindle Cove. He was against the idea but thought to use it to his advantage. He would pick the least capable girl for his mothers Duchess Training.

Pauline Simms was a barmaid in Spindle Cove. She had plans of owning her own bookstore for her town. Soon she will find that all the more possible when a Duke makes a deal with her to foil the Duchess Training his mother wanted her to do.

The fourth book from Spindle Cove is Any Duchess Will Do. Tessa Dare once again writes a story that has me stopping everything and just read. This book had a little more comical wit to it with Pauline who was just clumsy. I liked Pauline for that reason but it was also her attitude that never really changed. She knew what she wanted. She was determined to have her bookstore and not to lose her heart to a Duke. Now Griff was just determined not to marry. He had a lot of demons to work through, things he was hiding from. I liked that there was a carefree side that started to open up but only really when Pauline was around.

This is a story of improbability that a relationship would happen between a Duke and a barmaid but it was a story worth reading. I think I liked how Dare wrote the characters as they were walking into this scheme eyes wide open but soon feelings start to burst between them and gets a little more complicated.

A happy ending will happen for Pauline and Griff even though it seemed impossible but it happens. This was the last book that I had. There are two more novels on the series which I will be looking forward to reading and anymore that Dare decides to write.

A Night to Surrender

A Night to SurrenderVictor Bramwell was not ready to give up his position in the army but now was given the title of Earl of Rycliff and given the task to set up a militia. The only problem is there are a lack of men in Spindle Cove.

Susanna Finch has made Spindle Cove a home for those who need to be rescued from society. Now her home is being disturbed by a new militia that is being followed by a man Victor Bramwell. She will not take this lying down.

A Night to Surrender is the first book to Tessa Dare’s series Spindle Cove which was a novel I could not put down. I loved this book. There is charm, humor, a little betrayal and of course lust. I have been told to read this series. I have read reviews and found them something I wanted to read. I had to wait for the books to get free from my library and now I have several of the books, and after this first one I know I will want more.

The plot is something that made me laugh. I loved the idea of Spindle Cove which was also named Spinster Cove. The idea of young woman who have been jilted, love the wrong man, need a cure come here to be free of what society thinks. I don’t think I have ever read a book like this.

There were plenty of characters within Spindle Cove. Dare focuses in on Susanna who was a very strong character who made this place for woman like her. She became the caretaker. I thought her past was interesting which came into play as Spindle Cove became her salvation. I was pretty horrified with what they thought to do to “cure” Susanna as a child. The other character of this book was Bram who was a soldier through and through but was very charismatic especially with Susanna when he was trying to seduce her. I liked instantly their banter back and fourth which quickly climbed to lust. Of course they were two strong characters who would not bend to each other, but the ending will give something for Bram and Susanna to be happy.

For the other characters they were all pretty interesting and will definitely enjoy reading more from them but I have to say that I did not like Susanna’s father. He was not a great father for Susanna. He appeared to not care and gets too selfish with his inventions. He does love his daughter but he keeps it hidden inside. Another person I wasn’t too thrilled with was Colin. He is not very thoughtful of really anybody except what he wants to do. Dare gives us a little something on his past which is intriguing and makes me want to know more. His story along with Minerva will be next in the Spindle Cove, which I can’t wait to start reading.